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Mo' Mo'Nique -- A Whole Lot Mo!

7/14/2007 4:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mo'Nique is baring it all, or most of it anyway, in a racy photo shoot with the spraypainted, plus-sized contestants from her new show, "Mo'Nique's F.A.T Chance" -- that's "Fabulous And Thick," if you please! Big fun!

In a photo obtained by TMZ, Mo'Nique is sitting around the house (and we do mean around the house) with 5 other big gurls wearing nothing but body paint. Daaaaaaayum! Holy Earl Scheib! Everyone loves the painted-on tuxedo, but these jumbo beauties are done up in everything from tiger stripes to painted-on collared shirts. What? Go big gurls! Please!

The 3XL ladies will endure a boot camp (not booty camp!) leading to a runway show attended by the haute monde of Paris -- including designers, models and the press -- with the winner crowned "Miss F.A.T."

"Mo'Nique's F.A.T. Chance" debuts on Oxygen, July 21 at 10:30 PM. Check your local listings.


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crystal bones    

Come on, now. Plus is better than skeletel.

In some cultures heftiness is prized.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

2656 days ago


I pity the person who had to do the painting and they probably used up all the paint in he western hemisphere...congrats to the future Miss F.A.T.'s, where your crown in honor but ditch the body paint.

2656 days ago


Micheal Moore and they are creating global warming and are the cause of the health care crisis in America!

2656 days ago

gotta getta life    

Ok, this is not going to sound pc to some of you, but bear in mind that I weigh over 200 pounds myself. This is not attractive in any way. I worry that Mo might not be ready for the negative impact this is going to have. She seems to be working under the misguided notion that she can be morbidly obese and healthy. No-that does not happen. I know that there are some who will try to argue with that, been there done that and it almost killed me. She also seems to think that she is just as attractive as the runway models she is trying to impersonate. She has a pleasant face but when she opens her mouth she ruins that.

2656 days ago


That is the problem with people in the US. They cannot accept others for who they are. They have NO tolerance.

All of you who made comments like "they had to use hundreds of gallons of paint", show just how immature and highschoolish you really are. GROWUP.

I say good for Mo and the other ladies who had the COURAGE to get painted...more power to them.

If they are happy being who they are and are happy with how they look why should it matter to you? Why must you make fat jokes? Do you have to put yourself on a pedistool, try to impress others? Something about yourself you don't like so to save face you make fun of other people?

2656 days ago


is this site only about downing people and their accomplishments ? this all just one big hater site or what...haters .com....a nice tall glass of haterade please so i can sit and hate with all my hater haters don't have friends...they hate too much...

2656 days ago


mornin' all! i can't wait til monique's new show starts! she is a very beautiful, voluptous,
talented young woman. i admire her greatly. know if i had her money to buy/wear the clothes she does, i wouldn't be so upset w/myself over my weight..........more than i have ever weighed in my life! just have to remember it is what is on the inside of all of us that counts! come on guys...........leave us BB ladies alone!! please! judi

2656 days ago


#7....The heffers exploited themselves, no one made them do this. It's a shame they thought we wanted or needed to see this, I'm not a toothpick, but I would in noway ever think of even doing this for my spouse, it's just gross!!!!!

2656 days ago


Well, I'm into fitness so there is no way I think this is cute. But I have to admit that there is an audience for anything. More power to them. You go girls!!! (LOL)

2656 days ago

jewish smewish,,    

nothing screams i am FAT AND PROUD like covering ur self up with a big ol' bucket of paint huh???

please bitch, id rather b fat and proud by wearing flattering clothing instead

and im not THAT fat i mean, thats just scary......i highly doubt u can b obese and healthy.....go ask ur doctor

2656 days ago

Lynda Edwards    

For those of you who do not or have never had a weight problem, then you will appreciate a woman like MO who is not ashamed of her body. If she would wear provactive and sluthish dressing then you would say that she is dressing like a fox. Now, which is it?

2656 days ago


That is the most horrible thing my eyes have ever seen, Why did I go to TMZ this morning, WHY!!!!!!!!!!!

2656 days ago

jewish smewish,,    

btw mo'nique can never lose weight now cus otherwise she'll b seen as a sellout to all the fatties who worship the cracking ground she walks on.

she's too lazy any way, she has enough money to hire a personal trainer to lose weight but instead she would rather accomodate all the fatties of the world

ill give 50 bucks to any one who can find a pregnancy picture of her where u can tell shes actually pregnant. lol

2656 days ago


Thanks for the morning laugh #'s 1,3,5,9,20 ;)

2656 days ago


I don't care how big or thin you are, getting nude and wearing only paint would take nerve. I could never do it. In fact, I still have nightmares about being in public wearing nothing. Even years ago, when Demi Moore did it, I thought it was strange.

2656 days ago
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