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Tyrese Engaged --

But Not to Brandy!

6/21/2007 5:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tyrese and BrandyTyrese and Brandy are not engaged!

Rumors have swirled that the raptor proposed at his baby mama's (Norma) baby shower over the weekend. Tacky!

But according to Brandy's spokesman, Courtney Barnes, when Tyrese got down on bended knee, he proposed to his baby mama, Norma, and not to the "Moesha" star.

No word on when the Black Ty affair is set to go down.

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Tyrese is The Greatest. For all of you talking about no talent, have you heard that voice? Or maybe you just have no taste, and wouldn't know a star even if it hit you upside the head. Tyrese is doing big things these days. I am happy for him. I will always be a fan.

2626 days ago


Never marry a girl whose name is also a liquor.

2658 days ago


The mother of his child must feel so special!

2658 days ago


talk about someone else please. Tyrese has no talent and Brandy has been through enough. FYI WAS SHE ON A CELL PHONE WHEN SHE KILLED THAT WOMAN

2658 days ago


Please, she is gonna be flat broke soon. He ain't gonna get caught up in that legal mess.

2658 days ago

Trysh Jefferson    

No, Brandy was shown to not be on a cell, not be under the influence and it was just a tragic accident. And I've never heard anyone say Tyrese has no talent. He has an incredible singing voice and he's a pretty good actor. Equivalent to what is out there in bulk right now. I think you may just not be a fan. In that case, why would you even come in to a forum just to say "talk about something else"? I would think you'd follow your own advice and do just that - elsewhere.

2658 days ago


Just SUV trash .... "stupid and untalented vipers" The engagement isn't newsworthy.

2658 days ago


He is a terrible actor and ugly to boot. He was on TRL a few years back to plug his second lousy album. When he was asked to describe it he responded all he wanted was for the album to sell more records than his first one. This is not something a true artist would say.

Slick TMZ snuck in "Black Ty" affair under the radar.

Brandy looks better with her nose job.

2658 days ago


Well good for him. Cant we just be happy for the newly engaged? I'de marry him!

2658 days ago


I don't care LIKE MANY PEOPLE what Brandy was doing at the time of the accident, she KILLED someone because she was NOT doing something that she was supposed to be doing, which was paying attention and being a good driver.

And why in the hell is she still out anyway. Isn' that manslaughter?

2658 days ago


Tyrese Sucks

2658 days ago

God, that's sick!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope Brandy Norwood (yes, she DOES has a last name and does NOT deserve to be known as a "Madonna" or a "Cher"!) gets the freakin' ELECTRIC CHAIR for her wreckless behaviour that caused an innocent female her life.

Execute Brandy (judge and jury)! Don't let her get away with murder again. Oh, yeah... she's also a prissy lying WHORE (she faked her marriage to her first couple of bastard kids).

2658 days ago


Damn you folks are hostile.

There are countless people who've been involved in fatal car crashes. Should we execute them all? Accidents unfortunately happen and that's why they're called accidents.

2658 days ago


My life is officially over....I've had a crush on Tyrese for years. I always said that when he got seriously involved i would get rid of my fantasies of him. And now that time has come. And to the person that said he was ugly and talentless...r u serious?? did u c him in Baby that body is serious eye candy. Tyrese honey I love you and always will. Good luck and God Bless your relationship. I kno u guys are gonna have beautiful babies. I am however gonna shed a tear now that another eligible bachelor is taken, especially one that i think is the sexiest man on earth. Yes baby I love Daddy Di@k.

2658 days ago

give the dog a bone    

One clearly can't drive. Neither have a grip on the english language. And, from what I can see, they are both talentless. What a mess of humanity.

2658 days ago
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