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Lawyers to Jacko

Pay Up, Deadbeat!

6/27/2007 6:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jackson Sued AgainMichael Jackson is being sued again, this time over claims he owes even more money to more lawyers.

In a lawsuit filed today in Los Angeles County Superior Court, a Delaware-based law firm claims that Jacko never forked over $109,994.48 he owes them for acting as "general counsel" in a case against a concert promoter who accused the singer of backing out of two New Year's Eve concerts in 2000. That case was settled out of court.

According to the lawsuit, the firm has, "made repeated (but polite) demands" to get their money, but Jackson never responded.

Calls to Jackson's reps were not immediately returned.


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Sick Of It    

Ho-Hum, more non-news.

2641 days ago


Jacko, was on his backo!

2641 days ago


He punked you punks!

2641 days ago


Don't these stupid lawyers read the papers?? Jacko never pays, he feels everything should be provided free because of (cough) his fame!

2641 days ago


Have these lawyers considered that Jacko may no longer have money to pay them? As wacko as Jacko, eh?

2641 days ago


To my knowledge there has never been any proof that Michael has ever done anything wrong. I think he is a truly good human being and would never hurt anyone. I do not know how he has survived everything that he has had to deal with and it seems the blows just keep on coming. He has been attacked from all sides for so long. I think Michael is a very rare human being who is pure of heart. I only see good in him and it is easy for any compassionate person to understand his actions. I do not understand the actions of all the people who have been a part of his destruction for so long. I sincerely hope that he is happy and wish everyone would give him time to catch his breath. Attorneys - never knew one who was "pure of heart"

2641 days ago


Well, I remember all of the great songs that Jackson has performed. And I never did believe for a minute that he molested the kids, and I am no big fan of him as a person. This always looked like a false Ac, case to me, and none of the victims are credible. They are after money, pure and simple.
He may just not have the money to pay, but he at least needs to make some arrangement to pay what he can over time.
Lawyers offices are sharks, and I am sure they are charging thousands for work worth hundreds, but that is the way most are.

2605 days ago


This is extortion. Why should an attorney be allowed to charge the price of a Rolls Royce for his legal advice and services? These types of charges should be illegal. It makes me think that a fruadulent case has been made up against him in order to enable lawyers to bleed money out of him.

There's a grave problem with the American legal system. It starts with exorbitant attorney fees.

I started the process of suing someone for attempted murder and paid 125 dollars for paperwork needed to file a claim against her. The court blacked out her name and address so that I could not go forward on my own after charging me for useless legal documents that should have provided her name. Attorneys wanted my first born child just to initiate the case. I had to drop it. There's a racist potential murderer out there who is only free because legal expenses are outrageous.

2641 days ago


Michael became a nut job after The Wall..........I often wonder what happened to him then to twist his mind up. Ms Anne, if Michael is such a good guy, take your kids over there.......

2641 days ago


jackson is trying to save his money for a purpose. . he is going to need it for the next time he is sued for child molesting , which you know is going to happen again one day. I hope next time around the bastard is found guily and locked behind bars whith the keys thrown away, Any time children can indentify a mark around a man genitals as police said some boys did, those boys have benn way too close than they ever should have been. I dont feel sorry for jackson He is a pedophile who got away with it.

2641 days ago


Please all of you defending Michael Jackson are delusional. This man has repeatedly done things to children that you would post the most vile awful things about if it was anyone else. He got away with it because he is Michael Jackson and he turned his trial into a circus, which is typical celebrity behavoir. I personally hope he gets sued and they break him. Look at the way he has changed since he was on the thriller album. The man is sick and has lost his talent and most of his fan base.

2641 days ago


Whaddya expect? This is a guy who doesn't even pay his dry cleaners. No one in their right mind expects him to be honest and reliable....

2641 days ago


This is stupid.
I hate when people bash Jacko for stuff by saying stuff like:

"This man has repeatedly done things to children that you would post the most vile awful things "
There was no proof of that!

"He got away with it because he is Michael Jackson and he turned his trial into a circus". There was no proof he was guilty. The media turnd it into a circus not Jacko.

"Any time children can indentify a mark around a man genitals as police said some boys did"
The prosecutor announced it, but could not back it up. This was proved to be false.

And the real kicker is:

"all of you defending Michael Jackson are delusional"(!)
This is false. I know EXACTLY what happened in the trial and no way was Jacko going to be convicted. The people that bash Jacko with endless false rumours are the delusional ones - they believe the press and are too stupid to use their own minds to do research.

2641 days ago


If this story was about Paris Hilton Harvey Levin and his staff would have been making up excusses for her and kissing her ass!!!!!! And if you make a comment about Harvey Levin's gay ass they will erase your comment because they can dish it but they can't take it!!!!!!!!!!

2641 days ago


Lawyers will eat you alive. Frivolous lawsuits rape the wealthy, especially new wealth. I can't imagine how much of this man's wealth has gone to protecting himself from his habit of exposing himself (no pun intended) to others.

2641 days ago
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