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Mo' Mo'Nique -- A Whole Lot Mo!

7/14/2007 4:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mo'Nique is baring it all, or most of it anyway, in a racy photo shoot with the spraypainted, plus-sized contestants from her new show, "Mo'Nique's F.A.T Chance" -- that's "Fabulous And Thick," if you please! Big fun!

In a photo obtained by TMZ, Mo'Nique is sitting around the house (and we do mean around the house) with 5 other big gurls wearing nothing but body paint. Daaaaaaayum! Holy Earl Scheib! Everyone loves the painted-on tuxedo, but these jumbo beauties are done up in everything from tiger stripes to painted-on collared shirts. What? Go big gurls! Please!

The 3XL ladies will endure a boot camp (not booty camp!) leading to a runway show attended by the haute monde of Paris -- including designers, models and the press -- with the winner crowned "Miss F.A.T."

"Mo'Nique's F.A.T. Chance" debuts on Oxygen, July 21 at 10:30 PM. Check your local listings.


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ya know it is so sad to see most of the postings that i have saw today, and the bad thing about it is, most of ignorant americans believe what they see on tv and on the internet,, ya know for starters i would like to say that skinny is not always healthy, you can be a size 2 and can be one foot in the grave and have the other foot on a banana peel..don't think because people are not a size 2 that they are healthy, and i see all of these advertisements on tv that have plus size women and men promoting diabetic medication to put in our minds if your a .001 pound over weight you can get diabetes, well guess what, i have sister who is a size 10 and she had diabetes, i have cousins who are skinny and they have diabetes, because both parents had diabetes and it passed on to them i also have several co workers who are skinny that take insulin every day, see society would have your to believe that this is a fat people 's sickness, but i write to let you know this, YOU BETTER WATCH YOUR DOCTOR'S, BECAUSE THIS IS ANOTHER ONE OF SOCIETY TRICKS SO THAT EVERY ONE CAN LOOK ALIKE AND SO WE ALL CAN BE THE SAME...... YA KNOW i look at what the united states of america has become, a land full of money hungry, insecure people who have nothing else to do but degrade the poor, the working class, the minorities, and people who do not live up to what "americans " are supposed to look like, we have become a people who look at a skinny person and say that is what we are supposed to look like and if we do not look like this then we are nothing, we are not beautiful and there is nothing sexy about us.. well anonymous you and other ignorant people are WRONG!!!! people who are plus sized or FAT as ignorant people like to call us are humans too, we have souls, feelings, we have careers, we have families , and we are also made in GOdS image as well , it is just the ignorance of man that choses to twist that to make people who look different from them seem like an alien, as if we do not share the same characteristics that skinny people do, and if i am not mistaken back in the awful history that america has, (if you do the research) americans were not seen as a size 2 as we like to so eloquently put it today, most americans were heavier and they beautiful as well, so you may want to look in to your family tree and see if there are any FAT people in your history..we as americans always have something to be prejustice about, first it was religon americans hated each other because of religous beliefs, then camethe battle between the rich and poor, then there was blacks against whites, and now it is FAT and SKINNY.. we find the stupidest things to look down on some one for, because we are not confident enought to work with each other and make this country the best country to live in and to raise our children in an environment, well a country that we can truly say "be proud of who you are" and " no matter what you look like or the color of your skin you are somebody." this country is so full of looking at a person on the outside and how much bling they have, and if they are the perfect height and weight , instead of looking into the SOUL of a man or woman...because if you want to admit it or not, in the end the SOUL of a person is what really counts, because we are so shallow minded we fail to see that when we die, this body, the beautiful, the ugly, the fat, and the skinny, still has to go back to the dust from which it came and there is nothing that you and no one else can do about it no matter what religious belief your have the reality is still the same the SOUL is what matters not the material that gives this the SOUL its temporary dwelling place.. TO CLOSE..i commend Mo' nique and all that she is doing, because we need a spokes person to say that we are people too and we have feelings to and we can model, sing( and i am a HELL of a singer), dance and do the things that skinny people do too, and sometimes even better..

lady e 8131979

2589 days ago
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