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Perez Hilton Hurls Words at Gummi Bear

7/4/2007 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Seeing trainwreck Jason "Gummi Bear" Davis on TMZ makes Perez Hilton want to puke. Him and everyone else!

The self-professed Queen of All Media has had it with the bloated millionheir Bozo and told TMZ, "If I see Jason Davis on TMZ one more time I'm going to throw up and eat my own vomit." Isn't that Gummi's trick? Regardless, chances are Perez will have to eat his, er, words soon enough -- since another classic Gummi Bear lowlight is surely imminent.

A few nights later, a more sedate Perez was seen exiting trendy WeHo eatery Il Sole, and had kinder things to say about another much despised heir -- Paris Hilton. Perez told TMZ that the post-pokey princess was simply doing "well." For once, the celebrity blogger seemed at a loss for words.


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Isn't it Brandon Davis not Jason Davis?

2666 days ago



The banning took place before the technical crap and no one being able to post. He went on a banning spree a while back. I would just change my IP and could post again. I started spending more and more time here and at X17 so I don't go to Perez's site anymore.

2666 days ago

Not ! a BrAngelina LOON !    


I like X17 too , they never ban anyone ! even when they should !!

For me the blogs are very entertaining , they make me laugh :) but there are quite a few cyber bullies who get territorial .

I have had the grammar police , the azzholes who hate my typing ( rolls eyes ) geta life ! it's all in fun ~

2666 days ago


I ADORE Gummi Bear. He is one of the main reasons I come to TMZ. Never quit Gummi. The Bear man is a superstar and 80's fashion icon.

As for Perez, I think he is one of the people Paris dumped. I doubt she contacted him, you know that bloated queen called her. PLEASE.

2666 days ago


Harvey Levin your dirty undies are showing....stop kissing the ass of that bloated evil trollpig. Stop it Stop it STOP IT! I have only a sliver of respect for you and TMZ as it is. I do know you are selling your soul nugget by nugget but please please spare your readers any mention of that wart on humanity. Again..Please!!!
That is all...

2666 days ago


Perez has no "technical crap" going on. He was dumped by his server after being warned to stop stealing pictures and posting them on his site without permission. He will be back eventually. He will continue his jihad against any man or woman in show business who does not bend down and kiss his butt.

I once asked him to post a list of males who are NOT gay. Since he didn't post the list, I assume there are no straight men left on the planet. He wishes!

2666 days ago


Yeah, he's always kind when it comes to Paris Hilton; he kisses her ass like the lap dog he is.

2666 days ago


Someone should do a 'Matthew Shepard' on his obese ass!

2666 days ago


May you get colon cancer & be dead by Xmas.


2666 days ago


He bans right & left! & lies about,"Never banning anyone!" riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight,lardass!

2666 days ago


I went to his site, and it just says "permalink" so I don't think anyone can post on his site yet. I don't think everyone is banned from his blog. He removed the comments from his blog.

2666 days ago

Eric Vaughan    

Can someone help me? I looked it up but which Gummi Bear was Jason? Was he the one that Jerry Falwell said was making all the babies gay homosexuals? (TIA)

2666 days ago


Jerry Fallwell was talking about the Telletubbies being gay.

2666 days ago


Perez Hilton needs to stay behind the camera.
Perez Hilton needs to stay behind the camera.

Perez is trying to be a celebrity; he's not.
Perez is trying to be a celebrity; he's not.

2666 days ago


This gay.. oops guy is just as annoying as Russ the flaming intern.

2666 days ago
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