Dye Britney!

6/26/2007 8:26 PM PDT

Dye Britney!

Britney Spears needs to stop doing wrecking her own hair! Oops!

After scalping herself alive back in February, TMZ has learned that Britney has now attempted to dye her ratty blonde mane herself on Saturday. Weave it alone, girl!

Well-placed sources tell us Brit's assistant rushed over to the Epitome Salon in Bel Air at around 6:00 PM, because the former pop star had spilled black dye all over her face. Toxic! We're told the salon staff saved the day and sent Britney's minder off with some much-needed dye remover. Tragedy avoided -- sort of!

If only the rest of Britney's life were as easily fixed!

A rep for Britney could not be reached.