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Benoit Had Steroids in His System

7/17/2007 3:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation says steroids were found in the body of pro wrestler Chris Benoit, who killed his wife and young son last month before hanging himself.

Benoit's wife Nancy had "therapeutic levels" of Xanax and hydrocodone -- a generic Vicodin -- in her system when she died.

Investigators said they did find extremely elevated levels of testosterone in his bloodstream -- enough to say that Benoit was using the hormone when he died. They claim this is evidence that the wrestler was injecting himself with the steroid.


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2594 days ago


OK enough of the blaming steroids
I heard nothing in the report to say he was wigged out on anabolic steroids
Also beer cans wine bottles were found in the home
his blood alchohol level was zero
hers was up there
possible hers was due to decomposition?
his was zero so who drank the booze??
was the drug in daniel a one time thing or had he been given it frequently??
Whos prints are on the cans and bottles?
whos prints are on the entire crime scene
alot we are not being told
could be the police and media including tmz have jumped too soon at their conclusions

2594 days ago


Pretty sad that this happened but it did nonetheless. Prayers and condolences go out to both sets of grandparents.

2594 days ago


The deaths of Chris Benoit, Nancy, and their son, is such a senseless tragedy. I just hope the levels of the alprazolam and hydrocodone/apap were strong enough that Nancy and their son, did not feel a thing.

And maybe this whole thing should bring some sort of regulation to the athletes of a sport that is supposed to be more acting. (ya can't do steroids in amateur competitions...ya shouldn't be allowed to use steroids in professional anything.)

2594 days ago


RIGHT ON #31! What about those empty beer cans and wine bottle? Who drank the alcohol? It wasn't Chris, so who?!? I agree 100% that the police are not divulging all of their information!

2594 days ago


get the facts straight; they didn't say he was on steriods only testodrone. You lose your creditibility when you do that.

2594 days ago


He will be worm dirt soon.

2594 days ago


Like Anna Nicole Smith we will never know the truth about the Chris Benoit tragedy. Maybe he killed the wife and son, and maybe he didn't. Is it possible that because Chris traveled so often, and his son was too much for his wife to handle, in a moment of despair she killed herself and her son, and when Chris discovered the two bodies, he hung himsef.

2594 days ago

Phil McCrevis    

Listen to all these people defending steroids. Aren't you all supposed to be in the gym shooting up?

And for the genius who said it was Testosterone, and not anabolic steroid.....Testosterone is the biproduct of anabolic steriods.

2594 days ago

Marcus Lindsey    

TMZ!! Report correctly... Watch your own Video you posted!!!!

EVERYONE!!.. There were NO Steroids or "Roid Rage"

The press conference has concluded and the results are in for the Benoit family toxicology reports. Georgia Chief Medical Examiner Kriss Sperry gave the details. First, a few hilights:

- All 3 of them had the anti-anxiety drug Xanex in their system . It was concluded that Deniel Benoit was sedated by the drug before his death.

- There were NO anabolic steroids found in Chris Benoit. He had elevated testosterone levels but that could be a result of many things. There was NO ROID RAGE.

Here is the full breakdown of the press conference and the toxicology findings:

Nancy Benoit had 3 different drugs in her system at the time of death. Hydrocodone (also known as Mortab, Morset) were found at 120 micrograms per liter. Hydromorphone, directly from the breakdown of the Hydrocodone, was also found. Finally, the anti-anxiety drug Xanex wss present at 23 micrograms per liter. All 3 drugs were found at the theraputic level - not toxic levels. Her blood alcohol level was 0.184.

Daniel Benoit's blood tested positive for Xanex at 100 micrograms per liter, which is an elevated. What is interesting about this fact is that the drug Xanex was not prescribed to Daniel and is typically not prescribed to children. Based upon this finding, it is their opinion that Daniel was sedated by Xanex at the time of his murder.

Chris Benoit tested positive for Xanex at 50 micrograms per liter. He also tested positive for Hydrocodone at 45 micrograms per liter. Both of these drugs were within the therapeutic range and not toxic.

As far as steroids ..... Chris Benoit's urine tested positive for the "steroid" testosterone at 207 micrograms per liter. The elevated level of testosterone his urine were the ONLY "steroids" present in Chris Benoit. No anabolic steroids were found.

Testosterone is found in everyone - in much higher levels in men than women. The medical examiner concluded that there is no way of telling whether Benoit's elevated testosterone was a result of recent steroid use. He called it a "mystery" - but said that Benoit may have been treated for a testosterone deficiency - a side effect of past steroid abuse.

The drug GHB was not found in any 3 of the individuals.

There is NO indication that ANYTHING found in Chris Benoit's system directly contributed to his violent behavior that weekend. THERE WAS NO ROID RAGE.

The drugs found in all 3 bodies were at therapeutic - NOT toxic levels. The medical examiner also said that the decomposition of the bodies may have affected the level of alcohol in Nancy's body.

2594 days ago

death on a cracker    

these news sites dont care about facts... never did, never will. the news stations use a thing called "buzz word" it keeps their rating up. its all a joke and a business to them. the fools who read and listen to every word...those are the ones i feel sorry for the most... sheep! get the FACTS people.... anyone who reads TMZ and expects pure facts need to just crawl in a hole and wait for death... learn to live and research on your own!

2594 days ago


About the Benoit tragedy, maybe Chris killed his family, and maybe he didn't. Is it possible that because Chris traveled so frequently, and his son was too much for his wife to handle, in a moment of despair, she killed her son and herself, and when Chris discovered the bodies, he committed suicide. Like the Anna Nicole Smith saga, we'll never know what happened.

2594 days ago



2594 days ago


Marcus Lindsey your check from Vince McMahon is in the mail. Now get off TMZ.

Thank you.

That is all.

2594 days ago


This is a prime example of lazy, sensational reporting. And you people who are saying "duh" and "didn't we know this already" are saying that based on half-truths. Get the whole story from a reputable news source. Even foxnews is saying the testosterone could have been for treatment and is not indicative of roid rage. Chris Benoit obviously had other mental issues.

Shame on TMZ for lousy journalism and exploiting a terrible tragedy.

2594 days ago
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