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Britney Shows "True Colors"

6/23/2007 2:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Girls just want to have fun, y'all!

After burning through a poorly reviewed So-Cal mini-tour, Brit-Brit is getting back on the spangly performance wagon with a one-time appearance in Cyndi Lauper's "True Colors tour.

Spears will join Lauper's tour on June 30 in LA, and perform alongside Debbie Harry, Erasure and the Dresden Dolls.

Spears was supposed to audition dancers on Friday but never showed -- a good sign of the train wreck yet to come.


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Never showed? Britney should just retire.

2644 days ago


Why would anyone want to see this trainwreck? She is such a piece of crap, why won't it just go away!!!! At least TMZ is not paying her, the other site follows her around like a little puppy. By the way, has anyone seen her WHEELBARELL LATELY??? Or was it the TRACTOR that is missing???

2644 days ago


i wish people would leave this girl alone!
i dont think shes a drunk or a coke head. shes just going thru some bads things right now in life and she seems to never have time for herself.

but her showing her private parts is so so so old!

2644 days ago

He's Boring now    

Cant wait to hear about this upcoming performance...I hope Lauper throws her off the tour...even Debby Harry takes more serious her work and shes a former big time heroin addict, than this flooze.

Hasnt even practiced and doesnt show up for a Dancer selection....uh, the 30th is what, one week away?

Cant wait till this has been falls off the Radar Screen of "no longer interested in"...

2644 days ago


She is nasty

2644 days ago


There is nothing to comment . Really!!! Why is she celebrity????? She is pure embarrasment.

2644 days ago

M H    

I thought the true colors tour had more class then to let a lip syncing no talent on the stage

...I hope she gets booed off stage

2644 days ago


TMZ is so critical of celebrities and their outrageous behavior, but your website wouldn't even exist if it weren't for celebrities engaging in outrageous behavior. Let's face it, no one would even visit this or any other celebrity website if the only thing reported was boring, every day things that we all experience. Nobody rushes onlilne because they heard there are pictures of Eva Longoria buying milk at the grocery. People do look online if Paris gets arrested, or Lindsey wrecks her car.

It is fine for TMZ to report the outrageousness, but they shouldn't criticize it because it is what keeps them in business.

2644 days ago


she is so hot

2644 days ago

Just leave Larry alone and let him do what he thinks is best    

Britney needs help, like Anna Nicole needed help. Britney is doing the same thing to her mother as Anna Nicole did to her mother. Because her mother wants her to quit drugs and alcohol, Britney is putting a restraining order against her own mother. Britney is going to die much younger than Anna Nicole if she continues on the path she is on. HOW CAN PEOPLE GET HELP FOR HER? She has the 2 small children and her ex-certainly would not make a good single parent. He used Britney and spit her out. Britney is too trusting and she should get a very, good advisor. Who are the people controling Britney's life. Why aren't they getting her help?? It is only her family who cares and she won't have anything to do with them....shades of Anna Nicole. BRITNEY GET INTO LONG TERM TREATMENT RIGHT NOW. FORGET ABOUT THE HANGER ON'S WHO ARE MAKING MONEY OFF YOU. THINK ABOUT YOUR CHILDREN AND YOURSELF.

2644 days ago


She is so not.

2644 days ago


I hears rumors Britney won a Nobel Prize. Is this true?

2644 days ago


No I think it was the Pulitzer prize.

2644 days ago


Good Luck Brittney. We'll all be at the True Colors Concert tonight!!!!

2644 days ago


i think shes trying to hard to get back on track. she needs to take some time out for herself right now.
she just seems to be rushing in life .

2644 days ago
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