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Mel Gibson: Costa Rica Loco!

7/16/2007 6:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Actor/director/hater Mel Gibson, 51, was photographed in a bar in Nicoya, Costa Rica -- looking like he was having a swell time with the local chicas. Salud!

Mel has purchased a multi-million dollar mansion in C.R., and he was welcomed by President Oscar Arias. Mr. Gibson is said to be planning charitable contributions to the natives.

Gibson was arrested last July on suspicion of drunk driving and went on an anti-semitic tirade.


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are you new?    

Love ya Mad Max

Two days ago, I saw a vehicle that would haul that tanker. You want to get out of here? You talk to me.

2619 days ago

Old Gringo    

Another drunk gringo tourist, not really news.

2619 days ago


He's only having his picture taken!! Don't assume he's sleeping with them!! I will always be a Mel Gibson fan and have been over 20 years! He still looks good!!!!

2619 days ago

Queen Elizabeth    

Why doesn't someone get him some help? He is obviously ill. Talented or not, he looks sad and disgustingly creepy.

2619 days ago

Oh, God, please. "Kramer" (aka Michael Richards) _jsn't_ going to Thailand for inner soul searching, believe me! There's only ONE reason a man goes to Thailand these days (the past 20 years)... it's for the child sex trade. Whether it be female or male (probably female in his case), it's all about the pre-teen pootang, and it looks like Richards can no longer control himself over it (just like the racist outbursts that caused the demise of his career).

2619 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

To bad Mel. You lose. He made those very bad remarks.He was drunk out of his mind. He paid for it. His home life has always been his stability, saving grace, refuge. I think a woman, even Robin Gibson who must be a saint, can only take so much. Their kids are all gone now. their youngest must be in college now. Tha tpic of him does not look good. those hungry women. I predict Mel might be a divorcee soon. If they would divorce, Robin Gibson could walk away with her share which would be 10's of millions. EASY!

2619 days ago


And the anti-semitic statements are a BAD thing?

2619 days ago


Dude, he looks totally trashed. Or stoned.
Either way it's not a good look.

2619 days ago

She's Still Playin' 'Em    

Good ol' Costa Rica where prostitution is legal. Stay outta the Red Zone, man.

2619 days ago


I love Mel Gibson. He is a good guy so what if he tells the truth.

2619 days ago


Mel is a good guy

2619 days ago

Democrats are evil    

After being Blacklisted by the Jewish community trying to promote "The Passion of Christ", he had every right to lash out at all of those who tried their best to destroy him financially. The Ignorant will call him an anti-Semitic, but he has every right to have his opinion. If a specific group is going to try and destroy someone, don't be surprised when they call a spade a spade when you fail. All you Christians haters can go choke on your own words.

2619 days ago


I live just a short ways from Nicoya. He must have brought all those fugly chicas from Southern California with him. Way too fugly to be Ticas.

2619 days ago


It looks like Mel's about 15 sheets to the wind. He has had problems with alcohol for decades. I love him but he needs help. BTW where's his wife? For that matter where are the unpteen kids he and his wife have?

2619 days ago


To Free Speech - #75

No offense, but what are you...12? Wes was right. So people who are not racists or make racist remarks live or grew up in a "politically correct bubble"? Sorry to burst your bubble, but there are many people out here who are not racists, nor do they make a habit of making racist remarks. Does that make someone a better person? Yup. And you'll just have to deal with it. Gibson apologized for his...that man has character. Hilton never did.

2619 days ago
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