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Tiny Naomi Watts to Deliver Kong

7/13/2007 12:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

She's not due until August, but it looks like 5'5" Naomi Watts is ready to drop the baby that ate L.A.!

Naomi was seen yesterday waddling in Los Angeles, looking like she's had just about enough of this seemingly endless pregnancy. Big baby daddy Liev "Huggy" Schreiber, 6'3", better be buffing up to be able to lift this tot!

Miss Watts is rumored to be up for the lead in the remake of Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds." The giant stork bringing this enormous baby is scary enough!


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What an awful thing to say! She may not be the best actress in the world, but she is not huge. She looks much better than other moms who starve themselves during pregnancy to stay skinny. Look how small her arms, legs, and face are!!!!!

2603 days ago


Ready to drop? Maybe. She's only about a month out. But she's certainly not uncommonly huge! You people act like you've never seen a pregnant woman close to her term! I wonder why so many girls have image problems... Maybe cause a woman can't put on a few pounds even if she's pregnant!!!
Miss Watts is a lovely girl, and I'm sure motherhood will only increase her beauty!

2603 days ago


You are being very disrespectful.. It's a labor of love to suffer the child while it's being incubated inside her..

2603 days ago

Jennifer D    

I'm due at about the same time as Naomi and I'm curious as to why people think they have the right to constantly commeny on a pregnant woman's size. I'm about the same size (belly wise) as Naomi and I'm SMALLER than I was with my first child. Leave the poor woman alone! And after the baby is born I don't want to read anything about how quickly she lost all of her baby weight.

2603 days ago


Did Perez Hilton's site just crash? I can't access it. Just watched him on The View. Harvey you should go on there too! Great exposure!

2603 days ago


She's not that big! Sure her belly looks big but the rest of her definitely is small. Unlike most stars who barely look pregnant, she looks like she's carrying a healthy child and having a healthy pregnany. Give her a break!!

2603 days ago


poor thing she is huge she must be so uncomfortable im right there with her just not as big good luck naiomi im sure youll have your hot body back in no time with a cute little baby to go along with it.....................................

2603 days ago


She looks good. Its amazing how the belly grows so quickly when pregnant. at least she looks like a respectable mom-to-be. not like some celebrities who thought showing off their legs and stomach was cute!

2603 days ago


She's not even pregnant, She is just FAT!

2603 days ago


She is less then a month away from having a baby and you say "She's not due until August, but it looks like 5'5" Naomi Watts is ready to drop the baby that ate L.A."!!!!!!!!!!

You should be ashamed of yourself. I wish I knew who wrote this. I bet your a twig or on the other hand you might be an angry fat person! She's 5'5. She's small and she's all belly. She looks perfect!!!

2603 days ago


Take a note from thumpers mom on this one (from Bambi)... If you can't say something nice don't say anything at all.

Of course she's not going to look her best she's at the end of her pregnancy you moron! How about you try growing a human for nine months and then tell me if you really give a rat's ass about how you look! She's more than likely dealt with morning sickness, braxton hicks, the stretching and what not that feels like her hips are being ripped open, image issues because of weight gain, sore breast, irrational horomones and don't forget the constipation, gas and other awful bodily functions that come with pregnancy.

Keep your comments to yourself about pregnant women and how they look because you obviously know nothing about it!

I bet your mother is very proud!

2603 days ago


She's ready to burst, kind of like Jennifer Garner was looking - who's btw back to work doing a new "energy" movie with Ben.

2603 days ago


Atleast she is trying to be active and be responsible. She is on the average size for carrying a kid in the last trimester. Good luck to her and stop stalking her.

2603 days ago


WOW, That is pretty low even for TMZ. As someone who just had a baby five months ago, I can tell you that no pregnant woman wants to be called huge, esp. when they were small before.

2603 days ago


and why is a pregant woman , who looks perfectly NORMAL news to this site??

2603 days ago
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