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WWE in Soma Coma?

7/12/2007 7:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

WWE in SOMA ComaTMZ has uncovered the next possible drug scandal that could lay the smackdown on the wrestling world, known as "Soma Coma" -- the abuse of the powerful muscle relaxer.

In an exclusive interview, former WWE Diva Terri Runnels tells TMZ, "The boys eat Somas like candy." While the Chris Benoit tragedy has everyone (including the Feds) buzzing about steroids, Runnels says wrestlers have been getting high on Soma for years. "I've personally seen a WWE Superstar nearly die right in front of me after taking 13 Somas ... while still behind the wheel of his car!"

Runnels was previously married to bizarro WWE wrestler Golddust, and says that "if the wrestlers' addictions and mental health issues continue to be ignored, I'm afraid that I'll have more friends turning up dead -- all because no one cares."

UPDATE: In an exclusive statement to TMZ, the WWE vigorously defended their drug testing policies, claiming the organization does everything in its power to ensure that their wrestlers are clean:
WWE finds the abuse of drugs and steroids to be unacceptable, and such behavior is actively discouraged. For 20 years the WWE has been doing something to address the issue of steroid and drug use. We instituted our first drug testing program in 1987. In February 2006, we instituted our latest and most comprehensive drug testing program ever as part of our new Talent Wellness Program as a deterrent to steroid and drug abuse . We cannot account for the poor personal decisions a small minority may make outside the workplace to undermine these efforts.

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There is one thing I have noticed about some men over the years,if a woman says something nice about someone in sports or entertainment the gentleman in question is imediately branded as GAY. I liked Bobby Orr, Gary Cooper,"THE ROCKET" they were all "GAY". My daughter liked Wayne Grezky, Johnny Depp, ect. all"GAY". It is hard to believe the male ego is so frail, that someone totaly out off reach is a threat. It seems to be inherant, and I personaly will make sure my other half knows he is an idiot.

2661 days ago


Death on a Cracker;

I have read all of your posts, and even though I am A house wife, I agree with every thing you say . Especialy the part about research, and the media. The reason I have a computer is because half of the time watching the entertainment news shows, I knew what they were saying was wrong, and I had no way to research, most was common scence. I have not followed WWE like you say, the only thing I can say is the wrestling I grew up with, does not compare to what I see today. There is much more violence,and the wrestlers are pushing the envelope,farther than they ever have, It has become much more dangerous.

2661 days ago


#56 - WTF are you talking about? Are you a druggie too? You're a bonehead!!

2661 days ago


Death on a Cracker...maybe you should research punctuation and spelling.

2661 days ago


#59 MY TWO CENTS; ...........#56

WTF I was responding to another commenter. This may sound strange but I have never needed illegale drugs,to have a good time, so I have never bothered. I may be a bone head, I have been called worse. It usually means I have hit a nerve. I was stating what I have seen many, many times,by many men and boys of all ages, over a long period of time. It does not seem to matter who the couple is, or their relationship.

2661 days ago


There really are not that many members of the WWE that are that ripped and cut...seriously there just arent. Those men are the minority. Honestly the only wwe wrestlers that are speaking out are the ones that have been bitter for so long and always speaking out but i never heard them speaking out on drugs until now their main complaints were the way the business was run and not fair blah blah.
Why doesn't the WWE point out that The Masterpiece (whatever the heck his name is) got suspended for drug use (i believe steroids but dont quote me) in the past year or so and the guy that plays the mental challenged one, Eugene, also was suspended when they were overseas for drug abuse (dont recall the drug on this occasion either). People want someone to blame and they want to point the finger somewhere. WWE does not pass out steroids to it's staff. Seriously the people that say these guys are so gross big watch the show one day. I can count a few that are big and point out a few that arent that cut and big. Ripped and cut: Randy Orton, The Masterpiece (though not as big as he used to be), Batista, HHH (Boy still got a lil chunk on the edges), that ex military football guy..blanking on the name
Not so ripped: The hardys, Carlito, Undertaker, Kane, Edge, Those country bumpkin tag team guys, Rey Mysterio, while back Steve Austin and the Rock (he was nice but not ripped peeps).
We alone are responsible for our own actions. We alone answer for our own actions. They do drug tests but they are not babysitters. If these people want to throw their lives away for money that they will be too dead to appreciate that is their own fault.

2661 days ago


#60 PornWatcher........

Picky, picky. does that realy matter. Nothing to say about content.

Sorry Death on a Cracker, couldn't help my self.

2661 days ago

Dr Talk    

This entire ordeal from every aspect is one giant enigma. Let me refresh your memory because as the press says, "the public has a very short memory". Not that long ago, Nick Dinsmore aka Eugene, was suspended after it was discovered he was abusing soma. This was just a couple weeks after the death of Eddie Guerrero and the announcement of the WWE Wellness Plan. Dinsmore was not allowed to attend the funeral of his friend Guerrero because he was scheduled to appear in the UK. Within a week, he was found unconscious in a hotel lobby from an OD of Soma. I think most wrestling fans clicked on the locker room conference between McMahon and the entire roster when he introduced the drug testing program and know exactly what was said. I walked away from it thinking "yeah right....all bark and no bite". Obviously this IS the case.

