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Brooke Hogan Tests Her Mammary

7/11/2007 11:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just like that, none of Brooke Hogan's bikini tops fit like they used to!

The singer-starlet-something-whatever is evidently having some growing pains as she adjusts to the newly-noticable girls in her life in the Maui surf. As the tanning pattern suggests, she's having some issues with proper exposure. Good thing she's correcting it.


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deelicious692: Thank you.

It's not like it's an uncommon thing these days. Just because some of you don't like it, doens't mean that everyone who actually goes through with is has a self esteem problem. You only live once, what's the big deal? I think she looks fine.

2660 days ago


Ya think: You're an opinionated little brat aren't ya? Just because you don't agree with the way he lives his life, doesn't mean the rest of the world has to frown upon him. He was once one of the greatest wrestlers of his time. Of course there are people (who are fans of the "sport") who are going to look up to him.

2660 days ago


And yes, she can sing, very well. She sings the National Anthem at NHL games, and she's very good.

2660 days ago

King Richard aka "Dick"    

55. you people on this site are a bunch of haters jealous lonely women. Brooke is as hot as she has ever been,stop hating on all these girls!!!----

first off, i am not a women, and i can tell by your comment, that you are blind and have no taste in women what-so-ever. You must be gay, cause she is a dude.

2660 days ago

John Denver Rules    

She sings the national anthem at NHL games?? enough said!

2660 days ago


if hogan knows best-he must have been away when brooke went for the fakes!.ladies-its the butt that men are attracted too!face second,personality third,boobies last.

2660 days ago


So, mommy and daddy put on a really good parental image on "Hogan Knows Best". They want to project to America that they are strict, moral parents who are raising their children out of the public eye. They want us to think that Terry is constantly protecting his "little Brookie" and keeping all those bad boy influences away from her.

The Mr. and Mrs. Hogan that push, push, push for Brook to be in the spotlight and to do the recording sessions and to do the photo shoots and to reap the cash cow anyway possible, even if it means having your teenage daughter get implants, are the REAL PARENTS.

They are no different than the rest of HOLLYWEIRD.

2660 days ago


What happened to.... graduate high school, go to college, earn a degree and get a job?

Why would these 2 nitwits for parents, push their daughter towards the problems associated with Hollywood, and the son towards race car driving?


2660 days ago


Once again we have a no talent Dumbalina spawn of has been no talent parents who has been bank rolled by Mommy and Daddy and unleashed on an unsuspecting American public.
Stop the insanity!

2660 days ago


everyone needs to leave brooke alone..........she is not like the britany spears or paris hilton. she is very pretty and she's not skinny she looks healthy just be your self girl you will go far

2660 days ago


Why would she mess with her breasts and yet keep that nose?

2660 days ago

montana mike    

#14 jen, if that ever happens, please send me some pictures--you're a dirty old man's dream, and i'm a dirty old man

2660 days ago


I like it. Hey TMZ...! Can I get a life size blow-up of this pic. Nice!

2660 days ago


she looks smokin' Hot! any boob is better than no boob ladies

2660 days ago

Let it Be    

I dunno - Seems as tho the family truly changed when they relocated into that ultra cold, contemporary........'dwelling'.

IMHO......a far cry from the cozy, beautiful and tastefully done ......'home' that had made such an inviting statement of qenuine....warmth.

As is the case with most of us folks; I'm quite certain that the Hogan family have their own personal reason's & rhyme., too.

Let it be.

2660 days ago
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