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Divine Brown:

Alive and Talking!

7/5/2007 1:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0705_hugh_divine_mugshot-1In "Who knew she was still alive?" news -- Divine Brown, the prostitute busted with Hugh Grant on Sunset Blvd. back in 1995, is telling her story (again) about the night that changed her life forever. Heyyyyyyyyy!

Brown, real name Estella Marie Thompson, is part of a British television special airing tonight on ITV. She tells the Daily Mail she made nearly $1.6 million doing publicity after her infamous arrest with the "Four Wedding and a Funeral" star, who was dating Elizabeth Hurley at the time. She says, "I love Hugh Grant. Hugh Grant put my kids through school, gave us a chance at the life we probably would've never reached." It's like "Pretty Woman" ... kinda.

Brown went on to pass along her best wishes to Hugh, saying, "If I can meet him and shake his hand, all I would like to say is: 'Thank you. I appreciate you, and if there is anything I can do in return I would love to be a friend.'"

Hugh probably feels that Divine has done enough already.


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That was a lovely show of gratitude on the part of Ms. Thompson aka Brown. She has not stayed in the media all these years and its good to see that she did something positive with the money that resulted from her and Hugh's arrest. She could have turned it into something bigger a la Paris Hilton or Superhead. She sounds like a nice lady.

2637 days ago

Truth Teller    

I think what she did was smart. Think about it.....she could have spent her money on anything. She used the money to put her kids through college so that they could have a better life. She's really no dummy!

2637 days ago


Oh well, so much for my last comment. I found the article TMZ got the quote from and it was actually Divine's pimp, Gangster Brown who made those statements that TMZ attributed to Divine. They were a couple at the time and he is the father of her children. They both benefitted from the bust.

2637 days ago

Jeff Kay    

She just wants to shake his hand?????....Hmmmmm..... I wonder how much that costs?

2637 days ago


What does she mean she would like to "meet him"? I thought she already met him---in the bed.

2637 days ago


Are you sure Divine isn't Hugh in drag? Give Hugh some lip injections and a wig and you have Miss Divine Brown!

2637 days ago


I love his mug shot his face says "Bloody Hell"

2637 days ago


Good for you, Miss Brown.

2637 days ago


okay, first of all, WHO - it happened in 1995. that wasn't 17 years ago!

also, it's nice that she seems respectful, but how do we know
what she really did with her money? everyone is so happy that she
used the money for a good cause, but how the heck do we know that?
because she said it put her children through school.. so what? we
don't have any truth behind that. and furthermore, prostitutes should
not be glorified for anything. she could have worked in fast food or
as a cashier. being a whore isn't the only job women have
available!i'd like to know if she's doing anything with her life now.
did that money pay for you to get a degree and actually do something
with your life?

2637 days ago

Lola C    

#11 - E

Even al the men are whores, it's a matter of prize.

Would you not spread your buttocks for billion $$$ ?
Or how much would you do it for?

2637 days ago

Caribbean Goddess    

#25, I have to correct you on your math. 1995-2007 is 12 years not 17.

2637 days ago

Jamie Lynn    

She is so full of crap. That's why her dumb broke ass is back to being a whore!

2637 days ago


Why are you guys coming down so hard on her? He propositioned HER, not the other way around. You guys act like she showed up at his house or something. IT TAKES TWO TO TANGO, try not to forget that!

And, let's face it, Hugh Grant got more publicity from this little indiscretion than he has in his whole career.

2637 days ago


this happened 17 yrs ago who cares.. if she made 1.7mill from her tryst with hugh grants nasty ass good for her.. im glad she did something good with the money like putting her chlidren threw school.. elizabeth hurley was and still is ugly as hell... he wasnt satified with her bony ass so he went looking for a woman who could get the job done... o well.. he couldve stayed home nobody told him to drive around at the morning looking for some trim when he couldve just stayed home and continued to lay up with the in-house whore he was with... o well... this is old news..

2637 days ago

just asking    

Driving Under the Influence of Fame

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2637 days ago
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