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Benoit Wiki Hoax Exposed

6/29/2007 9:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris BenoitThe REAL story behind the Chris Benoit/Wikipedia mystery has been exposed – after the "news" broke about the chilling message that someone posted on the wrestler's Wiki page about his wife being dead - supposedly hours before the bodies were found.

Just as TMZ expected, it was just another case of Wiki-vandalism!

As has reported on their own site, they know the responsible Wiki Wacko and, although he wants to remain anonymous, he did submit a written statement to Wiki, claiming:

"Last weekend, I had heard about Chris Benoit no showing Vengeance because of a family emergency, and I had heard rumors about why that was. I was reading rumors and speculation about this matter online, and one of them included that his wife may have passed away, and I did the wrong thing by posting it on Wikipedia to spite [sic] there being no evidence."

Isaiah – I'm No "Mush-Mouth Negro"!

Angry much, Isaiah? Former "Grey's Anatomy" star Isaiah Washington talked to Newsweek recently, and he rips the show for firing him because, in part, he's a black man "with a booming voice." Actually, let's let him explain: "It didn't help me on the set that I was a black man who wasn't a mush-mouth Negro walking around with his head in his hands all the time."

Oh, and it doesn't stop there. Isaiah says an HR person told him that "some people" were "afraid" of him around the studio, to which he replied, "Why, because I'm a 6-foot-1 black man with dark skin and who doesn't go around saying 'Yessah, massa' and 'No sir, massa' to everyone?"

Nicole Richie Getting Hitched?

Nicole Richie -- already rumored to be pregnant with Joel Madden's baby -- could be preparing to go down the aisle with him as well. is told that ol' Wrong-Way is "shopping around for a wedding dress ... asking stylists for help," and seems to think that the wedding could go down just about anytime, like July. (And she doesn't have a dress yet? Nicole Richie?)

Party Favors: Obama Has Jay-Z and Beyonce on the iPod ... Kristy Swanson Says She's Not a Homewrecker ... Wacko Jacko Is Not Bedridden

Presidential hopeful Barack Obama has impressive taste in music -- he told the Angie Martinez Show on Hot 97, say Rush & Molloy, that he's got Jay-Z and "a little bit of Beyonce" on his playlist. ... Kristy Swanson tells People magazine that she's not "a homewrecker," even though she took up with dancing partner Lloyd Eisler when Eisler's wife was eight months pregnant. ... And Michael Jackson's manager felt obliged to dispel rumors floating around about the King of Pop, including that he's bedridden and paranoid about his family stealing from him. Thanks.


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The Chris Benoit killings will continue to be treated as two murders and a suicide, despite an online posting about the mother's death made before the bodies were found, Fayette County District Attorney Scott Ballard said.

"I am confident the conclusion of our investigation will be murder-suicide," Ballard said Friday. "That is based on the medical examiner's report and other evidence."

A user of Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, admitted making edits to wrestling star Benoit's profile, mentioning the death of his wife, Nancy, more than 14 hours before authorities arrived at the crime scene. Last weekend, Benoit killed his wife and mentally impaired son, Daniel, 7, before committing suicide, officials said.

The anonymous Wikipedia user, in a lengthy post added to the Web site early Friday, wrote of being "deeply sorry" and called the situation a "terrible coincidence."

Ballard, district attorney for Fayette County, where the Benoits lived, said the posting is being investigated, but added it won't change the thrust of the case.

The Wikipedia user acknowledged being from Stamford, Conn., home of World Wrestling Entertainment, Benoit's employer. In the message, the individual claimed no connection to WWE.

The funerals for Nancy Benoit and Daniel are scheduled for next week in Daytona Beach, Fla., where her parents, Paul and Maureen Toffoloni, live.

"The Toffolonis are making service arrangements directly with their priest, but no date or time has been set," said their Atlanta attorney, Richard Decker.

The bodies were to be cremated, according to Carl J. Mowell and Sons Funeral Home in Fayette, which is assisting the family.

Benoit will have a private service in Ardrossan, Alberta, Canada, his father, Michael Benoit, said.

The wrestler's former wife, Martina Benoit, and their

two children, also live in Ardrossan.

"He was the most loving person anyone could imagine," she said Friday in a brief phone interview. "I love him."

