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Paris in Wardrobe Malfunction

7/16/2007 11:38 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The classy socialite/ex-con took a dip in Malibu over the weekend -- and so did her bathing suit!

Wearing goggle-sized sunglasses and an ill-fitting one-piece, the giddy Paris was attempting to mount a surfboard (a Boost Mobile board to be precise)-- and took a revealing tumble. Catch the wave!


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Zenophobe Alien    

#41 Your point is?

2624 days ago


Hilton will undoubtedly become involved in some charity work -- not just because she may want to become more involved in philanthropic activities, but because she simply has no choice. She has become “persona non grata” on a number of fronts, thanks -- in part -- to her disastrous performance on The Larry King show. If she doesn't follow through on her plans for charity work, her “career” will be in the shredder.

2624 days ago


Oh my god. She is one ugly girl. I don't get it. She has no chest, wears to much make-up, and has a hidious taste in sunglasses. She has no morals and no class. Why is everyone so infatuated with her?
She has this complex that every one owes HER something. All the money in the world can not buy deceny.
I wish she'd grow up and use her wealth for something worthwhile. I'd rather ready about Angelina & Brad trying to save the world over a truly trashy selfish human being like the blonde skank.....

2624 days ago


#41 well said

2624 days ago


WOW All you guys who leave negative comments, need to get a life!!!!!! You all hate her soooooooooo much then why do you even read about her then waste your time commenting about her? SO JEALOUS. And now you say she should get implants, well when they show pics of girls with implants all you people say is negative things about them. GET SOME SELFESTEEM PEOPLE AND START LOOKING AT YOURSELVES. Paris is beautiful,sorry you'll never be!!!!!!!!!

2624 days ago

cpr update    

Are you people crazy? I'm surprised at how many comments prompt her to get implants. That is ridiculous. And when you see an obvious boob job, you all gripe that they are fake and shallow. And also... a bathing suit slip is SOOOO common and has happened to ALL girls/women who have ever jumped into the water. I don't think Paris is anything newsworthy, but I don't think she needs implants. NOBODY does, unless it's something THEY feel is important for THEMSELVES -- not a bunch of cheetoh eating, beer drinking, computer addict losers.

2624 days ago


Where's her bible?

2624 days ago

Tila is nasty!!!    

ewwww she looks like a boy!!!!!!!!!

2624 days ago


Yawwnnn!!!! Go away, you bore me biotch.

2624 days ago


POSH IS IN!!!!!!!!!!!!

WELCOME TO US!!! We needed new faces, we're tired of these white trash girls!

2624 days ago

chillout music girl    

Some of you people are nuts..
Why would she have a bible in the water with her??? Idiots
All of you are enjoying your summer, so should paris.
Even ugly perez hilton is out enjoying the summer sun..

2624 days ago


isnt this a wase of copy ,nothing.whos blowing who to get this attention.

2624 days ago


Paris - I just got out of jail - what is the address of the halfway house that you promised I could stay in?

2624 days ago

Big Bear    

I have a house in Cabo and lots of ladies wear bathing suits. I see very few accidents like the one Paris seems to have had. Most of the accidents are not asccidents, but rather trashy women wanting to show their fun bags. I like the accidents as much as any guy would, but the females showing themselves have no class. Parass I guess cash and class for you cannot be used in the same sentence!!! Go away you nasty big footed skank!!!!

2624 days ago


What is up with the implants comments? There is nothing wrong with leaving what God gave you alone. I say more power to her for being happy with the way she is and not thinking that just b/c she has money she needs to go to a plastic surgeon and get implants like every other flat chested celeb does.

2624 days ago
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