Britney Goes to the Dogs

7/2/2007 1:03 PM PDT
Pop mess Britney Spears popped up all over town this weekend, doing what celebuwrecks do -- buyin' dogs and eatin' sushi!

On Saturday, leaving her brassiere back at the shack, the pantyflasher donned a vomitacious headband/weave-tamer, a pink cotton nightie, high heels, and sunglasses repurposed from the tinted rear windows of a gangsta's Escalade -- and stopped by a pet shop to buy a dog. No animals were harmed in the making of this photograph. She's casual, y'all!

When Sunday rolls around, it's time to put on a little style! Very little! Wearing a tie-dye patterned satin mini made from curtains at the Days Inn Tehran, carrying a "My Lil' Kidney" purse and wearing a weave from the Cher '74 Collection and corralled by the same pukey headband -- all brought together (!) by that pair of cowgirl boots she refuses to give up -- Britz hit Shu Sushi in Beverly Hills. Wrecktaurant chic! Wasabe hotness! Oh, sushi-dih'n't!!