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Paris To Make a Run for the Border

6/25/2007 11:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris HiltonDrop the Chalupa! TMZ has learned Paris Hilton wants Taco Bell in the worst way when she gets out of jail.

Paris' family has said the soon-to-be-ex-jailbird is craving a Fourth Meal. While we have not confirmed if her choice will be Nachos BellGrande or a Taco Supreme, cameras have caught Hilton at Taco Bell in the past. Now she will return to the scene of the crime.



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So Paris is going to TACO BELL for her first post-jailbird meal, but she couldn't eat anything in jail? Proves what a lying drama-queen the ugly skank is. Yeah, poor Paris, food was so bad in jail she couldn't eat and she lost so much weight "everyone" is worried about her........but she is going to eat at TACO BELL FIRST CHANCE SHE GETS TO GET SOME DECENT FOOD??? Lying skank, if she'll eat Taco Bell, she can ANYTHING, jail food is WAY up from Taco Bell.

Uh, guards? Don't forget to clean that cell reall good, no telling what Herpes Hilton left behind.

2675 days ago

Not too shocked    

#14 - hell yeah.

2675 days ago

kim suck    

damn i wanted to be first with this news

2675 days ago

we love you paris....noel

2675 days ago

molasses crinkles    

harvey levin didn't even defended the media when paris lawyer and "friend" trashed him, right to his face. he sat there like a pee-on... and then the undersheriff was talking about private conversations he and the judge had. fire his ass! and baca's. this is so classless. it was a sure slap that baca instructed him to perform on judge sauer.

2675 days ago


Hope the Hiltons go broke paying for all these blog puppets to do damage control for their trshy kid. What a bunch of losers, and Larry King isn't paying Herpes Hilton, he will only have her for free and the ugly slut is doing it for free - just like she always does. She is so desperate for attention, she will do interviews for free just to get her ugly snout in front of a camera. LOL! Gotta give Larry credit, at least he knows what Paris is worth!

2675 days ago


Don't Worry Folks She'll Throw It Up So She Looks Real Good For Larry King!

2675 days ago

Could it be TRUE?? ONE can only HOPE    

ON CNN tonight, Harvey interviewed her lawyer and others...and they all said...

PARIS has got to change to fix her image. Actions speak louder then words...

Her lawyer said..." She's a sweet, sweet, woman."....I wonder if you say the N word with sugar in your mouth if its "sweeter" then just using that ugly word...
If you use the F word "sweetly", that it makes is less offensive....? I don't think so.
So, I am truly hoping she has "woken" up....and that She honestly does she that the media has made her a laughing stock ..even while she made money. I hope she realizes that her dignity means more then a Buck and half...

2675 days ago

know it all    

Paris is going to be on the top of the world tommorrow.
I'm just so glad she didn't go down in flames like Britney.
But you have to consider the upbringing.... Paris was raised in a mansion with nannies and servants, private school and tutors.
Britney, on the other hand, has an 8th grade education and grew up in a trailer park with drug dealers and skanks.
It's funny though, people think that priviledged individuals will handle stress less successfully than people who were born into poverty.
I guess this blows that theory.

2675 days ago


If I could ever get a woman, I want one just like Paris. She is so smart.

2675 days ago

Scott Rosenberg    

Who cares????????? Send her to Baghdad w/ Britney

2675 days ago


Sucks to Be Taco Bell

First All Those Store Closings because of E. coli.

The recent lawsuit suit claiming employees urinated and spat in food.

AND now your associated with Paris Hilton!

2675 days ago


so does this mean she isent HIGH CLASS NOW because she wants TACO BELL???


2675 days ago


PARIS IS A RACIST !! Nothing sweet about racists, nothing sweet about flashing your diseased crotch at the world. But.....if you are a talentless fugly-looking skank who is addicted to attention and has parents who don't even object to your sex tapes going end up like Herpes Hilton. A trashy bimbo high school drop-out that would be nothing without the family's money. Just like her idiot parents.

2675 days ago


After her stay....she craves more pink tacos.

Too easy

2675 days ago
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