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Brown Eyed Paris Close to Crying

6/27/2007 7:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In another clip of Larry King's interview with Paris, Hilton was on the verge of tears. She said that when she went in for sentencing, she thought she was going to get community service and was shocked to be going to jail.


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King Richard aka "Dick"    

Paris Hilton attributes:

1. big ugly hooked & long nose
2. fake blue eyes & blonde hair
3. real lazy brown eye
4. fake synthetic hair
5. porn queen slut
6. man jaw
7. bad case of herpes
9. Judge Sauer now a great American HERO!!

2642 days ago

King Richard aka "Dick"    

how funny, @ the end, or towards the end, they showed pics of her and nikki when they were little, and she had her brown eyes digitally enhanced blue!! My brother works for CNN and was part of the staff that went along with Mr. King for the interview. OMG LOL, Brown eyed bird nose has not changed. And she did have blue contacts in last night, just darker, not the fake cat like ones. This pic of her and equally homely horse faced nikki is the one where their faces are painted at around 3 and 5 years old, and it is well know her eyes are brown in this pic as in her life, seen it before, but she had them change the color from brown to blue.- or the color was already changed when she brought the pics in. My brother said she was nice, but did not think she was great looking in person or anything, just regular, thought her nose was kind of big too.
I dont think this chick is pretty in the least. Kiera Knightley is hott, Paris hilton is not.
I swear i watched the interview last night, and how this woman thinks she is beautiful is beyond me.......When woonkie eye wakes up and starts to look like natalie portman one day, then i will say she is good looking.

2642 days ago


Seriously, TMZ, do you really think your readers need up-to-the-very-latest-minute Paris stories? She's just another self-absorbed "celebrity". Take US magazine's lead and be Paris-free. And while you're add it, be Britney and Lindsey-free, too. Come on, 24 hours. You can do it. You see, no one really cares about them anyway, so come on...

2642 days ago


Can TMZ please move on to something else?
I'm Paris-ed out!

2642 days ago


#49 - Anne Elizabeth,

FOR REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2642 days ago


I am so dissappointed at the level of foolishness and the number of fools commenting on Paris. I check to see how long it takes the American public to notice that the sentence given to Paris was totaly unfair . The American justice system prides itself on equal justice. By sentencing a first time violation of driving on a suspended license to 45 days in jail and a fine while no one else as far back as 2002 has served more than 4 days is clearly injustice. When will the masses wake up.

I did learn something last night watching Larry King and then Anderson Cooper.

1. For those claiming Paris never did the Alcohol Education Classes. Paris did complete the alcohol education class ordered by the judge and had a witness/teacher ready to testifiy but the judge would not let her. So for those of you who continue to say "Paris never did the alcohol class and therefore violated the probation" I hope you get it now. This judge was looking for fame and he clearly snowed the majority of commenters on this site. Always wonder why a judge in any case would not have cameras in the court means he is hiding something...just common sense.

2. Paris pointed out that she was told by her lawyer that for the first 30 days of her license suspension she could not drive and she did not drive. Following the first 30 days and ending in March 2007 she was told (by her lawyer) that she could drive to work. On January 14 she was stopped and told by the police that she could not drive but about January 20th was in court for the original DUI of .08 and again was told by her lawyer that she could drive to work. Now as Paris pointed out, she has had paparazzi camped at her door since age 16 so why would she knowingly drive on a suspended license with the paparazzi photographing her every move. She clearly believed that she like many others with suspended license had a right to drive to work. Had her lawyer gone to a hearing the DMV would have given her the right to drive to work or should have.

3. Anderson Cooper had always been a favorite show of mine but after his failure to grasp the concept last night and coupled with his comments, I will not watch his show again. The story here for a real reporter is the unequal justice handed to Paris along with the lack of justice given to the prosecutors wife that had an outstanding arrest warrent for failure to have auto insurance when she hit another car and then driving without insurance and on a suspended license for more than a year. She claimed she didn't know. But really now how many of us would not realize that we were not paying an auto insurance bill for over a year? Is she so unorganized that she missed both notices from the DMV and no one noticed when she changed her license to her new married name.. The prosecutors wife paid a fine.
Anderson Cooper might want to stick to the war and katrina because he clearly does not get the horrors of unequal justice.

Sit back and watch and for all of you who fail to comprehend the issue and feel the need to further trash the victim here (Paris is the victim) I think that if you watch and listen with your mouth shut that you might just learn something from Paris. Paris was given the opportunity on Larry King to comment on Nichole Richie, Lindsy Lohan and Britney Spears. She gave positive comments only. Britney has been quoted giving negative comments about Paris but Paris showed that she is the bigger person and said Brit is a great Mom who loves her kids.

And when Paris decides to build her half way house for women ex-cons or something else, I hope that she refuses all interviews with ABC, NBC, Anderson Cooper, O"Riely, Nancy Grace and only accepts interviews with these haters if the money is high and they have to admit on air that they begged to pay her.

Paris you got a very raw deal and I am a non drinker, over 40 and have never been a fan of Paris but I am a FAN OF JUSTICE.

2642 days ago


I am definitely NOT a Paris fan, but you have to admit that she looks a lot better when she's not all whored up!

2642 days ago


Well that just shows she can not possibly have changed. She doesn't even realize or can not be honest about why she was in jail. It was not for driving while suspended. It was for violating probation multiple times. The 2nd driving while suspended was the final violation that caused her to be in jail.

She tried to answer that question in a way that made her look like a victim. She should have said, "If I had it to do all over again, I would have been thankful that i got probation and abided by the rules".

2642 days ago


She is dumb - she shoud have been sent to visit the families of the ones that got killed by drunk drivers!!!

2642 days ago



2641 days ago
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