Kevin James' Mets Fever

7/14/2007 12:26 PM PDT
"I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry" star Kevin James really loves himself some baseball.

The King of Queens is such a diehard Mets fan that he named his second daughter after the Mets longtime home, Shea Stadium. "I honestly...honestly did. I have been a Mets fan my whole life and have such good memories of going to Shea Stadium," he told Chris Yandek of "Her middle name is Joelle after my dad Joe who passed away. I brought it in because he used to take me to Shea all the time. I can't believe this got by my wife. She ended up liking the name just for the name itself."

James jokes that his daughter's name will have to change when the stadium name changes. "I am excited and a little upset I am going to have to change it to Citi Park, her name, when they change the stadium over."