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Mom to Brit -- I Have Rights Too!

7/6/2007 5:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lynne Spears, Britney SpearsBritney Spears wants her mom, Lynne, to stay a country mile away from her kids. But the combination to the code that could give Lynne some serious legal firepower is 3104.

Specifically, Section 3104 of California's Family Code gives judges the power to award visitation rights to grandparents. Judges consider two factors -- if there's a preexisting relationship between the grandparent and the grandchildren -- in Lynne's case, there is.

The judge will also balance the benefits the child will get from visiting grandma against the rights of the parents to exercise their parental authority.

Here's where it gets interesting. If both parents nix the notion of grandma having visitation, there's a strong presumption the judge should deny grandma's request. So K-Fed may be critical if Lynne takes it to the judge. If Fed sides with Lynne, she'd have a shot.


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To No. 22 who played Devil's Advocate. As she mentioned in her story, it takes something horrific to happen to NOT let a person have visitation. From what I've seen and read, nothing like that has happened in connection with Lynn Spears, so there would be absolutely no reason for her to not be able to see the grandkids. If she was overheard saying that she didn't want Britney to find out she saw the kids by way of K-Fed, the reason would be because Britney is unstable and would go ballistic if she found out Lynn was visiting with the kids that way. Which is what Britney did. Britney has lost control, because KFed is looking more sane than her, and it is driving Britney more nuts, almost exponentially at this point. She is lashing out the only way she can figure. Also with making up stories as to why she went crazy on the photogs with an umbrella. She cannot control her immature anger. She has always had things done for her and taken care of by others, instead of learning life lessons by experience. She doesn't know how to handle things. That, or she is mentally ill. Either way, she's becoming unhinged. She is simply giving the judge every reason in the world to decide what is best for those kids.

2631 days ago

J Doe    

britney wil brain wash her kids against lyn and her brother,sister and everone else.

2631 days ago


if this whole thing is about britney being told she had to go to rehab or she would lose her kids, i can understand both sides. i can understand her mom thinking that was the only way to get her to go (& let's face it, it was)...the problem is, that threat should have come from KEVIN, not britney's mom. it would have been expected from him, as he is her "enemy" in the divorce but for her mom to agree (at least in britney's eyes-or anyone in that situation's eyes) that was her mom saying "you know that guy who hurt you & ruined your life (in her opinion)? i'm going to side with HIM instead of you..& i'm going to help him hurt you by helping him take your kids.".
that's how she took it..& maybe in time she'll see that it was her mom's only hope....but right now she's not going for her mom to keep going & keep putting herself between kevin & britney is just making things worse.
she needs to BACK OFF. if the kids are in that much danger shouldn't KEVIN be the one taking britney to court?
brit's mom is just being played the fool by k-fed (just like britney was) & doing his dirty work for him while suffering all the consequences so he can collect all the spoils.
like mother like daughter i guess.....LITERALLY when it comes to k-fed.

2631 days ago


The fact that Britney would withhold her kids from their grandma to punish her mother is selfish and another example of her immature behavior. I'm sure she loves her kids but that doesn't mean she is grown up enough to be a good mother. Her mother sacrificed a lot to get Britney where she is and I'm sure she is ashamed of her daughter's behavior and worried for her grandchildren's emotional stability. I hope Kevin steps up and makes sure out of control Britney doesn't have all the power in these poor babies lives...

2631 days ago


Are you kidding.. The judge will take a good look at the awful parents and award grandma and grandpa custody of both children, and probably put K-fed and Britney in advanced Rehab, if not a lunatic asylum !

2631 days ago

M H    

whatever happened to her dad???..that divorced Brits mom because she was pushing her kids into becomeing stars/tramps

2631 days ago


Whether you believe Brit was forced into rehab by Kevin & Lynne -- whatever -- something had to be done as she had custody of two minor children. It is not the responsibility of a Nanny or an assistant or whatever to keep those children safe. When Brit has a hissy fit, she fires people and therefore no one to protect the kids should she go off. Plus the fact a revolving door of strangers taking care of the kids is not a good thing either.

Rehab is not only for drugs & alcohol. If she has post partum -- it can be dealt with. She had to get out of public eye to deal with matters but she's not willing to. She's gonna crash & burn and what good is that for the kids. They don't have a voice to say to Brit "Mommy - stop being an idiot". Her habitual partying every night for months on end -- you know full well she ain't the one getting up with the kids in the morning. Let's get realistic.

The only reason she's probably on this rampage of not allowing Lynn to see the kids is that Lynn didn't tell Britney what Britney wanted to hear. Britney needs a wake up call and if it is a court hearing that Lynn brings - so be it.

If Brit pushes the matter to where it goes to court, she might well find herself in a pile of crap in that all her "dirty laundry" will be aired & might well find the judge not only agreeing to Lynn seeing the kids and who knows, possibly awarding temp to Lynn & K-Fed, and Brit being forced to Court imposed rehab. Wouldn't that look good on her. May well force a court hearing to find her unfit.

LMAO as she could bring this whole pile of crap on herself and she has no one to blame but herself.

2631 days ago


Nobody cares about spears anymore. Get the F out of here and go back to the south. You're fat and havent be attractive since you've poped out the rugrats. Go lip sing your entire concert again. bitch

2631 days ago


The Suaga Continues over these boys lives... Britney Is A Total Nut Job

2631 days ago


For those who keep saying that Britney is the worst mother in the world, I wonder what you think about Andrea Yates? Thoughts? Diatribes? Anyone?

Britney stated the reason she wanted her mother to stay away from her children (per TMZ) was because Lynn took prescription drugs which impaired her judgement AROUND the children. If this is true, then I don't understand how anyone can argue against this line of reasoning. As for Lynn, I do agree that she made a great deal of sacrifices in order that Britney would achieve the amount of fame and fortune that she has. Of course, Lynn has also reaped the benefits of Britney's fame and fortune and is now grooming her other daughter for the same kind of success.

2631 days ago


To wanted Brit to be a success for money you can then spend. You deprived her of one of the most wonderful opportunities in anyone's life...childhood. You allowed her to look sexy at a very early age and now you come forth as the most carrying mother in the world. Don't you see what you have done to this beautiful girl way way back. Give her a break and let her grow up without your constant interferring. Sus

2631 days ago

just asking    

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2631 days ago


poor britney, we have all seen where her brains are. the only way most people will be happy is to see her in a body bag. worthless trash. let those children have a chance of life

2631 days ago

by deidre    

Britney obviously still needs help. Where is Alex Baldwin when you need him -- I'm sure he could come up with a few choice words for little miss britney right back now!

2631 days ago


None of us really know what the full story really is. We know what we hear from TMZ and other sites.
Maybe it's not Brit just going crazy....maybe it's her psycho mom. Quit judging and just sing HIT ME BABY, ONE MORE TIME!

2631 days ago
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