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Britney to Mom -- I'm Praying for You!

7/2/2007 2:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears sure looks like a trainwreck these days, but, at least according to Brit, it's her mother that needs help.

Cameras snapped the Britster after chowing down at Shu Sushi in Beverly Hills yesterday, where she dissed Mama Spears on the way to her car. "I hope my mom gets the help she needs," she sassily told photogs outside the restaurant, adding, "I'm praying for her right now."

Spears and her mom clearly aren't on the best of terms these days -- with Brit delivering Lynne a letter asking her to stay away from her children if she's taking any medications that would impair her ability to be around them.


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first bitches! suck it britney and your cooties

2672 days ago


Bizzare girl!

2672 days ago

Gatorade Please    

Anyone else sick of hearing about Brit, Lindsay and Paris? TMZ, how about some fun and positive stuff for a change?

2672 days ago

LMAO @ you a$$hats    

Who cares about this no talent waste of space hack!

2672 days ago


You are washed up, see you on celebrity fitclub 5. no talent, no voice.

2672 days ago


I'm in total agreement with #5. Enough about the same bimbos day in and day out.
BUT, while we're on that old subject........Ms Spears........Does she EVER consider just staying home with her kids and actually eating a meal with them????? Sad, very sad. Those poor kids will be so screwed up if she continues this way. Like mother, like sons. So unfair.

2672 days ago


Listen.. when you add God's name to it.. HE PAYS Attention. Things will get very interesting.

2672 days ago


How about it's BRITNEY who should be banned from seeing her kids...gosh she is A MESS!!!

2672 days ago


In my opinion Britney needs the help! She is obviously in denial and trying to shift the attention from her problems to her Mom. Maybe she is even trying to get back at her Mom for making her go into rehab. She has really went downhill since she got involved with that trashy K-Fed. She needs to deal with her inner demons and pull herself together!

2672 days ago

getting tired of crap    

TMZ, you could cover the new Harry Potter movie or a dozen other things. What's the matter, haven't you gotten all the chrome off the Paris/Lindsay/Brittany bumper yet?

2672 days ago

in da know    

Britney - please listen. Take three weeks - go to a ranch in the midwest or somehwhere else that's quiet. Take some good books, take your kids, leave your weave, grab a bra and some comfy clothes, and CHILL OUT. Don't answer the phone, don't watch TV, don't text. Just chill. If you feel like having fun - have fun with your kids. Read them stories, do art projects, teach them how to swim. Take up painting or photography. Enjoy the stars, the moon, the fresh air. Don't buy any animals, or hair, or anything for that matter unless it's for the kids. Find excitement in being a mom who can learn to relax without dyeing her hair or buying pets or going to rehab or getting drunk/high. And then you may have the space to come back and REALLY calmly go about the business of your life. It's only three weeks - try it out.

2672 days ago


she should take a moment to remember all the sacrafices her mom made so that she could be a star. Shes an ungrateful B.

2672 days ago



2672 days ago


damn, that's the pot calling the kettle black. when does britney ever take care of her kids?

2672 days ago


She's done.

2672 days ago
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