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Not Running with Scissors

6/26/2007 1:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A knee injury is not going to keep Gwyneth Paltrow from shopping!

The aviator-lensed Oscar-winner was seen hobbling into Maxfield boutique on Melrose Ave. in West Hollywood on Monday, accompanied by her tiny caretaker and the fruit of her womb, three-year-old daughter Apple. Paltrow fractured her right knee and has had arthroscopic surgery, a rep confirms.

Paltrow is taking some recuperative time off from her current project, "Iron Man," where she's starring alongside Robert Downey, Jr. and Terrence Howard.


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Ringo...I was somewhat joking when I said someone was holding her purse. If you have ever been on crutches you must know it is difficult to hold on to anything while balancing, so the point I was making is that there is someone else with them. I am with californiamiss on this...just stop! Three year old children are capable of walking and I am sure that someone would be holding her hand if there was any threat to her. I can't even believe that I am posting about this, but the critcism is so ridiculous I couldn't help myself.

People post bad things about Jolie always carrying her kids and then do the same thing when another star allows their child to walk. This just proves that people will find fault with stars in an effort to feel better about themselves.

2640 days ago

In the know    

People, Gwyneth and Chris Martin are fabulous parents, very dedicated and very involved in both their children's lives. They have nannies and bodyguards close by at all times, they are very private people and keep their family very safe. Do not judge when you do not know. Gwyneth took Apple shopping with her: she was not driving, she had her hired help there with her at all times and Apple was perfectly safe at all times. If she were just a regular mom with her daughter and a nanny nobody would think anything about it; just because it's Mrs. Martin everybody is concerned about the child's welfare. Apple is a beautiful, well behaved girl and dressed to the nines -- always. Please leave them alone!!!!!!!

2640 days ago


Okay - first of all, as for Gwyneth's daughter's name, weren't people naming their kids Rumer or Scout or Jett or ??? worse than naming them Apple? Don't many parents consider their children the "apple of their eye"?? (And I mean no disrespect to Bruce Willis & Demi Moore and John Travolta & Kelly Preston).

Secondly, do all of you people who are attacking Gwyneth about not having someone holding Apple's hand take your children's hand 100% of the time? Look at the picture again - do you see ANY other vehicles around this car? Do you see ANY other people on the sidewalk coming from either direction? Do you see ANYTHING other than Gwyenth, Apple, and the car? Could this possibly be - 1) a retouched photo or 2) taken in a private entryway area???? Think about it people - pictures may speak a thousand words, but with todays technology the picture may not be what was originally shot either....

2628 days ago


had that surgery, n' LAKE TAHOE n'95,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,my snowboarding years, after high school,,she should be fine,,,DO YOUR EXCERCISES!!!!

2641 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

If you cannot hold your little girl's hand while walking in a big city..Leave her at home with the nanny.

2641 days ago


O' OK.........peanut, i thought you couldn't spell,,,,,,YOUR JUST A WACKO,,,,get a life!!!

2641 days ago


what a beautiful daughter...

2641 days ago


It's nice to see her out and about with the fruit of her womb...

2641 days ago

J Doe    

apple is very vulnerable to kidnapping with mom impaired,

someone could come up close to apple, grab her, throw her in a car and take off, and gwen would be helpless.

she should have a bodyguard for apple when they go out.

2641 days ago


Number 8!

How do you know there aren't 10 body guards there? The pic is CROPPED. Do you think she hobbled off and left the car door open too?

2641 days ago


peanut your such a nut, lol

2641 days ago

Henry M. Valdes    

Love a woman in crutches!

2641 days ago


The blog has been edited and number 8 became number 5.

2641 days ago

getting tired of crap    

Thank you TMZ for removing certain posts.

2641 days ago


She dresses Apple like a hobo & doesn't do anything to fix her hair. Apple could be so cute if she had on cute clothes and her hair was fixed.

2641 days ago
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