Miss NJ Won't Submit to Snaps Shakedown

7/6/2007 1:37 PM PDT
The beauty queen from New Jersey who's being blackmailed over a few supposedly racy pictures is refusing to give in to the Internet-trolling slimeball who's trying to get her dethroned.

In a defiant press conference yesterday, Amy Polumbo, who won the Miss New Jersey crown last month, said that she would not "quietly disappear," even after getting a package in the mail with pictures and a demand that she quit by today. Her lawyer, Anthony Caruso, wouldn't say how spicy the shots were, only that they weren't "that bad" and that she's pictured "with friends." Er, like Katie Rees and friends?

Neither Miss America nor Miss New Jersey pageant officials commented on the situation. Polumbo will compete in the Miss America pageant -- if she keeps her state crown.