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Britney Takes to the Cement Pond

7/9/2007 12:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A barefoot Britney in her new Betty Rubble-inspired bathing skirt and a weave from the Kiss '78 tour, took her boo-boos for a bath at her Malibu compound.

The naked Jayden is being handed off by the alleged bodyguard/new boyfriend, while Sean waits his turn. It's hard to find bathing suits in Bedrock.

Estranged Granny Lynne was not seen making chipmunk fritters.


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STOP WITH THE BRIT STORIES/PICS. She is clearly cravin the attention. Stop playing her game. I love TMZ but hate the way you keep encouraging her by buying her stories/pics. She really needs help, but in right way. I used to be a Brit supporter, but when she turned against her mom, that was it. I say let her sink or swim on her on.

2666 days ago


Of coure you are supposed to let babies and toddlers play with their pee pees!! That's natural you moron! It's NATURAL for a baby/toddler to explore their bodies. If you just pop their hands and tell them no, then you're sending the message that it's wrong/dirty/disgusting, and it's not. Geez, I hope you don't have kids!!!

2666 days ago


# 12

Being naked in water is hardly eating bugers or playing with themselves. I bet you didn't let your kids laugh or play either.

GET OVER YOURSELF you sound ridiculous. I guess you shouldn't let them take baths either. I bet you NEVER let your kid run around naked at all did you. FLIP OFF PSYCHO.

Join a group or something.

2666 days ago


now u know ur in the public eye and u go and humilate ur kids like , what kind of mother would do that? britney spears to the rescue (can u get any dumber!) tell mommy to help u cuz u act like ur 14 and still seeking media attention, poor babies (at least they got mommy's money and liquated damages for pain and suffering!)those babies are sure to disown her as she did to her mother

2666 days ago


HOW CUTE!!!!!!

2666 days ago


Uh, who cares. They are taking a bath in a pond, big deal. Yes, it's trashy but she is trashy, so why is everyone surprised. Enough with Britney coverage. She is a pathetic attention whore..this is boring TMZzzzzzzzzzzz..

2666 days ago


Betty Rubble looked better in thats swim suit. What happened to Brit getting back into shape? She needs to pass on the deserts.

2666 days ago


#12 there is nothing wrong with naked babies/young kids playing in a pool. This is not the midevil ages.
She is in her private home and her kids are having fun in the pool. What the heck is wrong with this...leave her the F alone!

2666 days ago


#14--taking a bath in a bath tub, or running around naked are much different then bathing in a pond!! You need to join the group. Go back and get your GED--then you can speak. Get educated before you write such silly comments!

2666 days ago


in my opinion this is a HUGE invasion of privacy. they are in the privacy of their yard. i hope britney finds the sick bastard snapping shots of her boys & rams an umbrella up their hoop sideways. this is disgusting.

2666 days ago

Linda - Hi to PJ in Nashville    

She's unfit. She's trash. K-fed makes a better parent. And I bet he'd but suits on them.

2666 days ago

Oh my.....    

Both babies look a little red... I hope she remembered to put sunblock on them atleast! I'm gunna make muh babies as tan as their mama ya'll !!

2666 days ago


I like a good Brit bashing like anyone else but this goes to far! It is summer, kids love anything different. I would do the same thing with my son ON MY OWN PROPERTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is slimy even for TMZ - better watch it or your paps will be in the next "To catch a predator"

2666 days ago


Leave her and her family alone.

2666 days ago

Get a Clue    

I think the real story here is that Britney looks absolutely horrible and trashy. Now that her looks are completely gone, to make it she would have to rely on her singing talent. And we know she has zero of that.

Face facts. Britney has so jumped the shark.

2666 days ago
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