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Moron Steals FOX Mic -- Leaves iPhone

6/29/2007 1:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comApparently, the hottest item outside the Apple store in New York City -- is a FOX News Channel Microphone!

FOX correspondent Laura Ingle was reporting live outside the store this morning, in front of a long line of nerds who have been waiting outside since Monday to be the first to get an iPhone. (Hello? Get a life. It's a PHONE.) In the middle of her interview with Newsweek's Steven Levy, some guy walked up behind Ingle and grabbed her microphone.

The man was tackled within seconds by a burly FOX cameraman. But duh, with iPhones going going for as much as $1200 on eBay -- here's our question: Why didn't the idiot go for the phone??


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Here's a question for y'all....... Are these people who are waiting in line for an iphone working? Do they have jobs? What excuse did they use to get off work? Someone took a sick day for this, i'm sure. I hope they'll be able to afford the bill on their new phone after they get fired for missing work today! Ha! Sad.

2644 days ago

getting tired of crap    

The guy didn't go after the phone because Rupert only paid him for the publicity stunt microphone stunt. Now Sean Hannity can claim its all about liberals wanting to silence Fox and Bill O'Reilly can have Ann Coulter on to give the analogy of Hillary or John trying to hog the media to themselves.

2644 days ago


The stupid things that people do...Hope he enjoyed his 15 seconds of fame!! Jackass!!!

2644 days ago


#19 .faux news....................*****keep a sharp eye*******,,,,now your learning!!!

2644 days ago


Blondie2Spoiled you are SO right!!!

2644 days ago


Stealing an iPhone? Good idea. Stealing it on live television? Probably better idea. Missing and grabbing a mic, then "accidently" speaking profanity? Best idea in the world. Now...creating the iPhone, which I've read isn't worth the $1000, that's a bad idea. Bad bad. Use the money to create those phones for something else...something more useful.

2644 days ago


Many folks here (including TMZ themselves) are of the opinion that it is a case of overzealous geeks paying undue attention to some trendy new cell phone. While the word "phone" is part of the name of the device, the iPhone is actually the latest in a long line of visionary paradigm-changing innovations from Apple. As with the deservingly successful iPod, all the other electronics companies on the planet will be scrambling for the next several years to compete with inferior copycat products, while Apple quietly goes about the business of fundementally changing our lives for the better, right before our faces. The others will fail, because the iPhone's keypad's new technology is highly revolutionary, and has been patented. Those who fail to grasp the facts and choose to adapt the ignorant view that this is "just a phone" are unbelievable idiots.

2644 days ago


Wake up and smell the Oleander...there is no freedom of press in America!!! It's an ideal that we have never been able to live up to and that which most democracies can't while dictatorships can spew propaganda. It's called fighting fire with fire. Our news is biased and it is censored.

Where are the pictures of the coffins our soldiers come home in?!? Abu Ghraib ring a bell?!? How about the fact that the Associated Press (of all news agencies) has even publicly admitted to agree to censorship of the stories it puts out so that it could continue to operate in Israel? A country that also has power over our media here in the states and other media outlets in the world.

2644 days ago


Nikii,,,,,,,it is called the "patriot act"............i love America, but you are right most american's don't even know about propaganda, i just get waisted all day, but i'm married so o'well..haha.......the media loves Parid & such, ect.....dulls the mind,. sorry but true????

2644 days ago

BOEING 787    

Like I stated on the surfer thread, John Gibson will have a near non coheasive commentary and Mr. Bill O. will spazz that someone from MSNBC did it, and Hannity
will claim Hillary's peeps did it.

Bottom line is - even though FOX News is a rightist and GOP/Bush mouthpiece, stealing is wrong and you are no better than FOX News if you steal, the thief should be charged.

2644 days ago

stop the madness    

some one tried to grab my mike once.I havent seen the ass man in a while

2644 days ago

Arturo Fuente    

Boycott Rosie and Apple!

2644 days ago


#25 - Chad Boulet

You're the unbelievable idiot, it's a phone that does cool stuff... so what? I don't think it will "change our lives for the better", get real... You must have been one of those geeks that started standing in line on Monday, huh?

2644 days ago


"Hello? Get a life. It's a PHONE"

LMFAO at a gossip site poking fun at people waiting in line for an iPhone, when they themselves waited in line for days waiting to take a pointless ''snap shot" of Paris busting out of the joint!

2644 days ago


#13 coco - you need to get a sense of humor, girl. You too Nikki. To costamesaboy - thanks. Rock on. It wasn't about the phone.

2644 days ago
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