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Danza on Paris

Who's the Hypocrite?

7/6/2007 3:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

tonydanza-1Failed talk show host Tony Danza vowed dramatically never to watch CNN again because of wall-to-wall Paris Hilton coverage, but he sure liked Paris enough to feature her on the first week of his now-canceled talk show a few years back -- and to pimp her appearance beforehand.

The "Who's the Boss?" ex-star slammed CNN for its Paris coverage, whining to the Washington Post that "I'll never watch CNN again" because "they don't give you want you need, they give you what you want."

But we did a little research, and it seems that Paris was what Tony wanted on his show back in September 2004 -- booking her for his fourth episode and boasting to Time magazine, "I think I wanna teach her how to cook. Just in case somebody comes over, Paris, you can whip this up for them."

Once you've been there, it's hard to forget Paris. Danza is another story.


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Again.... "PMZ" your showing you colors a bit too loudly again......Danza had an "entertainment" talk show, which it could be said Paris might be appropriately suited for. CNN is a NEWS station and while a certain amount of coverage regarding her prison circus was worth a report or two - the story was in no way worth covering 24/7.

2644 days ago


Wasn't 2004 before 2007? Hasn't she unfolded as the lovely flower, or man eating death plant since then? As far as total coverage, I was shocked to see Sunday Morning, on CBS at 9AM Sundays report on Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton. This told me we have reached the end of the world. A program that covers, Art, music, literature, etc. giving time to either of these two children was totally unnerving. So, you see, apparently no program or network is beneath catering to this nonsense. It used to be Anna Nicole/Howard Stern/Larry Birkhead all the time. Now we have this. I guess this will only stop when there is a new carcass for plundering. Maybe we are all tired of terrorism, Iraq, George W, the Presidential candidates, etc, etc. and this is a bizarrre respite. I dread to think what the next obsession will be. We may look back on all this as "not so bad". Yuk.

2644 days ago

gene g    


2644 days ago


I wish he'd die!

2644 days ago


TMZ might have a little credibility if they didn't spend time looking for new ways to defend and pimp Paris. Oh, and there is that little technicality that you and CNN are owned by the same company.

2644 days ago

BOEING 787    

#25. thats funny!

So what...what has Danza contributed lately...less than Paris.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Boeing 787 roll out 07/08/07

2644 days ago


She was a different Paris back in 2004 than she is now. I used to like her too. But now I can't stand her. She's a horrible role model.

2644 days ago

Girl next Door    

You have it all wrong. While I am not a Tony Danza fan, there is a difference between a talk show and a NEWS program. Who the featured guest on a talk show is phenominally different than what should be on a news program. Paris is not news - she is gossip. Since when is CNN known for its gossip coverage? People turn to talk shows for gossip and news programs for NEWS.

2644 days ago


There's a big difference between a hollywood talk show and a "supposed" news broadcasting service. Danza's focus was much different than CNN's. Long live FOX NEWS!

2644 days ago


There is a huge difference between a daytime talk/entertainment show and "CNN - the most trusted name in news". Tony's point is valid! Just hope he doesn't turn to the "Fair and Balanced" Fox News instead!

2644 days ago

Bobby Z    

I understand why the writing credit goes to 'TMZ Staff.' Who the hell would want their name on such an asinine story? If I didn't have to come to this site for my job, I would not be coming back.

2644 days ago


When Danza had her on his show was 2004 and she did NOT have the reputation she has presently. CNN (AND ALL THE OTHER NEWS MEDIA) kept whining about Hilton becoming such news--so, who made her news? You guys all gave her the PUBLICITY we did not. Frankly, she's just another poor little spoiled rich kid. She has NO talent or anything. She was just born wealthy. THAT DOES NOT MAKE ONE NEWS MATERIAL.

I applaud Danza AND the one news anchor who tore up the script for the lead story that involved Hilton.

We have men and women who are getting killed every day in Iraq, etc. We also have young people who are doing GOOD things every day and what do you give air time and print to? Just a poor SPOILED young woman who will NEVER grow up as long as her idiot parents treat her like they do.

2644 days ago


Miss the Tony Danza show- he was genuinely entertaining- no artifice about him. His remarks re: CNN are right on. And as others have said- his show was for entertainment, not news, as CNN's is supposed to be.

2644 days ago

King Richard aka "Dick"    

at least tony danza does not have a fish hook nose that is big to boot, and a lazy fake ass blue eye.

2644 days ago


Hello- Tony Danza is Entertainment CNN is NEWS PARIS IS NOT NEWS you IDIOTS! Maybe Tony wanted to know what was going on in Iraq with our soldiers and our Country but that's right he couldn't because it was All Paris ALL the Time!! At least we all have Fox, the channel that knows what REAL NEWS IS!

2644 days ago
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