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Faith Hill Not Into Bush?

6/25/2007 5:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Country songbird Faith Hill was in the Yorkville section of Toronto this weekend, and found this wacky bumper sticker that says "wtf?" -- with a picture of Dumbya on it. Er, Dubya.

Faith, from Mississippi, was critical of the disastrous Katrina disaster cleanup.

Apparently, she'd like to stick it to Bushie a little more.


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Faith why don't you move out of the country seeing that you don't like our ways.Move to Canada.Take Tim with you.................................................................................................

2608 days ago


I always thought highly of Faith but after she did her speech about "I'm still the same person, nothing changed" after the backlash of crossing over so pop with CRY and going into the movies more than music. Then having to come back to Nashville kiss butt and do a song like "Mississippi Girl" which I thought was actually not very humbling. Now she has that Hollywood mentality and thinks too much of herself. Then the most recent stunt with the "what!" to Carrie Underwood award win and now this. I'm disappointed. Dolly Parton was always someone who came off honest and decent over the years and I think of someone like Shania Twain of recent years. I stick with her. Shania has a lot of down to earth class and never looks for a pat on her back when she gives back some of her wealth and never has a bad word for anyone.

2607 days ago


You go Faith! I knew you were sexy, but smart too--not like the idiotic rednecks who can't and won't see Shrub for the lying simpleton he is.

2607 days ago


"No wonder their latest albums haven't done very well."

In response to this quote:

McGraw released his eleventh album, Let It Go, on March 27, 2007. The album's debut single, "Last Dollar (Fly Away)", reached No. 1 on the Hot Country Songs chart, marking Tim's first No. 1 single since "Back When" in late 2004. The album debuted at #1 on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart and #1 on the Billboard Country Album chart, marking his 4th #1 top 200 album and 9th #1 country album (Source: Billboard Magazine).

Faith Hill released Fireflies in August 2005 and it was hailed as one of her finest works. The lead single "Mississippi Girl" (written by John Rich of the hit country duo Big & Rich) hit number one on the country singles chart, and the album reached number one on the album charts. Her Soul2Soul II tour of 2006, which she co-headlined with McGraw, became the highest-grossing country tour of all time.

Yes, a real lack of success.

2599 days ago


This bitch who has only one key F, has a sixth grade education. We need her thoughts on all matters of national security.

2552 days ago


Wow!! You consevatives are really clueless. The beauty of this country is that we have Free speech. Because we don't support the prez does not mean we do not support the counrty. Tim and Faith are wonderful parents and are awesome in concert. Oh by the way bush is an idiot!!!

2590 days ago

my unique name    

What a great photo! I love her--and I love these southern liberals breaking the stereotypical redneck/uber-patriot mold. Don't be sheep & blindly follow your goverment--they don't deserve it. Bush is stupid & there is no denying that. If you think he is smart, what does that say about you???

2590 days ago


isnt there enough hate in the world? get a grip... get a lige and move on

2589 days ago


One photo of her on a recent magazine needed Photoshop to fix up her shabby body. Too bad they can't do something with her brain. These insults of a sitting President is fueling this horrible partisan fight in Washington preventing useful legislation from being enacted. All this partisan hate and the 600 or more useless investigations by the democrats is undoing our nation. Faith is doing NOTHING TO HELP with this stupid sticker. It merely shows her lack of brainpower.

2589 days ago


I don't agree with her political statement here necessarily, but I can respect someone's right to their opinion. And for those 'UNEDUCATED' who are slamming Faith - you better do your homework...Faith was just a few credits shy of LITERALLY being a ROCKET SCIENTIST. She is extremely educated, and chooses to do what she loves for a living. I don't have to agree with her politics, but I especially respect someone even more who actually cares enough to get involved in what they believe in, and that is not always just money - your time counts just as much. What are you her critics effectively doing for what you believe in besides just running your mouth and criticizing someone else? It's so much easier fo focus your time and energy on someone else so that you don't have to face yourself - too bad. What a waste.

2548 days ago


Faith Hill, 40, ought to be more careful about attacking George Bush or anyone else. What about her and her misdeeds? Not only going berserk when Carrie Underwood beat her out at an awards show and screaming hatefully into the camera (and Carrie has beat Faith over the Hill many times since then), now her Redbook cover is so fake that people have named her Fake Hill. She ought to be worried about Alan Jackson's wife, Denise Jackson's, book just out "Its all about HIm" wherein Denise reveals about Alan Jackson's cheating, and all of Nashville know what Sweetie Pie singer was bedding Denise's husband. Fake Hill pretends Tim mcGraw is her first husband, but she keeps the name of Dan Hill, her husband of 6 years. She dumped Hill for Scott Hendricks, president of Capital Records, who got her on McGraw's tour and then she dumped her fiancee Scott Hendricks, and married Tim McGraw. All of these moves helped her career. And when did Alan Jackson fit in? He produced one of her CDs. She does not write any of her songs, doesnt even sing Country songs, and at 40 is not doing well on the charts, unless she rides the coattails of her Second Husband mcGraw. Why isnt she Faith McGraw? At least George Bush's wife calls herself Laura Bush, and doesnt use another mans name !!!! Faith over the Hill is washed up and is filthy rich and asks her working class fans to provide books and money for her socalled charities. Why doesnt she provide it all herself??? She even paid for bodyguards when she showed up at her real mother's funeral, I wonder did she pay for the funeral?? She never mentioned her real mother dying on her website, but put a message on asking her fans to buy her new cd. Fake Hill, Faith over the Hill, you are not a nice person.

2581 days ago


These uneducated celebs are such A holes! None of them can think for themselves. Just add her to the ever growing list of idiots!

2615 days ago


Faith should put her money where her mouth is...her and hubby have more money than God. Help the people Faith and Tim and quit your bitching.

2615 days ago


smart AND beautiful!!! I love this woman..great pic!!

2615 days ago

Tom C.    

No surprise - her husband is a clueless big lib.

2615 days ago
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