50 Cent Faces His Baby Momma In Court, Fans Go Crazy

50 Cent went in 'da court all surly, but came out lookin' like it was his birthday.

The rapper arrived at Suffolk County Family Court for a child support hearing with his baby mama Shaniqua Tompkins, and growled at a cameraman, "Get the f**k out of my face" on his way in.

But a couple hours later, it was a completely different story. Fitty strutted his way out all smiles, stopping to soak in the love of fans who had waited outside a courthouse to get a glimpse of his Centness. Of course, he wouldn't deign to give an autograph to a young fan, because, as he put it, "If i give you one, I have to give 'em all one." Because he might be detained for five minutes or so, you know?

Lawyers for both sides were tight-lipped about what happened in court, but by the looks of Shaniqua's sullen, heavily-protected exit, it didn't seem like she was on her way to sip Bacardi.