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Britney Takes to the Cement Pond

7/9/2007 12:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A barefoot Britney in her new Betty Rubble-inspired bathing skirt and a weave from the Kiss '78 tour, took her boo-boos for a bath at her Malibu compound.

The naked Jayden is being handed off by the alleged bodyguard/new boyfriend, while Sean waits his turn. It's hard to find bathing suits in Bedrock.

Estranged Granny Lynne was not seen making chipmunk fritters.


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1. It should be illegal to post photographs of naked babies on the internet. There are too many pervs.

2. It is not one of our business what she does on HER PROPERTY. It is obvious some photographer was peeping through her bushes or something. It's just not right. I don't care if she, herself, was skinny dipping, it's HER POOL. The babies are fine. She can HIRE someone to CLEAN THE POOL if necessary. It's not that big of a deal people.

3. Celebrities' children should just be off-limits. Plain and simple. They didn't get to choose their parents. Give them a chance to CHOOSE whether or not they want to be famous. It's no wonder Michael Jackson drags his kids around with blankets and masks over them. He knows the paps better than anyone, and he knows how cruel the media and the public can be. Children should quite simply be off-limits for stories. It's not fair.

2633 days ago


Emcece, I have already sent a complaint to the FCC.

2633 days ago


One of the worst mothers - ever! Why doesn't social services of CA do anything?!

2633 days ago


its hot the kids r taking a swim so what but how did she gain the wieght again so fast

2633 days ago


its only a baby what is wrong with u ppl u r the pervs

2633 days ago


# 85
TMZ is not needing to sneak onto private property, have you ever been there?
They have zoom lens now days it's not the 70's!.
TMZ also buys photo's as well so you don't really know who took it!
So let me get this right, Combining more then one cartoon characters is against the rules of educated English ? lmao some of you are just silly. You come here to snoop and then post criticisms to make yourself feel better.

2633 days ago


Good Grief

x17 has a pic up yesterday of her taking her two boys to church with this new bodygaurd dude. In x17's pic the gaurd is wearing his suit. Looks like they decided to go swimming after church and Britney decided to leave her tight fitting church dress on at the pool too. Least the new guy changed his clothes. Ppl were commenting at the other site of how this woman can wear such a dress to church??????????????????????????????, she must like it enough to keep it on for the pool too.

2633 days ago


Only the child's parents thinks it's cute when their child runs around naked! Inside...okay...outside...put some clothes on! We don't want to see your fat, naked kids!

2633 days ago


#93 Fred & Jed - EVERYBODY is here to snoop, you pompous idiot.

And as far as educated English goes, it's 'nowadays,' not 'now days' and 'photos' not 'photo's.'

Between the two of you, you couldn't figure that out? Morons.

2633 days ago


Ok, so I know shes not the best role model, but you know what. Why is it a big deal that her kids are in the pool naked. Obviously the people with negitive comments don't have children. The youngest is way to little to be potty trained and to keep a diaper on while he goes swimming is stupid. It would just get soggy. Come on people its the summer and if she wants her babies to swim in the pool naked because its hot why make fun for that.

2633 days ago


Why does tmz hate on brit brit so much ? is it because x17 is her fav? c'mon give the young mother a break dealing with 2 kids plus you guys she is bound to screw up sometimes don't we all? she is with her kids and you guys fault her. when she is partying u guys bash her for not being with her kids!! why didn't you guys show the pic of her on the ground playing with little jayden that same day and the adorable smile he has on his face cause u know what that is his mom. you guys suck ...ya'll even make perez look good

2633 days ago


Fred & Jed are TMZ staff

The twisted illiterate writing was a dead give away. They feel need to defend their perverted voyeurism of children.

2633 days ago


I have no problem with bashing Britney. I love watching the meltdowns. However, a couple of things:

1) I am very uncomfortable with posting pictures of her naked children on these sites. This is when I think the paps cross the line and should be fined or jailed, not only for that, but for taking pictures of her on her private property. She's not out at a club, she's at home in her own back yard. That should be off limits.

2) The dress she is wearing is the same one she wore to church that morning. So did she wear her bathing suit to church or did she not bother to change her clothes after church (btw- a truly blatant manipulation if I ever saw one. THAT was a disgusting display. What, she's suddenly a choir girl?).

2633 days ago


My two little boys play in the water naked a lot in the summer....but we live in the country, with more privacy. If anyone took a photo of my kids without clothes I WOULD SUE THEM FOR ALL THEY HAVE!!!!!!!!!!!! There are perverts in this world, and we need to protect our babies from them. I am the first person to say I can't stand Britney Spears, but I am TOTALLY on her side if she decides to sue you for publishing this. What were you thinking? Just because in wasn't a full frontal, that's okay? She is on her own property. The photographers who took these should have more integrity than to expose tiny children to potential harm. Britney, are you going to sit and allow this to happen?? Act like a mother, dammit.

2633 days ago


Come on now!!! All kids at some point have jumped in a pool naked! If that's the worst that can be found to pick on her now about then I think she is doing pretty d--- good! you all wanted to say what an awful mother she was when she wasn't with her kids and now you want to say how bad she is because she spending some "fun" time with her kids! Make up your mind!

2633 days ago
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