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50 Cent Faces His Baby Momma In Court, Fans Go Crazy

6/22/2007 6:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

50 Cent went in 'da court all surly, but came out lookin' like it was his birthday.

The rapper arrived at Suffolk County Family Court for a child support hearing with his baby mama Shaniqua Tompkins, and growled at a cameraman, "Get the f**k out of my face" on his way in.

But a couple hours later, it was a completely different story. Fitty strutted his way out all smiles, stopping to soak in the love of fans who had waited outside a courthouse to get a glimpse of his Centness. Of course, he wouldn't deign to give an autograph to a young fan, because, as he put it, "If i give you one, I have to give 'em all one." Because he might be detained for five minutes or so, you know?

Lawyers for both sides were tight-lipped about what happened in court, but by the looks of Shaniqua's sullen, heavily-protected exit, it didn't seem like she was on her way to sip Bacardi.


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O.k., o.k., let me ask a simple question here regarding all these remarks against "White racists:"
Why can't my daughter compete in the "Miss Black U.S.A." competition?
Because she's White.
Why can't my son join the "Black Broadcasters of America" organization?
Because he's White.
Why won't my other son ever be elected to the "Black Jazz Hall of Fame?"
Because he's White.
So, my question is this: Can any organization or competition that bars White, Asian, Latino, Eskimo or any other race other than Black be construed as racist?
Yup. Sorry, gang, but it's a two-way street!

2639 days ago


#65 The reason Miss Black America exists because for years blacks had no chance of competing let alone winning Miss USA, Miss America. All the organizations were created to recognize minority achievement in this country that for decades ignored them. Learn the history of America

2637 days ago


50 homie pay yo support. i wish that you could have met and married a good woman. but life does not always work out that way. i understand why some of the stars act the way they do because everybody is out for a piece of the pie. they can't get no peace. media and crazy fans hound people like 50 cent everyday. i wish folk would deal with they own lives.

2635 days ago


It would be nice to see a young rapper finally settle down and "stop playing the field" like the Eddie Murphy's and 50 cents of the world. I think that LL Cool J is the only married rapper out there, who doesn't constantly embarrass his wife and family.

Come on Rappers, most of you are pushing 30 & 40 now -- get married and stop having baby's all over town.

Please become a RESPECTABLE member of society and stop making MONEY your priority -- how about FAMILY 1st.

2626 days ago


Fitty is a rich man. Rapper, thug, whatever. He's filthy rich. The jokes on us not him. He just made over $100 million from the sell of Gateau (manufacturers of Vitamin Water) to Coca Cola.Rich men always act snobby. Think Bill Gates would stop on the streets to give autographs? We made him too. More people made Bill Gates than Fitty. As for his baby's mama; my advice to her is to get some high powered lawyers, get a dream team. Judges like people with money.

2626 days ago

Yeah, I said it    

Most of these comments are racist. You have to know the situation before you pass judgement. These women out here are getting preggers on purpose just for the money they can get from these wealthy entertainers. It's getting pretty pathetic! I'm not blaming the women, these guys need to be more careful who they get down with, but these women need to really think about what they are doing not only to the guys but the kids as well. When these women are lucky enough to get money out of these men they should be content with that but NO they want to get greedy. Really I can support a couple of kids off of what some of these women get for 1 kid! I personally know an NBA player I went to school with that is currently supporting kids by a woman, no DNA proof by the way, just her word, and she still aint satisfied with with the couple of grands she gets a month, living in a state where the cost of living is really low. It makes me wonder if these women really need that much more $$ to raise the kid/s or will it go towards nannies so they can go out and find another sucka. If these women weren't so selfish and tried to do right by their kids maybe the father would see that these women are real and would spend more time with their kids. Come on, get real, you lay you pay. It goes both ways. If the guy agrees to pay for the kids be happy with that, don't try to make somebody a daddy when they don't want to be. Maybe, if these women wouldn't spread their legs within minutes after meeting these guys, they would probably respect them more. That's my opinion on the matter.

2626 days ago


Get off 50's back this is just a classic example of a lazy ass female thinking she's intitled to have everything this man has because she has one kid by him and doesn't want to let 50 alone. She was already getting over 25,000 a month for just that. They were never married and she didn't do anything to help 50 make a dime of his recent earnings, so why should she get more money!!! I am surprised that she is able to even spend 25,000 a month with only one kid and she's not a celebrity, so she should have any outrages expenses...That chick is just greedy and y'all know 50 already spoils his son! Not only that, but I am sure this kid has millions just waiting for him! She's just trying to line her pockets before her son is 18 and that is so sad what greedy ass moms will do to the relationships between a man and his kids over BS like this, it is so sad! She's got a good baby daddy and she knows it and she's trying to take advantage of it!

2622 days ago


i am white and i believe that she is just being greedy . theres no way her or the son need more money what she already gets ! maybe her new boyfriend wants a new sean john clothes in his closet ! or maybe she needs some dona karen clothes of which 50 isnt responsible for buying!

2578 days ago



2608 days ago


go fiddy - it's yo birfday!

2643 days ago


What a jerk-his fans are the people who made him rich, by buying his CD's-now he's too good to sign an autograph for a kid. He's not very down to earth, is he.

2643 days ago


Good for him, greedy bitch.

2643 days ago


Whoa, hold on a minute here, another rapper in trouble wif da law? can't a brotha just knock up some ho's and go about his bidnis, Damn!

2643 days ago

Duke, Duke, Duke, - Duke of Earl    

Hey, TMZ-- Where is the story about the Eddie Murphy DNA test reported by People magazine that Eddie knowcked-up Scarry Spice???? What are you waiting for?

2643 days ago


I met 50 ad he was really nice. Come on people, he just got out of court!! At least he shook the fans hands! You guys are haters!!

2643 days ago
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