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Britney: Taco Belle

7/10/2007 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wearing an athletic tee that says "NO PUSHOVER," and apparently NO BRA, a brown-haired Brit-Brit resisted the siren call of the chalupa at a recent gas station bathroom break.

The toxic fashion disaster singer was spotted making a pit stop in Malibu while a mystery man/friend waited in her idling Mercedes. Britney had time to secure a new crapariffic ammo belt from a local military surplus store.

After checking her Cher-weave, Miss Thing skipped a run for the border. When ya gotta go, ya'll gotta go!


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She has a house in Malibu...why didn't she just use the restroom there?

She is addicted to exposing her nasty bits. She needs a bra so badly...Honey,it isn't hot when your tots are pointing at the ground!

2665 days ago

Annonymous -    

practically she does what she does and looks and wants more attention so we can talk more trash about her, whenever she posts on tmz or whenever makes her more angrier than ever - britney read what everyone says about you, YOURE DONE HONEY - No one will ever take you seriously look at your children, youre not a good mother, youre just causing yourself to lose your children - I think you better off back at promise's and get more help as you need, look at lindsay lohan, she extended her stay, her mother told her so - youre so stubborn who doesnt want to listen, well honey listen to yourself and look at yourself in the mirror - you need a makeover / not trash like / something that you once was - you're a waist of time

2665 days ago


Les americannes sont parraseuses et tres bete. Je suis une salope.

2665 days ago

800 pound gorilla fart    

Tmz ...

put the tivo on hold ......

I think you are mistaken ...

...that is a picture of Chyna Doll

the MAn/woman wrestler from WWE

.. you can see the effects of steroids ..

big head , overdeveloped arms , big jaw

this is not Britney Spears .....

she is way sexier than that .....

2665 days ago


Leave the poor girl alone? Wasn't it BRITNEY who wanted that tacky, trailer-trash reality show so she could get even MORE attention? Yes, that was our Brit, putting every second of her squalid, over-indulged life onto TV. So she gets all the attentioin she can get, NOW she is to be left alone? Too damned late, she is getting what she begged for. And if she would wear a bra and dump the ugly wig extensions and stop posting stupid crap on her blog and stop being a trainwreck and stop publicly treating her loved ones like crap, maybe she WOULD be left alone. But I don't think that is what she wants, or she wouldn't leave her house looking like.....THAT! Britney is an attention-whore, and she loves ANY attention she gets.

Someone get her a bra, my God, does she REALLY think she looks attractive? If she can answer yes, she needs to be committed.

2665 days ago

gee whiz    

at least she is wearing shoes....I feel SOOOOO Sorry for her kids...California should step in and take her kids away...grow up you inmature brat! Just because you can have babies....does not mean you us a favor and get your tubes tied!!!

2665 days ago


she obviously doesn't want to be famous anymore. at this point it seems she is totally dressing like that on purpose. she was forced into showbiz at a young age...never had a real childhood and just wants to be left the hell alone. she has more money than god and seems like she just wants to hang out.

2665 days ago


You should all back to to Perez Hilton's site. He can hardly even construct a grammatically correct sentence.

2665 days ago


Yes, we are illiterate because we don't know french. You got it! You think because you write in another language your inteligent? Don't think so.

2665 days ago


For God's sake...
Get a stylist...
this "go it on my own, leave me alone" look is terrible...

Look, I could dress you better and I have no credentials.

Hint :



LOOK at some fashion magazines.

You can afford to.

or maybe that's the point..

You can afford to NOT TO

Some say people tend to dress the way they feel........

You're feeling the pain .

And so are we.

It's so hard to root for you when you do everything without any apparent thought.

2665 days ago


I should go back there myself, since I might know how to spell, but I'm not a very nice person. Mean people like me suck. Sorry for my lowly existence.

2665 days ago


Janice, isn't your favorite word jealous? You keep us entertained with your sense of superiority. You really can't see how childish you are, can ya? Idiots like you keep me laughin.

2665 days ago

Rosie the chauvinist    

It is not the educational system that is going down the tubes. The students themselves are lacking attitude and quality. Some of them don't want to learn, don't try, and don't care, reflected in the attitudes on message boards when someone offers a helping hand.

I've taught students and know some of them simply refuse to learn, even though they are clearly capable. Perhaps it's a bad attitude from home or from society or both.

I like the grammar and spelling police on boards. If they reach even one person, that's a good thing. I see people make little but important errors in grammar or spelling that are clearly a result of not understanding the basic underlying rule and reason for that issue, and explaining that might be the first time they "get it." A life saved.

Who really wants to be embarrassed or look ignorant in front of the world? Nobody, really.

Britney... why are you picking on her? She went in to use a restroom and came out. So what? That's a story? Please.

2665 days ago


I can't spell laughing right. I am an ignoramous.

2665 days ago


You'd think since she has all this money to her disposal that she would actually wear nice clothes and have nice hair. If this is her plot to get her career back in the mainstream she has been misinformed! Disgusting Britney!

2665 days ago
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