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Paris' Post-Prison Runway Walk

6/26/2007 8:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris HiltonMove over Martha Stewart's poncho, there's a new post-pokey fashion trend on the rise! Park Avenue Princess Prison chic!

TMZ has learned that Paris Hilton emerged from her 23-day stay at the Lynwood Hilton on Tuesday, sporting a $448 Olive green short-sleeved polyester/linen blend jacket by Petro Zillia. StyleChic's Aly Scott tells TMZ that Paris paired the summer jacket with new jeans from her own Paris Hilton denim line and a pair of $300 white Marcello Toshi heels. Imagine walking in her size 11 shoes!

We're told Paris picked up the items at Petro Zillia on L.A.'s trendy West Third street, and also bought the matching shorts to go with the jacket. That's hot!


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Michael Moore was booted from Larry King Live so she could appear on Wednesday. As he said " I understand the priorities of the country I live in."
Enough said for all you stupid Parasite worshippers. Get an education and get informed.

2639 days ago

Lydia Layne    

#15 I agree with you. She looks a MILLION times better without all the make-up.

2639 days ago



2639 days ago

Lydia Layne    

If I could give Paris two pieces of advice it would be to keep with the clean minimal make up look. It makes her look so young and beautiful. The other piece of advice is to stay away from bad influences and do something great with your life. Prove the world wrong sweetie.

2639 days ago


she should go without makeup more. i'm not fan...but she looks SO much better natural than she ever has all made up. she looks stunning.

2639 days ago

Karin B.    

Good Going Paris...congrats on your well deserved release. Now celebrate!!!!

2639 days ago

Big Ape    

>> Paris, you are a master of invention, we need a princess in this country. Become one!

Earth to brain dead MORONS: the whole REASON our Founding Fathers broke away from England and formed the United States was specifically because Americans -- by nature -- DON'T want "princesses" and DON'T want a heirarchy where some are declared "better" and should thus be more priveleged than others JUST BECAUSE THEY WERE BORN INTO A PARTICULAR FAMILY OR BORN RICH. The whole basis for America...the truest people who WORK HARD and ACHIEVE something in life BECAUSE they worked hard. Which would be a concept completely OPPOSITE from Paris, the talentless, spoiled rotten, sexual skank born with a silver spoon in her mouth.

I swear, the fact that there are actually fawning dolts like this posting away here who are jumping in place in glee, tears streaming down their face while yelling "Oh! We SO need our own Princess! Please, Paris -- lead us on! Be our leader! Be our Princess because you have so much to teach us all!" is only one further sign -- along with Washington now IGNORING the wishes of the people over the Immigration Bill -- that we, as a country, are almost all but done for. The USA has become brain dead.

Seriously, who ever is last out, shut off the lights when you close the door...

2639 days ago



Who else gets to go shopping for a new jacket and shoes while in jail?

Are those the same clothes she wore when she went into jail?


The she got special treatment!!!

2639 days ago



her outfit did not need the high heels. To cat walk-ish….for leaving jail very la la land.

Luckily cnn got the message and put Michael more on the "Paula Zahn Now show on cnn
first which aired yesterday. and he will have another interview wed.

Yes, they should get their priorities straight if they really want to be considered a reputable news station. I am glad Levin interviewed the mother of the girl who died tragically to the hands of a murderer. That was heartbreaking. Thankfully he interviewed the family, Before he interviewed the sheriff and lawyer p.h.

2639 days ago


i thought she looked so cute running up to her mom and hugging her.

she also looks so much better without all the make- up ! she doesnt need all that.

im still watching her on LK but after that im done because i had enough of this girl already and she just got out LOL.

2639 days ago

Milan S.    

You go girl, let's see now.. Would you sit in jail for 23 days in return for multi-million dollar media gigs and not to mention all the publicity she now gets. Remember Paris is not a bombshell, actress or singer. As far as porn, I did see some of it and not one good shot of her in it, go figure. She is an entertainer and a damn good one !!

2639 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

I've never heard of any other 26 year old who is so immature. Is she retarded? OK, she's out of jail, so now let's leave her alone. She needs some serious growing up time. Remember she still is the slutty tramp she was before jail.

2639 days ago


To #42 Sharpton

You are very naive and also misinformed.

On the Media coverage, the Hiltons do an enormous amount of behind-the-scenes maneuvering for media coverage, interviews, photo ops, etc, and have done so from the day this soap opera began. Secondly, Paris (and the Hiltons) can downplay this any time she wants, but you won't see that happening.

On the sentence, this is what happened:

On November 21, Hilton’s license was suspended for reckless driving with a high blood alcohol level. That suspension was to last until March 29, 2007. On January 15th, 2007 she was stopped by the California Highway Patrol who advised/reminded her both verbally and in writing that she was driving under a suspended license; her passenger had to drive the vehicle. On January 22, 2007, Hilton plead “no contest” to alcohol-related reckless driving and was placed on probation. On February 27th, she was again caught driving on the suspended license, and in violation of her probation, driving 70 mph without the car lights on in a 35 mph zone.

As part of her probation, Hilton was to begin a 12-hour program of alcohol education, which was to begin by February 2007. She failed to comply with this stipulation of her probation as well.

In addition, Hilton still denied responsibility for her actions in court, and refused to accept blame. It’s no wonder the judge gave her 45 days; he knew that with time reduced for good behavior, the actual time served would be a few weeks at most. It was a very fair sentence.


2639 days ago

Paris want to be !!    

To all those negitive people out there , and yes we know we have a war ,and we know there are other important news out there, but you really need to pull your head out of your asses and have alittle fun . Life is to short . And for you jealious ones , you all wish you were half of what Paris is . your jealiusy of her money and her life is down right sickning..Just chill and take a pill and try to enjoy your lifes because it is such a short life. Be Possitive if you can !

2639 days ago


Hey Harvey, let it go man, the Paris stalking needs to end. Move on to better stories.

2639 days ago
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