Rockin' the Ultimate Hoodie

7/6/2007 2:32 PM PDT
Hot summer days means cool summer nights. You could just toss on any old hoodie while you cruise the night, but as soon as you try listening to your MP3 player or newly acquired iPhone, you get a tangled mess o' wires. Knot no more.

The Ultimate Hoodie Microfleece can keep you from getting snarled in your cord mess by utilizing its integrated wire management system. Your cables are actually inside the hoodie -- no more snagging on random obstacles! The hoodie's lightweight microfleece is thin enough that you can control your devices through the fabric, yet thick enough to keep the chill out, while chilling. Add 11 pockets to carry change, keys and bottles -- and you've got the greatest hoodie ever invented! It even has a secret pocket for your, uh, vitamins.

Expect hoodie aficionado Lindsay Lohan to be sporting one of these ... while hiding from TMZ cameras.