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Diddy Gets It on With a Blonde

7/15/2007 5:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

P. DiddyP. Diddy and longtime girlfriend/baby mama Kim Porter may have split up, but that isn't stopping His Diddiness from having fun! Diddy was spotted cozying up to a leggy blonde Friday night at his "All White Diddy Affair" in Baltimore, Maryland, reports People.

Diddy and the blonde stayed tight all night, jetting from stretch hummer limo to the club's exclusive VIP areas. The pair sipped on bling-bling $500-a-bottle Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame Orange champagne and danced together well into the night.

Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out, Kim!


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Lenn K.    

Look at this piece of garbage, just look at him. Arrogant, conceit, gutless, and artificial as hell. This was what everyone was talking about on the prior blog. This jackass will never get it, with 5 kids by 3 different women this is the real problem in the black community. While Al Sharpton running about like head pus worrying about Don Imus, the real cancer in the black community other than himself and Jessie Jackson is this type of behavior that's not condemned. Kim should take his ass to the cleaners and back.

2655 days ago

Cat Stevns    

Diddy is a creep allright. All he cares about is scoring wit different tramps!

2655 days ago

chillout music girl    

P. Diddy wants to help the beckhams with adjusting in the US.
They would do better to avoid him.. He has no family values at all.
If the man had an ounce of dignity he wouldn't be out cheating on his long term companion who is the mother of some of his children.
Diddy seems to have the disease of always wanting something better..
No one is better if you don't stick to a relationship.. Poor Kim he let her go for JLO, now for Sienna... I am happy this time she has come to her senses.
The man is a world class ego maniac...
I wish one time someone would punch him in his smiling face..

PS. Kim should of beat the crap out of sienna..

2655 days ago

Caribbean Goddess    

The first woman that I was with was a blonde. She was sexy with 34c-22-32 measurements. She was the bomb. She made my first time with a woman very pleasurable. However, I love exotic woman such as Asian, Caribbean and Brazillian. Hey, they say that blondes have more fun. I can not hate on the brothers for dating white woman even though I disagree with alot of their motives. If you want to date a white woman, do so in a respectable manner. Why make them work as prostitutes, why max out their account, why make them your sex slaves? I do not agree with the brothers who use them because they think white woman are vulnerable and stupid. That is not right.

2655 days ago


Caribbean Goddess is a lesbian, I assume.?

2655 days ago


i don't blame this guy, if i was black & rich, nothing but hot blondes baby.
what is this guys talents, other than mumbling into a mike?
only in america.

2655 days ago


P.Diddy's father was a murdered drug dealer, and now his son is just as immature, irresponsible flashy and ignorant as he was. Isn't he close to 40? Why in hell doesn't he grow up.

2655 days ago


He has money now. Of course he is going to hang with people from outside of his community.

2655 days ago


A bastard creating more bastards !!

2655 days ago


Wow.....I've seen FLBiker on this site and others spitting out racist crap and looking like an ignorant southern redneck....Diddy and Kim weren't married. It is 2007 people and no one whined when Diddy dated JLo who is Puerto Rican. FLBiker, we don't make fun of you for sleeping with your sister, so stop spewing your racist crap.....

2655 days ago


so so racist it is unreal. grow the hell up and realize that you sound so ignorant saying things like that. sounds like to me that you are hating the player and not hating the game.

2655 days ago

Dark Knight    

P Diddy owes his entire life and career to riding the coattails of Biggie. Everything he's done on his own has sucked, but people just keep handing him free money. He's really nothing more than a male Paris Hilton.

2655 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

Can people use their real names again for once. I mean what the hell is with that anyway? Diddy....give me a break.

2654 days ago


Why do you think J.Lo lefted him. I hope Kim milks him for very cent he's worth. O , Puff Daddy,or P. Diddy, or Diddy STOP MAKING THE BAND, BECAUSE THEY DONT LASTED LONG!

2654 days ago


# 4- "Sienna is the same one, who had an affair with jude law and countless others.."
Actually, she and Jude Law were engaged and he cheated on her. But your hatred came through loud and clear.

I've never seen her in anything so no love or hate.

2654 days ago
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