Some people who have left comments were quick to make the correlation between using drugs to get by versus rehabbing an injury and not getting paid or making money for the company. Sad, but true. As much as a fan as I am, I am really quite disappointed with WWE for their lack of serious drug testing. They take huge strides and make it well known that they "invest" a lot in a performer. This is why there are often sticky situations when someone asks for some time off, or worse yet, asks out of their contract. WWE looks at the these guys as nothing more than an investment they expect a huge return on. To me, this is comparable to a circus freak show. I for one do not see the great care that WWE claims it blankets it's talent with.

Mark my words, this is going to get a hell of a lot worse before it even begins to get better.
The recent deaths and the currently huge injured list has put WWE under the microscope, scrutinizing every little move. Working with a skeleton staff and many top players out with injuries is hurting WWE right where they care the most...their pocket books. Don't believe me? Check out their stock history on the NYSE for the past few months. These figures don't lie. The same can be said about the Nielson Ratings. We're the ones they so desperately try to keep out, yet rely on for our dollars, who are standing by, watching the ship slowly go down. To say WWE is slipping is an understatement. If it's not the drug allegations it's another death. Let's not forget the writing for the shows over the past few months. McMahon getting blown up in his limo??? And the point or entertainment value of this is......?

Simply put, WWE is in trouble...big time. It just hasn't quite peaked yet. They seriously need to listen to their fans and take action instead of blatantly discouraging people from contacting them at all. I mean come on! Who do they think they are? The Vatican?


2661 days ago

Big Bri    

Let's be fair to WWE & drugs here people. Chris Benoit is obviously a tard. In fact, all wrestlers are tards. That's why I watch. It's some funny A** S*%T!!!! As far as his family getting whacked. It is a tragedy. Period. But you have to be an idiot to take steroids and somas like candy. I think if Benoit worked at 7-11 we just may have had the same result here with the exception of crack instead of prescription drugs. He's was a 4 ft. tall psycho with a flare for theatrics. The real question here is: Who would marry a wrestler in the first place? GOOD CALL (sarcasm)

2661 days ago

Has Brain Uses it    

Anyone who thinks that Somas are not the M&Ms of professional wrestling is clueless. So what if Terri Runnels isn't in the sport anymore.. I have to wonder if those that call her nothing more than a bitter has been have EVER been involved in the sport? Somas are a painkiller and considering what these guys put their bodies thru, use of painkillers is not exactly a big reach. After years of using them, they must take more to get the same desired effect so yes, there are some that use, overuse and abuse them. Stop idolizing these guys and defending just because you are fans. If you truly give a damn about the sport or the participants then stop making excuses and start encouraging the kind of changes that will make REAL differences. How many more guys do we need to say goodbye too before real changes are made?

2661 days ago

Diego Montoya    

Reporters need to check thier sources before they even post info, Terri s bitter and most of the other Wresters showing up on "News Shows and Sites" are washed up. And anyone who wants to say anything about the biz. jump in the ring and wrestle for a few mins. and see how you feel, most people would not last a minute. So next time anyone has a comment about this please look into it first. And I have TWO WORDS For all the Media and the Haters...

P.S. Don't Bring Up Anna in The Beniot Case,She's Dead.
P.P.S. I would like to see you tell the wrestlers they are gay.

2660 days ago

scotty c    

This is something there is noway of argueing properly. The fact of the matter is that these are adults that make there own decisions. There is no reason to criticize the WWE for these actions, when they did not commit the crimes, Benoit did. All the people that are bashing Vince and the WWE are bitter ex employees and the rating hungry media, who will do anything to get back at the company and make a few dollars.

This is sports entertainment and the key word is entertainment. That means that these guys and women are in the same aspect as actors and entertainers. Famous people regularly are known for drug abuse, but no one throws a fit over that, the way they are over the wrestling community. Lindsay Lohan gets caught with coke and most people pity her. Paris Hilton gets a DUI and sentence to jailtime and people pity her.

Its pathetic that people care more about ratings and bashing the WWE than showing remorse for the ones that have lost the people that they love. I dont know how the drug testing the WWE does actually is facilitated, but neither do those who are criticizeing it. And through all of this not one person has said a single thing about any other wrestling organization. That makes it apparent that the media is only out to take down Vince McMahon.

Unless you want to start testing all athletes from all sports on a near daily basis, there is no way of stoping this. This is the indivduals choice to use these drugs. If it is a requirement of the job, I am sure someone would of said no and take this to the media a long time ago. Pro athletes and entertainers from all aspects choose to use these drugs, and are not forced. If you choose to discriminate wrestling because of the recent events, that only makes you a hippocrit for watching any other entertainers do what they do best.

