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Lachey Jams Signal on Sex Pics?

7/10/2007 4:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nick Lachey was happy to pimp his baseball team on a satellite publicity tour all day long, but when asked about the hardcore sex pics with Vanessa Minnillo, Nick's camera went dead. Hmm ... coincidence?

TMZ obtained this video of Nick on FOX 5's "Good Day New York" today, where after questioning him about an MLB promotion for a couple of minutes, brave anchor Ron Corning asked Nick point blank about racy vacation pics of him with his girlfriend. Before Corning had a chance to finish the question, the feed went to color bars, prompting him to say, "There you go, that's how they're responding!"

TMZ contacted Lachey's reps who said, "We did over 25 interviews about MasterCard and the All-Star game this morning and WNYW was the only one that happened with." When asked if WNYW was the only one that went there with the question, the rep added jokingly, "Maybe it was the heat wave that knocked out the feed?" Riiiiight.


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2662 days ago



2662 days ago

what is tmz talking about

2662 days ago


Seriously who cares about their private sex life. It's no one business what they are doing behind closed doors that's their own business. But on the other hand seems kinda fishy, I mean if I were famous and knew that the paps are EVERYWHERE i go with high profile lens cameras, I most certainly would make sure that EVERY window, door etc is shut, closed covered to make sure that i'm not seen, especially while i'm in the middle of gettin it on. Their dumb. The more I type I think they did it on purpose??? I mean what else gives you more publicity now a days than a few porn videos or pics???

2662 days ago


I saw da pics on they didnt show nudity or anything just the faces which were priceless!!!

2662 days ago


I think Nick can do so much better!!!

2662 days ago


whatever then maybe they should learn how to keep their jewels covered they were hoping someone would take their photos they must be running out of money LOLOLOLOLOLL

2662 days ago


I don't think they needed more publicity. I don't think he should have to answer the questions and it is tacky for so called "news reporters" to even bring it up.

2662 days ago


Didn't they have sex outside in public??? It wasn't like they were doing it in a privacy of their own room. I would have been mortified if someone was taking pic of me making out with my husband in a hotel room, but if you're doing it in public that's a different would have been my stupidity to let that happen. They are one sick couple and should be embarrassed. I bet his parents are disgusted and humiliated with their son.

2662 days ago


i think it is a shame that you cannot even have sex nowadays without a pap climbing your garden walls or into a tree making photos of you! no matter which celebrity it is, certain areas should remain private!

2662 days ago

Rosie the chauvinist    

TMZ, did you expect the public to be on the side of invasive, pushy reporters and photographers?

Not me. While I think whatever stuff those two were doing should have been done in private, behind doors, and preferably after a wedding ceremony (yes, there are still people who think like that), I'm not at all going to support reporters who ask questions that are none of their business, not part of the news of the world, have nothing to do with public safety or security or public interest, nor photographers who will apparently do anything for a buck.

2662 days ago


glad they hit him with that. only shows how celebrities want you see how they think they should be petrayed in their light.... hope i didn't get lost writing that lol ; / but i'm sure you get the point

can't take the heat from the other end of the stick.

2662 days ago


My understanding was that it was their private hot tub off of their room at the private resort in mexico they were staying at they were not out in the wide open spaces.

2662 days ago


I loved it.. It was a priceless interview.
It seems nick is MIA on that topic. Everyone knows about it.
Vanessa is bringing him down faster than the speed of light.
For someone who claims he did nothing wrong, he sure is avoiding the subject.
Which is a little bit immature. A real man would face his problems instead of running from them. His attorney can't stop the press from asking questions or the general public from posting their opinions.. HAHAHAHA

This event will follow him around for a while. I believe.
It has tarnished his good boy image.
Way to go nick. You made a excellent choice picking vanessa.
I bet all the bloggers his attorney sent threats to are loving this.

2662 days ago


You’re right #2, & #8 the more the dodge the question, the more they look bad.

#9…..This man is a reporter and it is his job to ask questions. Not just sit there and listen to you babble on. He is supposed to ask the questions that we as the public would want to ask.

#12….this was not in private. It was in plain sight where children, other couples, and even the Gardner could have been passing by/through or working in that area, and just happened to look up and to the side. They don’t want to see that.

Invasion of privacy is when you are on the inside and someone comes on the premises, looks in your window, and then snaps your photo. It does not manner how much they paid for this villa for the weekend. Or your status in society.

If they were on the roof top and a helicopter pilot for police was following a car chase, and he was un aware that he may see this sight, photographed them (or on video) along with the vehicle, or even alone, then again…no.

That is not an invasion of privacy. That is in plain sight where even people in the sky, that weren’t even looking for you, actually saw you, without knowing you were there.

2662 days ago
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