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Hayden: 43 Days and Counting

7/9/2007 2:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Not quite yet a lady, 17-year-old Hayden Panettiere caused neck damage in passersby over the weekend, while hanging out at Nickelodeon Studios in Burbank.

The teenaged red hot cheerleader dropped jaws in this luscious red halter dress and golden heels -- looks like she's ready to move to a more grown-up studio -- Cinemax, maybe?!

When August 21 rolls around, Miss Hayden will be considered an adult, finally able to vote, join the military, oh, and have legal sex. How fast can you count down from 43?


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A sex story about this young girl is way out of line, TMZ

2663 days ago


#16-her attire is fine.

2663 days ago

stop the madness    

Thinks oh boy not another train wreck in the making ===================o0CHOO CHOO=====

2663 days ago


I agree with #3 and #11. How dog like to count down the days until a young teenager becomes legal age so you can legally have sex with her.I'm totally disgusted.I think I will now go somewhere else for celebrity news.

2663 days ago

Lenn K.    

Gee, I wonder if Harvey's daughter is about the same age and guys are lining up to get a taste. What goes around comes around!!!!

2663 days ago

BOEING 787    

If people are counting down the number of days till Hayden turns eighteen, what do they expect to do when her birthday comes around, look at pictures of her all day long,
If they like em that young who knows. Im sure some of these fans are going to have a meet up with "Hi I am Chris Hansen from Dateline NBC and I am doing a story on child
predators" in the near future.
I remember stories of the Olsen twins countdown way back when.

2663 days ago


She has big sausage arms....What's the big attraction??

2663 days ago


Hayden is raring to go - clubbing! Hayden, give your mom back her clothes and stay out of the clubs. You look ridiculous and cheap in that outfit with those hooker shoes. Another Lindsay, just what we need.

2663 days ago

Sara Drucker    

If she can stay away from tLindsey, Britney and Paris she will be OK. I hope she stays as sweet and down to earth as she has been so far.

2663 days ago


You all are pervs!!!! What if that was your daughter? Also you shouldn't naked pictures of peoples kids. Is this a pediphille website or a star catcher website? You're all disgusting.

2663 days ago


Why do all those guys get away with banging her and they are not charged for child molesting. I am sure there are a lot of registered baby-chasers who have done the same thing but they are screwed for life??????????? This is another case of the lousy cops looking the other way for L.A.

2663 days ago


The pigs who write these articles on celebs are perverts. What's next? Are you going to start counting days with a 14 year old celeb? Yes, Hayden is a beautiful girl. Not a piece of meat for all you freaks to gawk at. I'm tired of reading this filth that comes from your sick minds about this girl. What a pitiful world I live in surrounded by the likes of TMZ writers and posters.

2663 days ago


That photo of Hayden and her mom is eerily similar to Lindsay and trashy Dina. when I read that Hayden's parents accompanied Hayden to clubs, I knew Hayden was stuck with brainless twits for parents, probably mom calling all the shots because mom wants the spotlight, too. Looks like mom's hard work payed off, she taught Hayden the club scene and now Hayden is dressing in trashy clothes too old for her, acting like a 20-something, and doing the clubs without her parents, and smoking. What's wrong with these celeb mothers, they are all dumb skanks to the bone and they raise their daughters to be trashy party -girls. 17 and Hayden is on the way! And mom will say,"But she didn't drink when she was with us at the clubs, just had soda!" And how long did dumb ol' mom think that was going to last when Hayden was getting a taste of the party life by being taken to clubs way too young? Well, now Hayden doesn't need you mom, you showed her the ropes and she is taking to the club life like a duck takes to water. Stupid parents.

2663 days ago


You're all wrong. She does not look trashy, she looks tacky. That dress looks that some kind of whorish window treatment gone awry, and the golden pumps looks like something your nana would wear to a bar mitzvah. Oh, yeah, the oversized casual black bag really sets the whole mess off!

2663 days ago


I've noticed the last few weeks that she is moving too fast and too much for someone her age. She'd better be careful. She's getting on the wrong track. Look out, Lindsay, Paris, Nicole, Britney, here comes your replacement.

2663 days ago
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