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Cameron Diaz: Homewrecker?

6/30/2007 10:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Criss Angel's wife, Joanne Sarantakos, filed for divorce yesterday in a Long Island court. She claims that their 15-year marriage, which Angel insisted was kept secret to boost his image to women, was destroyed by his freaky fame and his recent relationship with blonde bombshell Cameron Diaz.

The Post reports that Sarantakos' lawyer will subpoena Diaz for the divorce trial. For his part, neither Angel nor his lawyer have denied the affair.

Howard Hails Cabbie Off the Air

"Crazy Cabbie" was fired from the Howard Stern Show by Sirius Satellite Radio after claiming he was in possession of a Howard Stern sex tape. Cabbie, whose real name is Lee Mroszak, says he destroyed the tape after talking to his mother, and told Page Six that he believes he was actually fired because of a pending lawsuit against the Stern show from 157 Ignite, a weight loss drug that Mroszak shills. 157 Ignite is suing after Stern claimed on-air that Mroszak looked fatter after using their product.

Artificial Spice

The Spice Girls will have a little extra help -- thank God and technology -- on their upcoming reunion tour. According to the Daily Mail, the Spices will be using a high-tech computer program to enhance and digitally fix their voices when they sing live. Now if only the same could be done for their outfits.

Party Favors...In with Audra, out with Merrin...

According to TV Guide's Ausiello Report, Audra McDonald was chosen to replace Merrin Dungey as Kate Walsh's BFF on the "Grey's Anatomy" spinoff, "Private Practice."


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Bob Barnett    

Cabbie was not employed by the Stern show or Sirius. He was given a tryout based on Stern's recommendation. People hated him.
If he would have released the porn tape, he would have been sued by Sirius and Stern.
Cabbie is totally worthless and should be institutionalized

2637 days ago


It's not Cameron's fault IF she didn't know. If he kept his marriage secret for 15 years, I bet she didn't know. I don't like Cameron but she seems like a good person from what I've seen.

The Spice Girls were never known for their voice so it doesn't really matter.

2637 days ago


dude, if i was dumb enough to risk all my money for some used up piece like diaz, i'd just give the money to my wife and check myself in for some electro-shock. there are girls who are worth it, but she ain't one of them. her body is ok, but her face is some kinda leathery ugly. not to mention that she's dumb as a rock.

2637 days ago

Sarah Silverman SUCKS!    

Wow, I am surprised to hear Chris is married. I wonder how his soon to be ex-wife has felt about their marriage being kept a secret? I’m sure there is some part of her that feels hurt if she was being publicly denied…..all for fame and $$$…too bad. Although I think Chris Angel is an amazing talent, I have noticed he is becoming more and more Hollywood and that is a turn off.

2637 days ago

Lillian Gorham    

Cameron looks old and very very desperate these days. Her best days as far as physical beauty are waaaaaaaaay behind her (94) and she knows it.

2637 days ago


Cameron Diaz is a WHORE! Who does that? Oh yeah, Angelina J.! For all you idiots that think that it's ok, because Cameron didn't know cause Angel and his wife kept it a secret, WTF, if she didn't know, when she found out then, if she was a decent woman she would tell him to go to hell! She got dumped by Timberlake, now has to see pictures of Justin and Jessica Biel everywhere, she's just trying to get the spotlight back on her anyway she can. What a loser! What a WHORE! IMO!~

2637 days ago


Not only is Chris Angel a cheat. He's cheap too. I hope his wife gets all his money.

2637 days ago

Funny Answers    

I would guess those of you who don't think Cammie is not a home wrecker, are the same that yell whore to Angelina. No one Called Julia Roberts, who full well knew her guy was married and his wife was p.g. ? He, of course left her for Julia. Nichole Kidman cheated with Tom, when he was married to Ms. Rogers, then Peneople cheated with Tom, while he was married to Nicole. Rita Wilson cheated with Tom Hanks while he was married. Brad was engaged to Gwyn, and he left her for Jennifer, whom he was seeing. I can go on and on, but the only one your people attack is Angelina? Why? Do you really think Jennifer Aniston is an Angel, blameless. No, none of these women are blambless, but open your eyes, no one is calling Brad, this guy, Tom, Tom H. wife deserters? Male Whores? The actors and actress seem to have their own set of moral, NONE, so if one is a ho/homewrecker, the others are, and the men? Well, they are a piece of &^***. Get real

2637 days ago


Chris Angel should make himself dissapear.

2637 days ago

Larry wanna a cracker?    

433. "Next time, these comment form fields will be automatically populated with your information. It saves you a couple of steps so you can quickly express your thoughts on the latest TMZ story."


Talk about ~~~"bogus"~~~ !!!
TMZ, right there you expose yourselves as unreliable and deceptive. Wondering, is there rehab for your lie-abilities? ;)

But don't fret, I'm rather sure a couple of obstacles to posting here won't prevent the fraternizers from expressing themselves.
Why just look at your 'comments' tally -- proof right there. ;)

Actually, truth is, I'm just jealous. Wishing I'd had the moxie to have thought up such a celeb -breaking-news site myself! But hey...I DO know I wouldn't impede my visitors by having to go through email aerobics to make a comment. So, please (pretty please?) fix the prob. thanks much, ~squeaky :)


As for Cameron....well, the girl IS a woman now and I'm sure she's getting desperate for a man, even someone else's. Same as Tori Spelling and just look how that turned out -- successfully (in *her* demented mind, that is) These celebs have their own special set of morals and ethics quite different from the average population so...kinda see this as a non-story.
(but then, I'm no Cam-fan, either)

Howard Stern -- simply cannot even look at him much less discuss what~ever~ TMZ prints about him.
There are no rehabs or medical procedures, I'm afraid, for that slob. (TMZ, what the h*ll? - trying to give me nightmares or something? Please....spare us pics of that ickypoo.)

2637 days ago


Wait a minute....How is Cameron the homewrecker, when Criss was dating Minnie Driver a while back? Sounds to me like the typical story....Boy gets successful, women pay more attention to boy, boy forgets he's married. Bangin' celebs is much more exciting than some no name wife.

2637 days ago

Not too shocked    

Ew, Criss Angel is uglier than sin. I don't believe Cameron Diaz would touch that with a 10 foot pole.

2637 days ago

US/STAR Lies    


The wives/girlfriends are better knowing when guys want someone else more than them. Who wants to be with someone who does not really want to be with you? People know when someone is not into Them. They may lie to themselves but they know. So it's better to move on. People change, they fall in and out of love, it does not make them bad people. IT'S CALLED LIFE. CDiaz does not need to be called to any divorce trial, this woman is just making her own life more hell. CAngel does not want her, she needs to move on with her life, divorce him, get some money from him, and find someone who does love her. If he had her hide the marriage and she agreed, SHE IS A FOOL. That was a strong signal that he was not loving her as she wanted him to.

This is why marriage may not be the way for many people.

2637 days ago

stop the madness    

post 31 Your an idoit.The word hoe is an reflection.," get some money from him"for what?being a hoe?

2637 days ago


If only you guys would stay home and not throw your money away on the artificial sounds of the spice girls. Now that posh is in the news and scary is in the news with her baby, they think this is the ideal time to run out and scoop up millions of your money. If only you would ignore them, but I know you won't.

2637 days ago
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