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Pitt Peeps Pop Up in Prague

6/21/2007 12:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After a slammin' publicity tour for "Mighty Heart," which included a controversial swipe at press access to Madame Jolie, the snap-on brood appears to have returned to the Czech Republic for more filming on "Wanted."

Brad and Ange were caught on tape, walking in the rain while carrying Pax and Zahara to kindergarten ... just like other parents with jobs, bodyguards and umbrella wranglers.

They were seen leaving the school and returning to the woods, where the gorgeous creatures live.


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I love this couple! We should all be so generous with our good fortunes.
People critize them but keep reading about them and watching them,,,,interesting.....

This couple Rocks!

2644 days ago


OH, here's a nice photo op. Let's carry the kids in the rain while paparazzi snap our pictures. uh oh, we forgot our biological child; oh well, she is too privileged to attend school. Poor thing is so spoiled.

2644 days ago


I am shocked at how THIN and frail Angelina Jolie has become, I remember she looked GREAT when she starred in Tomb Raidar Movie. What is she thinking??? If she don't get any foods into her stomach more often she is risking her health and well being. I understand that children comes first but she have been too darned overprotective of them and carrying them around all the times, oh come on here!!! Let those kids walk and get some excercises!! I love those pic of Shiloh she look so adoreable!!! I bet Brad is so proud of his biological daughter and would like to have another one of his own flesh and blood.

I was saddened when I found out Brad and Jennifer Antion got divorced, they made a GREAT COUPLE together! I just wish that Brad would give Jen more time to start a family, right now Jen is ready for family and stable home, just if Brad would wait a bit longer they would have made a real CUTE babies!!!!

Aside from rumors that been going around about Brad and Angelina been having problems and she have been so CONTROLLING, ANIXITY PROBLEMS, NEGATIVE THOUGHTS, I wonder HOW COULD BRAD PUT UP WITH IT???!!!!!! If I was him, I would just DUMP her and go back with Jen and start NEW life and have couple more kids together.

2643 days ago


CatCraze, leave the catnips to the darn felines! Your euphoria of brad leaving jolie to get back to jen is nauseating. I'm a jen fan and even if she is a better person than jolie- BRAD will look worse than the jerk he is when he left Jen IF he leaves Jolie. It would be in his BEST interest to stay or what everyone's perception of what kind of a MAN he is will never improve with or without psychoactive drugs amongst us.

2643 days ago


Angelina is wearing sunglasses in the rain? More and more, it's clear she is trying so very hard to morph into Jackie O -- the haughty silence in public; the new "dignity" with which she allows herself to be photographed; the polite vague silly non-answers in interviews; the international respect she suddenly seems to crave, work hard at, via her charity work. Angelina's insecurity is so glaringly obvious. And she's so much bigger per her head size, compared to Brad -- they look like mother and son. What zany characters!
Not complaining, though -- great fodder for gossip.

2641 days ago


Are you saying zahara was going to kidnergarten because shes only two!

2641 days ago


I am so sick and tired of reading all this crazy stuff. I mean here you people are downing them for not holding their own child. Ive seen it. Further more, who are we to judge anyone??? Thats what is wrong with our world! Get it right! We have nothing better to do then to down someone else. get a life. To those of you that don't want to read about them anymore.... Dont buy the DAMN MAGAZINE or skip it on the internet! JEEEZ, Grow up. She is a beautiful woman, he is a beautiful man and they have beautiful children. As for the woman that posted get it right, do it the real way... Im doing it the real way. I have seven children, no help and a man that works 60-65 hours a week. I would love the op to have her money, but I dont hate her for it and I dont judge her mothering capabilities either. Just because she has money doesnt mean she has this at her disposal. She may not want it. If she does, good for her. What mother wouldnt want a break??????????

2604 days ago


i've seen plenty of pics with them and baby shilo. but what you ppl need to remember, is that if they're out and about with the older kids, MAYBE, JUST MAYBE, the baby is down for a nap. or ange is one of those mom's that doesn't want to bring the kid out for fear that exposing her to the elements would make her sick. or that all the damn paparazzi would scare her silly and then the world would think she was a bad mom b/c she had this screaming baby on her hands. 1) babies scream. they cry. they are VERY vocal when they need to b/c it's the ONLY way of getting their needs met. 2) if the world would refer to #1 every once in a while, instead of thinking that kids are some type of small accessory, then maybe, JUST MAYBE, mom's can get a lil slack when the kids do something kid like in public. and besides, it's first thing in the morning, the baby was probably still sleeping. as for hating on the stars for having a team of ppl helping them to raise their child: it DOES take a village and for those of us fortunate to have family and friends to help us, we can tell you that it DOES make life easier when there is a team of ppl to help you. so don't worry, if you never see her. at least mom and dad have someone there to help while they take care of everything else that child may ever need OR maybe, JUST MAYBE, their other kids!

2603 days ago


Angelina is holding her biological child in the previous picture, along with Z. I do not think it is fair to say "Why isn't she ever holding her own child?" because Brad and Angelina do not see a difference in their biological child or their adopted children. Why does it matter whether we don't see her holding one child and not the other? It is not relevant, I am sure to them all of their children are the same - they are not considered different because they are adopted or biological. I think that is the way we should see it as well, who cares if they are happy? Let them be!

2639 days ago


i think it's a shame that people are hating on this couple. attention whore? the paparazzi stalks them day in and day out. and to the person who asked, why are they carrying the kids - you must not be a parent, because, being a mother, i know that you can never hug, hold, love and caress your child enough, can never get enough, particularly when you are dropping them off to the day. Brad and Angelina are rescuing children who almost had no hope and for that and their other efforts they are to be commended. STOP HATING...I wish I could adopt like that....and for people that say she's using brad, [clearly they have never had a real relationship], because that man is doing EXACTLY WHAT HE WANTS TO DO - people try to say she's all dragging him around...if he didn't "want" to be there, he wouldn't! people who are selfish do not understand the selflessness that goes into taking responsibility for children. hopefully they will one day understand what an overpowering wonderful act it is. bravo Brangelina...I think both of you are the bomb.

2601 days ago


Hey, TMZ, snarky snarky - other parents don't have packs of stalker papparazzis ready to harm them. (It's one thing for Paris, Lindsay, Nicole and their friends - they love the publicity, the only reason they're famous.) I'd say the guards are necessary to protect the kids, as well as Angelina & Brad. And if you've got 3 kids under 6, then all the better for one of the guards to hold the only umbrella over the kids so they won't get wet and sick.

2635 days ago

Michelle Evans    

What is wrong with Angelina? She NEVER, NEVER is holding her "own" baby-Shiloh....can't she relate to how close she COULD be to her by how close she was to her mother? It's a shame she had a biological child...she shows Shiloh that she takes a back set to the other kids she has adopted...which is a good thing she did....but there is nothing like your own....she is SO SO SO weird..........what Brad sees in her is beyond me......Jennifer has it all over EVERY AREA!!!!!!!!!!!!! When you can't even love your own child, but makes Brad think he is so special?

2629 days ago


Why don't they let these kids walk? That's so weird.

2649 days ago


She's working on another movie no one will go see? WHY?!

2649 days ago


I don't think I have ever seen a photo of Angeline carrying her own biological child. Ever. Why is that, I wonder? She always has her adopted children in her arms but never her own that I have seen.

2649 days ago
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