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Paris Pigs Out at Chez Lynwood

6/26/2007 4:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Forced to go 23 days without takeout from Mr.Chow, Paris Hilton spent her time in the clink ordering up a smorgasboard from the prison canteen. Bon appetit!

Paris ordered from the same menu available to all prisoners. TMZ has obtained a record of what the ex-con/heiress consumed during a single week of her jailhouse stay -- and let's just say it wasn't exactly a light lunch at the Ivy.

Beside the standard three meals a day, Paris devoured such delectables as instant chicken noodle soup, blueberry muffins, toffee peanuts, packs of coffee, soy sauce, Cheerios, fruit punch mix and mustard. Seems like she had nothing to do but eat!

And the scales of justice are in -- and TMZ has learned that, despite her feeding frenzy, Paris actually lost seven lbs (not ten as previously reported). Who needs Atkins when you got chicken broth and instant coffee!

And don't think Paris let her beauty regimen slide just because she was locked up with hundreds of her favorite fellow female inmates! To get herself prison gorgeous, Paris ordered skin cream, eyebrow pencils, vaseline, an emery board and cotton swabs. Pretty in orange!

In total, Paris spent $145.32 on her purchases for a week. Cheaper than drinks at Hyde!


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Sick Of It    

Way too much Paris crap -- I'll be back in a month or two, maybe--

2676 days ago


Post number 75 –

An heiress is simply a female who has the right to inherit. Generally this means large sums of money but does not imply special standing in any way outside of source which she will inherit the money from.

A lady is really the parallel of the word “gentleman” and implies a woman who is refined, polite and well-spoken. In modern terms it can mean just about any ole woman given the slang meanings for the word. But initially, it’s meaning was parallel to gentleman. Paris is not refined, polite or well-spoken and neither is her sister or her mother. So this word does not imply.

Respect can mean a lot of things. In your post you used the word to mean holding in high esteem or honor. E.g. I can respect a thief before a liar. Or I cannot respect someone who breaks the law. – No one is entitled to respect they must earn it.

Integrity means adherence to moral and ethical principles. This is not a thing someone is entitled to. This is a virtue a person would have within themselves. A code in which a person lives by so to speak. I can’t believe that the word integrity was used in conjunction with Paris without having put “Lack of” before it.

I don’t see your correlation of the biblical story you tell and Paris being a child of God. How about, it’s easier for a camel to pass thru the eye of a needle than a rich man to get into heaven? How about the seven deadly sins? Pride, greed, gluttony, vanity… need I go on? How about something as simple as the Golden Rule?

To wrap it up in a nutshell, the only things you got right are Paris did reap what she sowed and Paris is an heiress. So are 80% of the women in America. Only many of us are also ladies with self respect and a whole lot of integrity.

2676 days ago


Post number 44 - by your name - What do addicts look like? You can't tell what someone is by the way they look. There may be signs. But you can tell more about what someone is and whether they are addicts by behaviors that offer up signs.

So often, parents are fooled because a kid or spouse does not "look" like an addict so surely they must not be. It's not until they are dead (or in jail) that people usually wake up.

If we stopped caring more about what people looked like and put more focus on achievements or actions or behaviors we could do our youth a big favor. We (as a country) are setting our kids up to fail. We send them the wrong message about what's important.

My daughter and her friend had big dreams of modeling. Her friends looks ended in one flash of a car crash. Thank God her life did not end. She still graduated. She's still in college. Many of the boys that chased them are no longer interested but that's ok because they have real friends that stood by them. My daughter does not want to be a model anymore. She wants to be a doctor.

So give us your take on how to tell what someone is by the way they look? I'm interested because it could save me from actually having to spend time to get to know anyone I may run into with that little trick in my pocket.

2676 days ago


Post number 62 – you gotta read between the lines. They are reporting Paris news in a very “tongue in cheek” manner. They are actually making fun of her. So distraught she can’t eat and then they get a hold of everything she ordered. They reported she was a liar without saying it. Everything that they have reported pretty much they have done “tongue in cheek”. It’s brilliant and the fact that most celebs are too stupid to realize that they are doing this is even funnier.

And they use the term "pig out" because they are laughing at her.

2676 days ago


It was reported that she was starving herself by not eating the served prison meals because she was upset and the quality of food was bad. If she was eating all the things she ordered, instead, she probably had blood sugar problems causing her to "act up" and cry and feel depressed.

My next remark is off subject of food, but I just had to get it off my chest. If Paris is truly claustrophic, why is she comfortable being crushed in a crowd of press, or in a crowded nightclub, or even driving a car?

Why didn't she, or her doctors, or her parents tell the medical staff what meds she was taking for her disorders when she went to jail, and that she would go into withdrawal if she stopped taking them? I agree with judge that she conned the doctors there to get her own way. If she did not have the sense to make sure she continued her meds, surely her parents knew better.

2676 days ago


All you people making rude remarks are jealous that your not famous and that if you went to jail it wouldn't be on the news. Stop calling pairs a "slut" and a "whore" until you've actually met her. None of you know her personally so you have no right so say such things. Calling Paris a "whore" and a "bitch" might make you feel better about yourself... but what does it say about you?

2676 days ago





2676 days ago

burley brad    

I had myself a romantic sorta time with miss hilton in the joint, I'm on clean up detail in the medical facility ther and she was nice enuf but the vasoline wasnt werkin well fer us and she has the red sore on her lips and stuff so no kissen i said to her but she can beg i tell ya. we shared some trail mix too. a reel doll that one she deserves to be so famos and riches with all that monie and big fancy close shes wearin. al never ferget are time my princess. always Burley

2676 days ago


Number 83 – What business do we have reading about Ms. Hiltons purchases in jail???

Every right actually. There is nothing private about being arrested or going to jail period. No matter who you are. It’s one of the many negatives of committing a crime.

Which in her case was multiple crimes with the final straw being violating her probation.

Keep in mind, Paris worked very hard to make sure that she ended up in jail. She did not give up trying to go to jail. A judge has the discretion to sentence someone to the minimum or the maximum penalty according to the law or anything in between for that matter. Probation is a privilege and she should have taken it as such and not violated that. Her jail time was a self inflicted wound.

I felt the need to put that last paragraph in there for all the folks that insist she got more time than anyone else in the world for driving without a license. I get tired of pointing out that is like saying she got less time than anyone who was convicted of murder. Since, as we all know, she wasn’t actually in jail for driving without a license but rather for violating her probation over and over again. And as we all know, she got jail time for those violations because probation is not an option for the offense of violating probation.


2676 days ago


poor girl

2676 days ago


Paris' thighs looked thicker, as she was filmed walking out of the prison wearing her jeans, than they did before entering prison. If she lost any weight, she prolly threw up her food. Typical.

2676 days ago

ooh that hurts good    

What in the world did she need the vasaline for? So that's how she got out early!!!!

2675 days ago

ooh that hurts good    

I want flavored coffee in my jail!!!!!

2675 days ago

James Arnold    

In regard to the question asked by post #6, the answer is 7. However, due to her over-use of the paper squares, on her last 2 days in the jail house, she was compelled to resort to using only her fingers of her right hand.

2675 days ago


What did she need VASELINE for???????Hmmmmmmmmmmm interesting

2675 days ago
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