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NASCAR Exec's Husband Dead in Plane Crash

7/10/2007 3:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

NASCAR officials have confirmed that the husband of International Speedway Corp. President Lesa France Kennedy, plastic surgeon Dr. Bruce Kennedy, died today when a plane he was piloting crashed in Florida.
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Fire Chief Gerard Ransom of Sanford, Fla. has confirmed at least four other passengers were killed -- including two children.

Kennedy was piloting the twin-engine Cessna 310 aircraft when it went down about 8:40 AM ET. The plane crashed shortly after takeoff from Daytona International Airport.


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Zenophobe Alien    

So sad. Feel bad for the 10 y.o. on the ground too. had 3rd degree burns over 90 percent of his body

2664 days ago


Your story is wrong. Five people are confirmed dead, but only two were in the plane. The other three were in the home the plane crashed into. The husband of Lesa France Kennedy was in the plane and is confirmed dead. It has been reported the pilot was male and the passenger was female, but still unidentified. The male pilot is believed to be Dr. Kennedy.
The dead on the ground are two children and one adult. A third child was taken to the hospital with third degree burns over 80 to 90 percent of his body.

Please, when something is life or death, please try to get the story right.

2664 days ago

Tila is nasty!!!    

How sad. Im a nascar fan and feel sorry for her. Her father just died about a month ago and now her husband. God bless.

2664 days ago


God Bless them!

2664 days ago

Democrats are evil    

Live in the fast lane, die in the fast lane. I hope he will be forgiven for taking additional lives. God be with them.

2664 days ago

BOEING 787    

I send my thoughts and condolences to those who died and those who have lost.

Sadly this is another black eye for general aviation, their has been a rash of incidents
involving the Cessna 310.

2664 days ago


First its Lesea's dad and know her husband in the short span of three weeks! My heart goes out to her!

2664 days ago


I live in Sanford and feel so sad for all the people involved....especially for the loss of the children. I hope the little boy who was burned so badly survives but his family has been destroyed .... poor little boy.

It is just a horrifying situation for everybody and the people of Sanford feel deep sorrow for this tradgedy. We will be reaching out to all the families involved. So many lives were changed today ....we will go on but those poor people's lives have changed forever.

2664 days ago


Lisa - if you look at different news sources, everyone has a different story, some say four, others say five, some say five from the plane, others say two, etc. Why don't you take it down a notch, or get on the scene and report for yourself.

2664 days ago


Headlines like this make me sick. Some pitiful kids died and got burned during this incident and all that will be on the news is a bit about the Nascar husband. So sad.

2664 days ago


Wow, pretty awful. Prayers for the little boy, he must be suffering terribly.

2664 days ago


As a Nascar insider, let me try to clear this us up. (Your sentence structure should have been corrected before going to college.) The individual who they are confirming at this time was

A. The pilot of the plane
B. Dr. Bruce Kennedy (that is his name)
C. Husband to Lesa France Kennedy. (If you are a Nascar fan, you know who she is...if you are NOT a Nascar fan, then you probably don't care and that information is irrelevant)

Lesa's father recently passed away as well.

There ARE others that were on the plane that have perished, but the names have not been released most likely because they are waiting for family notification.

Moreover, there were a few people ON THE GROUND who were ALSO injured...a couple of them fatally. (The numbers have not been verified at this time.)

Your very first (run-on) sentence made it sound like 3 different people. Punctuation boys and girls, punctuation.

2664 days ago


my sympathy to the familys... how awful,... rest in peace ...

2664 days ago


I remember years ago before all of your times I would expect when a Cessna hit a commercial jet landing in San Diego. The jet went down in a large residentiall area. It was major ugly and sad. It was totally the Cessnas fault. Many lives were lost that day. It was a PSA jet that put them out of business. Sad.

2664 days ago


***To "TWISTED V." ...There was only ONE other person on the plane besides Dr. Kennedy.

Sometimes accurately reporting the facts is more important than proper punctuation, boys and girls!!!

2664 days ago
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