Brittany Murphy's Hubby -- Criminal Charges "Destroyed"

7/13/2007 2:10 PM PDT
It looks like the British writer-director husband of Brittany Murphy, whose alleged credit card fraud may have been holding up his bid for US citizenship, could be home free in the home of the brave, after a Virginia court destroyed Simon Monjack's criminal charges.

TMZ has obtained an order from a Circuit Court in James City County, Virginia, that directs the state to destroy the arrest warrants for Monjack, who was wanted for credit card fraud back in 2005. "It is hereby ordered," reads the document, "each of the felony and misdemeanor warrants ... summonses ... be destroyed by the Commonwealth's attorney." Tear it up!

This order paves the way for Monjack to become a US citizen. He and Murphy tied the knot in early May.