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Moron Steals FOX Mic -- Leaves iPhone

6/29/2007 1:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comApparently, the hottest item outside the Apple store in New York City -- is a FOX News Channel Microphone!

FOX correspondent Laura Ingle was reporting live outside the store this morning, in front of a long line of nerds who have been waiting outside since Monday to be the first to get an iPhone. (Hello? Get a life. It's a PHONE.) In the middle of her interview with Newsweek's Steven Levy, some guy walked up behind Ingle and grabbed her microphone.

The man was tackled within seconds by a burly FOX cameraman. But duh, with iPhones going going for as much as $1200 on eBay -- here's our question: Why didn't the idiot go for the phone??


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lmao what a looser!

2676 days ago


Everyone needs to relax for goodness sakes! It's a freakin phone. This idiot went for the 'five finger discount' and missed it. You know it's sad that this many folks stand in line for a cell phone, but won't stand in line to give blood to save a life.. makes me wonder. value technology/material things more than possibly saving a life, maybe?

2676 days ago


,,,,,,,,BET YOU GET LONGER THAN 23 DAYS, bafoon........he did miss, huh,,,hillarious

2676 days ago


Hee Hee! Love the writing again TMZ! ;)

2676 days ago


Obviously the prankster was not a Fox Noise Channel fan. Not a moron. Quite smart.

2676 days ago


The iphone has no keypad!! How do you text message? It also doesn't do email, and the connection speed is slow. Do these bafoons even know what they are buying?

2676 days ago


It's somewhat hysterical that you people are making fun of other people for standing in line to buy a "phone" when you yourselves will stand for hours hoping to get a glimpse of some "celebrity". A phone is a lot more useful than a blurry picture of Paris Hilton's panties.

2676 days ago


I saw that this morn, it was funny.

2676 days ago


Janet,,,you think it was a Fox news protest of some sort,,, and nothing to do with the phone????.............quite possible******KEEP A SHARP EYE!!!!!!******

2676 days ago


iphones are overrated. they are all gonna break.. watch and see... apple shipping them out quick through testing.

2676 days ago


That phone looks cool. Love FOX!!!!!

2676 days ago


The microphone costs more than an i-phone...

2676 days ago


To #6-Janet: You wrote: "The prankster was not a Fox fan...quite smart."

Dear Janet:
It's not "smart" to interfere, obstruct and steal a microfone in the middle of an on air interview. Even if he hates Fox News he has no right to do what he did. He is a bully, who probably want only his ideas to prevail. That si facism. We live in a democracy and we have free press, which means, we honor different points of view. Is that to hard to understand?

Hope he goes to jail. Congratulations to the cameraman to stop this jerk!

2676 days ago


The person who called Iphone buyers "buffons" earlier is an idiot. I dont plan to get one but the phone does do email and text messaging, The keypad comes up on the screen when its time to type. It's a touchscreen keypad. Do actually believe that Apple would make a 600 dollar phone that doesn't do text messaging or email?? I dont think its worth almost a thousand dollars but everyone has the right to spend their money on what they want.


2676 days ago


It isn't any worse than the idiots that waited outside the prison that paris hilton was staying at.

2676 days ago
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