I am a diehard wrestling fan, who doesn't agree with the choices of many wrestlers, but they are their own choices. Beyond that I thank all of pro wrestlers for giving me the best form of entertainment in the world.

WWE, TNA, ROH, you are entertainment, excitement, and unbelieveably excellent at what you do.

Thank You.

2660 days ago

death on a cracker    

Almost three weeks after the murder-suicide at the Benoit house, in sadly typical fashion the media is getting every bit of mileage out of the story, or at least their version of it, that they possibly can. For three weeks, I have seen shoddy and blatantly false reporting on the supposedly credible news channels. I have seen whores come out of the woodwork looking for their chance to spew their personal venom or further their own cause at the expense of a tragedy where three people died. There has been so much conjecture, assumption and blatant agenda pushing that I shudder now every time I see "The Benoit Story" being covered in many outlets because you know what, these people aren't covering the story any longer.

No, now they are now just trying to get ratings for their TV shows or clicks for their websites and it's downright disgusting to me. How do I know that they are doing that? I have been contacted by numerous news outlets and when I don't and won't say what they want to hear, they find someone else who will. I had one conversation with an AP reporter who brought up the "wrestling deaths" list. On it were people who were, at best, indy wrestlers, part time promoters, people who died in accidents and people who had been out of wrestling for years. I told the reporter, "Why are you clouding the issue by including people on the list to make it seem like a big problem when if you just talked about the people who really fit the criteria that, in and of itself, would clearly make the point you are trying to make?" On the other end of the phone was silence. He found another reporter to comment instead.

That was fine by me because it's my belief that appearing on a show or being quoted in a story that is knowingly going down a sensationalistic track or where I know that at least some of the facts will be incorrect makes me complicit to what they are doing and that will never happen. What this kind of bush league reporting does is make everyone lose any respect for the two people who were murdered. That has been totally lost in the weeks since the murder, and it's wrong. Really, really wrong. In place of respect and sympathy for Nancy and Daniel Benoit are people trying to make money and get themselves over, all at the expense of three dead people. It's downright despicable.

Instead of focusing on what happened people are looking to put WWE on trial, painting a picture of company that is purely evil, which makes its supporters tell a story of one that is purely good. The way the battle lines have been drawn, people are picking sides where in truth there is no clear right or wrong here. You see people ripping WWE so of course, they have to defend themselves. What gets lost in the muck are the actual issues that should be in play here. WWE is neither the heel or the angel here. There are positives and negatives where they are concerned. Instead of looking at the big picture, the national and in same cases wrestling media just polarizes on certain things.

Let's look at both sides, for once. Does WWE have some things that they could make better? For sure. They could:

Change the Wellness policy to eliminate the "it's OK to use steroids if you have a doctor's note" stipulation. It's a loophole and it allows wrestlers to go to unscrupulous doctors and get drugs that they don't really need. Also, if a guy fails the test, make it public knowledge and suspend the guy for a month. There should be no more hiding a positive test from the public and allowing the guy to work unpaid.
Change the culture of the company so that the perception is no longer there that a big body, even one lacking in talent, will get you a big push. If the company stops pushing a guy just because he's unnaturally huge, it will send a message to everyone that size alone will not get you a big payday. Plus, as history has shown, pushing overly huge guys on top has mixed results and they have made a lot of money when their top talents were "just big", like The Rock and Steve Austin.
Add more comprehensive cardiovascular, as well as neurological, testing. What's sad here is that everyone in the media assumes and "reports" that Chris Benoit did what he is alleged to have done because of "roid rage". They do it because it is a buzzword that gets ratings and clicks, even though "roid rage" is a momentary thing, not one that lasts the better part of two days. I think it's fair to say that if people want to assume anything, it's that something snapped in his head and made him do something that no one who knew him thought he was capable of doing. It's no secret that Benoit has taken a lot of blows to the head over the years, as have many wrestlers. Comprehensive neurological testing may have found changes in his brain and could have prevented this tragedy.
Make psychologists a part of the company's medical team. For the same reason they

2660 days ago


Sandy K,
Can you say, "suck up"?

2660 days ago

mark fernandz    

VINCENT KENNDEY MCMAHON needs to go to jail.

CHRIS BENOIT was made a sample by somebody that MACMAHON piss off.
why would CHRIS BENOIT doctor supplied him with 10months of steroids every two
weeks unless he was doing something illegal and maybe though was not dangerous
but VINCE MCMAHON knew about it and some other MAFIA people knew about it.

people kill for $100 dollars. would you think that MCMAHON would propect his multi billion empire and order somebody kill. Mcmahon doesn't about any of the wrestlers only his FAMILY. HOPEFULLYY TRIPLE HHH keeps STEPHINE HAppy or one day he would dissappear from earth and evrybody is goin to be wondering where he is.

2660 days ago
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