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Dye Britney!

6/26/2007 8:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsBritney Spears needs to stop doing wrecking her own hair! Oops!

After scalping herself alive back in February, TMZ has learned that Britney has now attempted to dye her ratty blonde mane herself on Saturday. Weave it alone, girl!

Well-placed sources tell us Brit's assistant rushed over to the Epitome Salon in Bel Air at around 6:00 PM, because the former pop star had spilled black dye all over her face. Toxic! We're told the salon staff saved the day and sent Britney's minder off with some much-needed dye remover. Tragedy avoided -- sort of!

If only the rest of Britney's life were as easily fixed!

A rep for Britney could not be reached.


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in response to #49 - I don't think running out of money has anything to do with it - I do not recall Britney EVER looking fashionable, put together, or anything but a little trashy... she is always somehow a little off in the way she looks/dresses.

Remember the way Paris and Nicole used to dress about 5 years ago? Horrible. Now when you see them, they are (usually) dressed fashionably and look good - most of us girls would love to have their wardrobes. I can guarantee that no one has EVER wanted to rummage through Britney's closet... I just don't understand why Britney can't hire the same stylists or put some more thought into what she wears. she really needs some help.

2672 days ago


The stain was a blessing in that her face was thoroughly washed and deep cleaned.

2672 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

I want to know more about the Stedman Dina thing... I read in some British tabloid that there was some connection there... Dina is too cute to go after an attached man...I also heard that Dina has a line of Jewerly that she is trying to sell on QVC and that a certain powerful female celebrity's demanded that Dina's spots be pulled....

2672 days ago


i bet the kids got into it and that's why she needed the dye remover. who the hell spills it all on your face and lets is stay there without wiping it quickly? liar, liar!

2672 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

This picture is so sad...

B looks like she just is ready to burp up a cabbage roll
This is a posed pic...why do her handlers abuse her?
I think Britney needs to marry a stable are my suggestions:
One of MItt Romney's sons
Danny Bonoduce
Bill Cosby (did his wife finally dump him?)
Clay Aiken
Simon Cowell
Matt Lauer
Don Imus

2672 days ago


this story is ridiculous. it is very difficult for hair dye to stain your face. i dye my hair all the time so i should no. no way even britney could freak out like you say over something like this.

2672 days ago

Winky Vitalic    

#65 - Where have you been? It's been WIDELY reported in the British papers (not just the tabloids) and on Perez Hilton that DiLo and Stedman are together. The veiled references of DiLo as "The White Oprah" are all the American mainstream press seems to want to reveal in this matter. Stedman had a very brief fling with Tara Reid (euwww!) before coming to his senses and meeting DiLo. I haven't heard about the QVC thing, but I have read in multiple sources in London papers that Oprah is trying to squash DiLo's entrance into the daytime TV talk fest circuit. TMZ - are you also covering up for Oprah?

2672 days ago

Enough already. This is not even celebrity news. Does she have a publicist or anyone advising her. I agree she should take at least a year's vacation.

2672 days ago


And you all thought Anna Nichole had problems?

2672 days ago

duh...totally !    

her "hair" is sooo freaking tortured and damaged...even though it's most likely 3 in long now....why doesn't she take those nasty extentions out and just have a cute 'do' like Pink ???

she looks horrible !

2672 days ago


Ha ha dumb ass...use a diaper wipe...oh wait she probably wasnt around her kids...again....

2672 days ago

Steve T.    

This poor kid is as f**d-up up as a box of coat hangers. I second taking time off and going to the islands with the kids and just get yourself squared away. Substance abuse ruins lives and families. In her case the lifestyle in La La land is not good for her. She and the other girls like her are going to end up like River Phoenix. What a waste of youth. Here they have the world at their feet career and money wise and they toss the goodness to the curb with brash careless behavior.

2672 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

Britney needs a Posh Spice makeover..Call her Britney!

2672 days ago


Does anyone else think she is looking like Liza Minelli now?

2672 days ago

BJ Haddock    

this is really the old adage..."youth is wasted on the young'.

2672 days ago
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