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Paris' Stock Stays Steady

7/1/2007 2:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Even though she's out of jail and jetted off to Maui, Paris Hilton's recent rendezvous have had quite an impact. Fred Fuld of Stockerblog analyzed several companies associated with Hilton in one way or another and found that right up until Paris' pokey stay, those stocks outperformed the Dow Jones Industrial average.

  • Paris's tock is steady
From May 1 until before she went to jail, Paris-related stocks rose over 10 percent. Since her incarceration, they've been down by about 2.5 percent.

Paris has interests in perfume and jewelry lines, books, TV shows and much more. That's tepid!


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Boy Howdy cannot be silenced!    

Now, now, Buffy - quit wasting your time! Paris - we love you!

2673 days ago


Who Cares!! Enough Already!!!!!!!!

2673 days ago

Boy Howdy cannot be silenced!    

Well, #4 Marie, apparently you care or you wouldn't have bothered to comment! And, #1 & #3, let's stay on topic, shall we? Paris - we support you in every way! I hope you cash in and laugh all the way to the bank at the losers who just want to crush you because they cannot be you!

You Go Girl!!!

2673 days ago


Are there really people out there buying stock in Paris???? From what planet????

2673 days ago


this hooker is tmz's bread and butter..they gotta have something on this broad in order to keep traffic on the site

2673 days ago

Boy Howdy cannot be silenced!    

Funny...definitely the wrong name for you! You're one of the losers you so lovingly pinpoint as reading tmz Paris stories! Now, little one, go back to the porn site you swtiched over from and let us tmz/Paris/LiLi/DiLo/Britney fans enjoy our gossip in peace!

2673 days ago


I LOVE PARIS!! Who cares about stocks? I mean seriously

thats just a coincidence

2673 days ago


honestly WHO CARES!!!? i love her, but it really is enough already.

just because she isnt out in the public to take pictures of her doesnt mean u have to find dumb ways to talk about her.

2673 days ago


Can tmz lighten up on reporting on this mediocore, no talented, uneducated boob?

2673 days ago

Rosie the chauvinist    

I don't understand the headline that Paris's stock is staying steady when the story clearly says since she left jail, it's dropped by 2.5%. That's not steady. I'd say from the story that before jail, stock rose, and after jail, particularly after the King interview, I'll bet, it started dropping. Now let's see how far it drops.

I think the headline of a TMZ story should match the story content, not be an attempt to slant the viewer's opinion. TMZ knows some people only skim headlines and don't really read the story content. Honesty in journalism, although I know that's a stretch for a gossip rag.

It's not stock per se in Paris but merely a reflection of how companies are doing who handle products with her name on it.

2673 days ago

Parents Need to Know    

Just gives her more money to do all her so called "charitable" work.

TMZ is grasping, posting junk like this.

Did Harvey Levin cut a deal with the HILTON's to not post any pictures of Paris while she's "recuperating" from her terrible ordeal???

I didn't watch the Larry King interview with Paris, but saw parts of it in an interview with ET and Larry King last night - seemed to me Larry King didn't believe much of what she said either - he was almost laughing at interviewing her and said he knew that she wasn't telling the truth about the drugs and the bible.

I seriously think Paris was hooked on drugs when she freaked out and was sent home by Sheriff Baca - specifically ADDERALL - talk to any high school kid, they can tell you all about it and what it does to a person if they take it and are not ADD - SPEEEEEEEEED!
That's why no one in the jail system was informed Paris took any meds - she was getting them illegally.

After the 23?? days - they had dried her out.

I've always believed when a person has had an addiction, such as alcohol, drugs - it didn't take the person 30 days to develop the addiction, how can they be cured in a 30 day rehab facility?

I would like to think Paris was sincere with some of her comments in the interview, and she might have been, but I doubt it.

She seems to have an "addictive" personality, whether it be addicted to herself, the Media spotlight, drugs and/or alcohol.

It's almost sad, her dysfunctional parents have been the main cause of her growing up with "deep mental and psychological" scars.

Paris still is mentally and emotionally a child, in a 26yr old body.

2673 days ago


We love Paris!!!!

2673 days ago


Screw TMZ and Harrry Levin. Big ass celeberty Ass Kissers. This my last post. Deleting this stupid ass website with a million pop ups. I mean why dont they put up smoking gun pics of paris smoking dope and after she lied to Larry King. TMZ SUCKS

2673 days ago

tooth fairy    

TMZ is easy to be bought. Money talks. Paris' mom can always throw some spare change and some people will be like jumping joy about the money and will do anything for that lame family. Have you noticed they start saying a lot of nice things about Paris?

What Paris stock? The woman can't even sell movies and albums and products. Her album and movies tanked. Not so many people buy her lame perfume in the United States. She has to go overseas to sell it and pretend that she is hot in the States in front of foreigners. Her jewelry line is a failure. She used to sell them on No one bought it.

Can you blame rich peoplel look down middle class people? Some middle class people will bend over for anything.

2673 days ago

BOEING 787    

I did not know Paris Hilton has stock, I know BOEING has stock and the trend is up because that 787 is picking up orders like crazy 650+, and the developement unlike the Airbus A380 and A350XWB is on time, I can not imagine any one over twenty-five years of age having this stock.
I am not to sure why Paris's stock has fell a little bit since her release from jail?

2673 days ago
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