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Won't Flip the Bird

7/10/2007 2:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Emma Watson's on her way to being a starlet ... but she's not ready to flip-off the paparazzi -- yet.

TMZ cameras spotted the "Harry Potter" teenage witch shopping at celeb favorite Kitson on uber-trendy Robertson Blvd. yesterday, where she was quick to throw a wave to photogs snapping her pic. When a few cameramen started asking her to give them the finger, Watson just kept smiling, clearly not understanding the thick American accents of the photogs.

Maria Menounos, who was doing an interview with Watson, explained what paps were asking her to do, and Emma cracked up, shaking her head and saying, "No!!"

She's still got a lot to learn.


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Wendy a side note, the tabloids are reportedly equal or yet even worse for trash in Britain than America. Also there are those who act as ladies in many countries and those who also that do not in those same places. I don't think America has a corner on that market. It is the media and the news that is being used to distort perceptions.

2661 days ago


My Fiancee is from England...they actually have a completely different way of flipping the bird...sort of like the Peace sign flipped backwards. She probably didn't understand...that, and she's no idiot. If she had done it, it would have been all over the place.

2661 days ago


Bravo For Emma,

She is a first Class young lady and actor. She does not need to be associated with the riff raff of L. A /Hollywood. She does not need Hollywood or their lack of integrity,honesty.
The further she stays away from the cut throats, the better off she will be.

2661 days ago


Thanks TMZ for showing a professional, ethical side in this industry. Emma is a professional and her ethics shine through by not stooping to the likes of those who call themselves professional photographers. Emma is what this industry should reflect.
Best to her and her future endeavors!

2661 days ago


"Still got a lot to learn", you say? No way, Jose -- far from it. It seems to me that Emma Watson may be just as savvy as Hermione Granger is -- or at the very least, that the people who handle her publicity are. C'mon, people...let's get real! Anyone who's even halfway perceptive and has more than two brain cells to rub together knows that the members of the entertainment press are out for themselves and not the performers. There's not exactly a ton of journalistic ethic in that profession -- gossip and scandal and innuendo is bread and butter to them. The reporter who praises you to the skies today won't hesitate to turn on a dime and savage you tomorrow if it suits him or her to do so. They don't make money by having nothing new to say, and an actress staying on the straight and narrow is of no use to them. That's why it's not unheard of for them to use insinuations or provoke a situation outright in the hopes of turning it to their advantage even though there may be little if any truth in it at all. What do you think would have happened if Watson had gone along with the photographers' wishes and "flipped the finger"? The press would have been all over her like a cheap suit for being rude and unfriendly. There may be times when bad publicity is preferable to none, but that's for celebrities whose stars are fading from the horizon -- something Watson has no need to be concerned about right now. Emma Watson won, and the photographers lost -- she got an extra bit of publicity and made herself look like a class act in the process. You GO, girl!!!!!!

2661 days ago



2661 days ago


She doen't have a lot to learn . . . she just hs more class than her American counter parts, Lindsay L. and Britany S. I think others should follow her example. I say, "Way to go Emma!"

2661 days ago


Thank goodness she held her head and didnt flip them the bird. I find it very rude to ask a 17 year old to do something like that. I know most of young Hollywood does it on regula occassion, but she is not apart of that crowd. I am almost glad she lives far across the pond to be influenced too much by this downspiraling scene!

2661 days ago


You know, there are a lot of recent actresses with whom Emma can join as the "classier" set in Hollywood, i.e., Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johansson, Amanda Bynes Mandy Moore, Anne Hathaway...perhaps because they focus on their craft, not on their scandals and press, we don't hear as much about them as the skanky set.

2661 days ago


Good for her! She's probably one of the few younger starlets who has some class, for lack of a better word. I think its sad that we have such horrible young "celebreties" (if that's what we have to call them) representing America. They are rude, annoying, and stupid! GOOD JOB EMMA... even if you didn't even understand what the man was saying... HAHA!

2661 days ago


She's only 17 (damn) and she seems to have more maturity than most people in general. That is in fact something that is more typical of the British than Americans, just based on how people are raised in the two countries. And true, she does have a lot to learn. And hopefully, when she learns it, she'll turn her back on it, continue to have class, and perform as an ACTRESS, not as a 'celebrity.'

Hollywood being what she has to learn a lot about of course...

2661 days ago


Oh, we'll see a picture of her flipping the bird, all right. But it will be a composite job done via Photoshop. Can we put anything past these weasels who ambush celebrities for "our pleasure?"

Although TMZ has its moments of sleaziness, I'm glad they pushed a story about dignity and class--sorely missing in young American actresses in the spotlight today. Oh, they're out there--it's just that they are seen as not being worthy of a story--hence the urging of the lovely young Emma to flip the bird.

We enforce the whore-like behavior of Paris, Lindsey L, and Britney simply by clamoring to pick up the magazines and tuning in the shows that feature them.

2661 days ago


The unfortunate reality here is that provoking Emma to behave without "class" and unladylike will be viewed as a challenge by the papparazzi. They will hound her, looking for any thing that might be twisted into inappropriate behavior. Their goal will be to capture that one shot they consider sensational. Many paps are creeps and creepy people feel threatened by decency. Let's hope they can, for once, let this polite young lady live her life as she deserves--happy, prosperous, and secure in herself and her decisions.

2661 days ago


It is very rare these days to hear of a young lady with standards that are above these types of things and I praise her values. I am the mother of a twelve year old girl and this is the example I would like her to see more of. Thanks Emma!!!

2661 days ago


How refreshing to see that Emma has a brain and class unlike Lohan, Spears, Hilton etc. etc., thank you Emma for maintaining your standards. I regret ever letting our son watch those other artificially created starlets who allow themselves to be victimized by the press.

2661 days ago
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