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The Outback Boys Are Back!

6/30/2007 4:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

By popular demand, TMZ brings you not one, but 14 scrumptious hot hunks from the steamiest act in Las Vegas!
Thunder From Down Under: Click to launch
Yes, it's the blokes from Thunder From Down Under -- in all their pectoral glory in this flesh-filled gallery.

Thanks to Adam Steck, CEO of SPI Entertainment and owner of TFDU, for bringing Aussie brawn to the states -- in sweaty performances seven nights a week at the Excalibur! Cheers!

Want more deliciousness? Get your full skin fix in our "Beach Bods" and "Nip Slips" galleries!


No Avatar


it's too good to be true!

they are a bunch of good looking men.

gay or not, they sure are fine.

2670 days ago


2 snaps up and a circle.

2670 days ago


I have personally heard other females say...I am not going to pay money to watch men will do that for free.
Well it is important for women to see absolutely beautiful, perfect men dance for us. The men in our lives are constantly comparing OUR bodies to the naked women in magazines and on TV everyday and every night.
My job is to listen to men ALL day. You don't know this...but they look "down" on the way we look and it affects the way they treat us.
Women need the same thing in our lives. We need to be reminded that our guys are not GODS. We can knock them down a few notches and let them know how we feel EVERYDAY. Don't try to tell me your man is different and he wouldn't let a Hooter's waitress sit in his lap if you weren't around. HE WOULD....!

2670 days ago


Once upon a time, women would go nuts over guys like this. Now, in 2007, we all know dudes that look like this are gay. The world is getting worse everyday, guys like d**K more and more, and it's not God's way.

2670 days ago


I have to agree with a few others on or sure was nice to open up TMZ and see some good looking men instead of the usual bull=Paris. Actually, I'm so desperate NOT to see Paris anymore, a picture of my old Uncle Fred would be a welcomed these guys are a real treat.

It doesn't take much...

2670 days ago

Paps are Pigs    

Yummy Saturday morning treat..thanks TMZ.

A little too ripped bout some pics of hunks off roids?

2670 days ago

Sarah Silverman SUCKS!    

Here we go again…gay vs. not gay! Of course these guys are gay! Why do women drool over gay men? What a waste! If a man doesn’t like pu**y , then he just isn’t sexy….except in West Hollywood!

2670 days ago


TMZ, please stick with celebrity gossip. These skin shows are boring and if people want this kind of junk there are other sites on the internet that provide this. I come here for interesting celebrity stories. If you are doing this as a filler piece, it would be better to just leave a blank spot, because this story is equally as vacuous.

2670 days ago


I agree with DottieDame, they would be better off with no story, than this kind of junk. Good use of the word vacuous, very smart girl!

2670 days ago

Kevin T.    

See? Now THIS is entertainment news! Not everything of interest to fans come drunk, fake-boobed and panty-less (take note of that skanky starlets)!

2670 days ago


It is so great to be GAY and looking at these incredible men. You women must be devistated knowing they rather be with men than with women. But then again, who wants to be with women. UGH

2670 days ago


bobbybaby-your a sicko, liking men. Definately abnormal.

2670 days ago

Boo Hoo    

Those tasty morsels are giving me wood. Does any of you fellows to need a good lawyer to handle your ass-ets?

2670 days ago


hahahaha, woman suck becuz they can't even tap that and all the people saying there ugly have nasty beer guts and/or are ugly.

2670 days ago

She looks like hell    

Who cares if they are gay? I don't. Now if it were pictures of them having sex with other men, then yes, obviously I would mind. Now THAT would be gross and sick.

2669 days ago
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