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Celebrity Ass-trology -- Courtney Love

7/14/2007 2:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Courtney Love: she's no longer busting out of her celebrity skin, but the now too-thin trainwreck is still as wild as ever. What kind of birthday week was the Cancer-iffic Miss World having? TMZ consulted for all the answers.

The wrecktabulous Courtney Love celebrated her 43rd birthday on Monday, looking not a day over 63. On her Very Special Day, Courtney's horoscope advises that "her charm is stronger than ever -- use it to your advantage in a social situation." Wise words for a woman who careens around like hell on wheels. Though there were reports Love trashed her birthday night Covent Garden hotel room, Love's spokesman denied all claims, saying "she continues to have a very good relationship with the hotel." There she goes, workin' that charm!

On Thursday she played a free concert at New York's Hiro Ballroom. Coated in a thick glaze of glitter, Courtney's gaunt frame shocked the audience. Love's horoscope advised that, "If you want something done right today, you are going to have to do it yourself." Apparently "something done right" means swigging protein drinks and chain-smoking on stage. Love even made a joke about having an eating disorder, before quickly retracting her claim.

Getting older doesn't always mean getting wiser!


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brian scott miller    

Say what you will, I still Love Crazy Courtney!!

2665 days ago



2665 days ago

Parents Need to Know    

Shame if Courtney is back on drugs - she looks like an emaciated Dolly Parton.

Hey TMZ - it's Saturday - day after the big Friday Nights Under the Lights for Her "ILLNESS" Parass - so where's our Parass fix???

Don't tell us she stayed home and read her Bible last night?

Did the HILTON's fire Harvey and staff?????

2665 days ago


she slept with brandon davis..need we say more

2665 days ago


I would rather buy her album (and i dont buy cds) then to go to a concert and look at her. What a mess!

did she take drugs or did she bathe in it?

2665 days ago


Oh Courtney -- having an eating disorder is old fashioned now. Come up with something else about yourself!

2665 days ago

chillout music girl    

I think courtney is somewhat confused. People talk about her if she is heavy and if she is thin. It seems the poor woman can't win for losing.
My hopes are she starts eating again or stops whatever activity is causing her to lose weight. I am tired of stars like nicole richie and their thinspiration.....

2665 days ago


Crack is wack, Courtney. Come on.... I guess the last thing Frances Bean wants is drugs after seeing you. Maybe something good will come of this nightmare of hers after all.

2665 days ago


Poor Francis Bean. She came so close to having some very talented and wonderful parents. I hope she's getting good therapy and will take control of her own life as soon as she's of age. What a trainwreck of a mother. I hope FB won't have to attend another parental funeral.

2665 days ago


I was there...yes she was very very thin but more importantly she rocked the joint. It was an amazing performance and she was completely with it and sober.

2665 days ago

Democrats are evil    

You ever seen a druggie turn 50. 20% of them have strokes and the other 80% look like they are 25 years older than their real age. Courtney is on the fast track for the stroke. She already looks way older than she really is. How old is she anyways? Live hard, die slow.

2665 days ago


I would watch an autopsy before I would watch this trashy chick.

2665 days ago


I happen to know for a fact that she chugs prescription drugs like a mad woman. Sonata, Xanax, you name it, she gets its legally and probably from more than one pharmacy. One pharmacy had to tell the dr. that they will no longer fill prescriptions for her, because she would get a months worth of meds and call for refills two weeks later. She hasnt been sober a day in her life. What a wreck. Poor Francis Bean.

2665 days ago


She isn't the only one who is a trainwreck in Hollywood. She has lots of company.

2665 days ago


old trashy "HO"

2665 days ago
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