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Benoit's History of Domestic Violence Exposed

6/26/2007 2:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Before her grisly death, Chris Benoit's wife once told a judge that she was, "intimidated by threats of violence" from her 220 lb. husband.

In divorce papers filed in 2003, Nancy Benoit included a petition for protection from domestic abuse against Chris. In the papers, Nancy claimed that Benoit, "lost his temper and threatened to strike the petitioner and cause extensive damage to the home and personal belongings of the parties, including furniture." Nancy added that she was, "in reasonable fear for petitioner's own safety and that of the minor child."

Three months later, Nancy filed to have the divorce papers and the restraining order dismissed. A short time later, a judge granted her wish.

As TMZ first reported, law enforcement sources tell TMZ they believe Benoit strangled his wife on Saturday, smothered his son on Sunday and then hanged himself on Monday.


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Fan no more!    

This is one of the SADDEST, yet revolting stories I have heard come out of the WWE in recent history. Many healthy and admittedly unhealthy athletes have succumb to tragedy, but NONE in recent memory have taken their family with them.
EVEN WORSE...what in God's name has come over the WWE?
Last night may or may not have been a time to announce to the world that Chris Benoit and his family had succumb to a tragedy of some sort, BUT WHY would Vince McMahon representing the WWE, the network, and the WWE nation spend 2 hours memoralizing a man who MURDERED his family in cold blood, no matter what was clouding his mind!
This will be the last moments I spend supporting the WWE in anyway.
If you can't call it like it is, don't call it at all!
May God bless ALL their souls!

2683 days ago


I never cared for Wrestling (I thought it was silly and kids might take it the wrong way--with the violence)

I feel bad feelings about showing a tribute show about Chris Benoit before the facts of the whole story got out about how he killed his family. There should be no tribute show for a murderer---no matter how successful they are before the murder.

My condolences and prayers go out to the family--- . I hope that Mr. Benoit is paying the price for what he did--on the other side.

2683 days ago


I grew up loving wrestling and watched Benoit from the days of stampede wrestling.Such a tragic event can never be understood.hopefully it will be a learning experience for all.

2683 days ago


Fox News is doing a press conference starting right now

2683 days ago



2683 days ago


Scott Butler - I Agree with your assessment of Post # 143 - someone should tell her

2683 days ago

just curious    

just curious. I have seen some of the reports and such. But this seems a lot like the Duke LaCrosse issue. everyone swore up and down that they were all guilty of rape 2 seconds after everything started getting reported and look what happened. I am not saying he did or did not do it and have not seen anything more then anyone else that I can see. When I turned on teh TV I was in shock yes. Will be interesting when all the info comes out, and who is to say all of it will come out as all the party's involved are deceased. and yes it bothers me that a child was included in the deaths. might just be easier to let sleeping dogs sleep and leave it as him as the problem.

2683 days ago


CHRIS BENOIT will be missed.I think it was the drugs he was on that played a big part of it i feel sorry for his other all can call him name and say bad things about him but do u all know him.have any of you meet him?i have and he was a very nice person i meet him a few do they know that is what really uncle was killed and they said it was a suicde and then months later they found out it was murder think about all the facts

2683 days ago


Sick Bastard Coward always thought wrestling was stupid and fake duh!!!!!!

2683 days ago


When someone kills his child, the excuse is usually that (s)he did not want them to suffer without him(her) or wanted the victims to go to heaven. Bottom line—it’s a narcissistic sociopath’s rationalization. Americans always want to know who or what is to blame. How about blaming the perpetrator—there’s no excuse for what Benoit did. He was violent, selfish and nasty.

2683 days ago


I really feel bad for this mother & child. Domestic violence is a a serious issue & to use steroids as an excuse for his behavior is ridiculous. Yes, steroids may have been a factor, but to kill your own child? He was a sick & depraved individual!!!!!!!

2683 days ago

Francine Comacho    

This jerk should rot in hell. He does not deserve to be buried. He should be fed to the rats. In fact, the rats deserve better than this. Same with fire and ground. It's abuse to touch such filth. This guy has got to be the scum of the earth. To kill a little boy and such a beautiful woman. I loved Nancy. She was great. She helped create ECW.

2683 days ago


i just want to say that it is sad that chris b. felt he needed to kill his wife, child, and himself for whatever reason. like most people i think steriods played a role. i c a lot of people r saying burn in hell chris for wat he did, wen i first heard about wat he did i thought the same thing too but now i dont even want him to burn in hell, i feel sorry for him and his family. now wether it was steriods, an underlying mental condition, depression, or just plain evil that drove him to it i hope the LORD have mercy on his soul!!!

P.S. i c alot of people r blaming the wwe for wat happened. its not their fault. the only thing they could have done was fire him and call the police, if they knew about the steriods use and domestic violence, i dont think it would have made a difference. in the end it was chris who done wat he did not the wwe.

2683 days ago


If your screwing around on your spouse this to can happen to you and drag other innocent people in because of YOUR behavior. If your going to play stupid at least be honest and get out of your relationship 1st. You don't know what pain can do to drive someone to rage especially if there is substance or alcohol abuse. If you play be ready to pay!!!

2683 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

The phoney images you're all sold watching the WWF are just that. A tribute in such a case is in extremely poor taste, IMHO. Possibly McMahon had no real idea yet, and did it anyway as he felt he should, and was expected to. I wonder if his son thought him a hero while he held the bag over his head cutting off his air. Self centred, narcissistic, a tragic waste of human life. He may or may not have taken steroids, but steroids or not, he was still responsible for his actions. What a bullying, raging cowards way out, if this is what went down.

2683 days ago
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