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WWE to Canada: Take Off, Hosers

7/3/2007 2:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Chris Benoit double murder/suicide is still rocking the WWE, as they announced the cancellation of all Canadian events for the next month -- all because of the former "Canadian Crippler." While WWE sources claim that the "postponements" are to show sensitivity to the fans of Chris "Rabid Wolverine" Benoit, the WWE has a track record for bailing on the Great White North when troubles arise.
Chris Benoit and the Canadian flag
The death of Benoit's friend and teammate, Owen Hart, in 1999 kept the company away from parts of Canada for an entire year. After wrestler Bret Hart and WWE big cheese Vince McMahon's infamous "Montreal Screwjob" in 1997, they hid out until late '98. However, others say that the REAL reason for the cancellation is to avoid the ire and the loud, often profane chants of the live Canadian crowds. Chants of "You killed Owen!" and "You screwed Bret!" filled Canadian arenas for months after those scandals.

Perhaps the WWE isn't taking any chances on two live tapings of their RAW and SmackDown programs being filled with angry chants of "You killed Chris!"


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about time some one or some play stodd up to all this bull s##t way to go Canada I wounder how Donald feels about being close to vince now!!! what a bunch of loosers EH

2669 days ago


18 who are you 'Amy' from Little People Big World...LOL. Whatever.

2669 days ago

cat man    

canada sucks just a bunch of idiots there.

2669 days ago


Wow! Maybe I should've read the posts more closely before wasting my time relaying where you could find some info to at least pretend like you know what the hell you are talking about. My mistake.

2669 days ago


Canada can go to hell, they have been hiding behind the USA for 140 years. Not one good thing has came out of that cowardly country.

2669 days ago


Frankly, I'd be surprised it they yelled "you killed Chris". CHRIS killed CHRIS....and before that he killed his defenseless wife and defenseless little boy. His final act as a living, breathing human being was to murder his family. Canadians are not stupid. THEY know where the blame lies. And it was a sickening crime.

2669 days ago

Maple leaf forever    

What's up with all these comments hating on Canada? What did we do to you? We congratulate you on your 4th of July, but do we get the same in return? July 1st was Canada Day!

By no means is our country perfect (What country is?) but I believe we are a much more caring, classful people!

2669 days ago

stop the madness    

Can we stoop with the mud slinging?Over each other enough with Americakkk its old ok..

2669 days ago


It would appear the Americans who post on this board have a very poor understanding of history. In this thread we see the ignorant claiming the US protects Canada, yet that has never been the case. We also see more ignorance from those who claim that Canada is a terrorist Haven. None of the 9/11 hijackers came from Canada, contrary to comments made by administration members.

Found those WMDs in Iraq yet?

I’m not saying ... I'm just saying.

2669 days ago

Scott Carlson    

Actually I think Vince was getting death threats after Owens accident...and Vince took it seriously. as for the Screw job I have never found out if that was staged or not...setting up Brets Heel Turn or playing off the end of his contract....I have never learned...and neither have really addressed that..
I dont think Benoits body looked all that weird maybe just a bit bulky or thicker then it should be roids ok Ill accept that....
I would rather wait till all toxicology reports come out...then see if investigators put a mind set to Benoit....Did the Doctor give Chris a new drug to try in the hours before the killings????
and for Canada...what have you done but provide safe harbor for Terrorists to stage attacks against the US? Did you get France back from the Germans twice? Did you loan millions if not billions to England...never to collect on it? Have you gone in and tried to remove Terrorist threats in all parts of the globe? Aside from giving us Bobby Orr, A great Olympics, and a few Ice Skaters...what have you contributed?....You havnt even put out a good Hockey team in where do you all get off bashing the US? OK Don Leo Jonathan (Don Heaton) the best big man ever in Pro Wrestling.....Ill give ya that....but really You are starting to look like France with you constantly looking down your noses at for the US military vs Canada....cmon thats silly even thinking about that....Ay!

2669 days ago


costamesaboy - go back to school and get your GED you idiot. Greattfu???are you kidding me??? realestate???? are you still kidding me? What an ignorant POS you are loser.

2669 days ago

Maple leaf forever    

Zelda, there is no reasoning with all these "haughty" Americans. There's no humility there so they blindly think America is the centre of the world.

But we know better.... And that's right about Detroit. Heck, there wouldn't be a Detroit without us. There's an American car industry today because of us! GM Builds most of there better cars these days in Oshawa, Ford in Mississauga/Oakville and Chrysler in Brampton. We just know how to build 'em!

2669 days ago


WWE is in true American form blaming others...why take resaponsibility when you can blame someone else !!
Isn't that what your president is doing
who wants to live in a country that is run by a president that starts war and kills its citizens so he can make a buck !!

Quote all the stats you want...
Canada is consistently rated as one of the top coutries to live in...

2669 days ago



I found an interesting article on why car companies are building in Canada as opposed to the United States.

"That simple explanation was cited as a main reason why Toyota turned its back on hundreds of millions of dollars in subsidies offered from several American states in favour of building a second Ontario plant."

"Industry experts say Ontarians are easier and cheaper to train - helping make it more cost-efficient to train workers when the new Woodstock plant opens in 2008, 40 kilometres away from its skilled workforce in Cambridge."

My favorite quote follows : "He said Nissan and Honda have encountered difficulties getting new plants up to full production in recent years in Mississippi and Alabama due to an untrained - and often illiterate - workforce. In Alabama, trainers had to use "pictorials" to teach some illiterate workers how to use high-tech plant equipment. "

2669 days ago


and to those of you who are calling canada a terrorist haven....
think about it

Not us ....

2669 days ago
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