Martina Benoit blasted media coverage of the killings, calling it "crap," but declined to elaborate before ending the call. She and Chris Benoit had two children together — a boy, 14, and a girl, 10.

Fayette County sheriff's deputies discovered the bodies Monday about 2:30 p.m. after being contacted by WWE. Benoit had missed Saturday and Sunday matches.

At 12:10 a.m. Monday, more than 14 hours before the bodies were found, the Wikipedia poster made this entry: "Chris Benoit was replaced by Johnny Nitro for the [ECW] Extreme Championship Wrestling Championship match at Vengeance, as Benoit was not there due to personal issues, stemming from the death of his wife Nancy." The Vengeance match was to be held Sunday.

The IP address from which the 12:01 a.m. addition was made had been flagged for "vandalizing" other Wikipedia entries in the past.

Earlier this month, the same user also edited a post about WWE wrestler Chavo Guerrero Jr., a close friend of Benoit's who reportedly was the recipient of at least one of the text messages Benoit sent over the weekend before the discovery of the bodies.

In that edit, the user took out a damaging description of Guerrero from the post.

2670 days ago


Chris Benoit is a killer. You fans needs to get over this.

2670 days ago


Amen Jackie.

2670 days ago


If he isnt, you're really going to look stupid, just as the media and the police to prematurely state it was a murder/suicide.

Im not saying he didnt do it, but I think the investigation needs to be finished and then the police should have said this. To come out hours after them being there and say this? I could understand why people immediately went to that conclusion. But whatever...

2670 days ago


The bottom line is investigators found substantial STEROIDS in his HOME. People don't have them in their home for a coversation piece, they are using them. The WWE needs to be closed down unless they agree to an independently based drug testing program. The way it is right now the wrestlers are warned (the officials will deny this I know) and so it is the same as not having any program and they condone steroid use. It must stop before other innocent people are slaughtered!!! The WWE folks that have come on tv this week were disgusting, it was clear that their top priority was more viewers and their profits and they showed no concern for the innocent people that were killed and the 60 wrestlers that have died of steroid related deaths in the past 10 years. Let's write to the WWE and demand indepently based drug testing and not let up until they do this.

2670 days ago


"If he isnt, you're really going to look stupid, just as the media and
the police to prematurely state it was a murder/suicide.Im not saying
he didnt do it, but I think the investigation needs to be finished and
then the police should have said this. To come out hours after them
being there and say this? I could understand why people immediately
went to that conclusion. But whatever..."

Earlier I posted for MLD and it was left in the name box and I didnt recognize it, just wanted to let everyone know I wrote it.


2670 days ago


Why doesn't someone that cares for Nicole Richie get her the help she needs for her eating disorder. She clearly has a problem, she is down to 88 pounds, and she is going to die if someone does not intervene and intervene now. I am so grateful that I have family that would reach out and help me if I was so out of control that I developed anorexia nervosa!! PLEASE, IF YOU LOVE NICOLE, HELP HER OUT!! SHE IS VERY SICK!!!!!

2670 days ago


not all of the 60 wrestlers died of steriod related contributions.

2670 days ago

Susan B    

Isaiah: quit being a big coward and playing the race card. If race were the issue, there would not be so many black actors/actresses in Hollywood. I love Denzel Washington, Martin Lawrence, Halle Berry, Bill Cosby, and Nicole Richie. Your problems are not race related, except in your mind. Accept responsibility for being a bigot yourself.

2670 days ago

thrown out    

about IW, I guess he thinks that he is the only black actor on "Greys" I don't believe he is! I think that maybe he believed that he was the "best actor" He has really messed up his career. cindy

2670 days ago

just my two cents    

It would be unusual for a woman as underweight as Nicole Richie is to get pregnant. A woman's body has to have more body fat to ovulate and menstruate.

2670 days ago

WWE Characters Blog    

The Benoit story is now getting attention just about everywhere you turn and the spins and twists on the story get stranger by the minute. Adding to the problem is this comes on the heel of the WWE's own "fake limo explosion and who blew up the WWE's Chairman" story...Let's hope WWE cleans up some of the problems that are glaring here and the media stops trying to make everything it can these days into a mental defect or motive for heinous crimes.

2669 days ago
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