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Michael Vick

Busted for Illegal Dogfighting

7/17/2007 7:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0717_michael_vick_bn_getty-1It's dog days for Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick and others, after being indicted today on federal charges related to illegal dogfighting.

Vick was charged with illegal competitive dogfighting, which involves training pit bulls to fight against other dogs. When authorities searched Vick's property this month, they found 54 pit bulls and a host of brutal items including a "rape stand," used to hold dogs in place for mating; an electric treadmill modified for dogs and a bloodied piece of carpeting.

Graves of seven pit bulls were found inside "Bad Newz Kennels," a Virginia property owned by Vick. The dogs were allegedly killed after testing whether they would be good fighters. According to documents, dogfights would end when one dog died or backed down, and dogs were sometimes put to death by drowning, strangulation, hanging, gunshot, electrocution or some other method.

The indictment alleges that Vick and his co-defendants began sponsoring dogfights in early 2001, the former Virginia Tech star's rookie year with the Falcons.


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To: Ms.Pittbull #906
First - I'd like to say "take an English course!!!!! Talking dumb ("but it do buy good lawyers & he got it covered) only proves that you are dumb - I bet they passed you in school just to get rid of you (it happens all over the country in High School) You are ignorant!!!!!!!! He doesn't have it covered & I wish that you were one of the animals that he & his sick friends hurt or killed!!!! Perhaps you could be his lawyer & then your face would be shown & ruined!!!! Your a sick B----!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let's blame this on racism too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Your a SICK, DUMB Wh----!!!!!!!!!

2646 days ago


You can tell Mike Vick is sick in the head. Not like he is going to be in the hall of fame or anything, so Atlanta should cut ties w/the animal cruelity abuser. #2 (JJ)...get a grip dude. No one is hating on him because he's black...he is killing animals for crying out loud. He should be punished, black, white, asian, whatever!! This issue has nothing to do with race, it has to do with some sick person abusing animals. How would he like to be abused like that? Poor dogs.....I hope action is seriously taken on Mike Vick. What a waste of a man.

2646 days ago


******************* ATTENTION ***********************

TO ALL OF YOU A88SHOLE LOSER VICK-FANS WHO SAID "Nothin's gonna happen to Vick." , "Vick's gonna get off with no punishment.", "The Falcons will never discipline VICK!"


2646 days ago

Rabba Dabba    

Anyone who is trying to frame this as a "racial' thing is simply grasping at straws at this point.

Does anyone out there HONESTLY believe that if T. Brady or P. Manning had relatives dealing drugs off property they owned, which led authorities to search the property and uncover a dog fighting ring that the "man" would say...."Oh that's cool, he's white so we won't prosecute"? Or that PETA and the Humane Society wouldn't be all over the NFL to boot their butts out of the league because they're white?

Give me a break about that nonsense. As a member of the MOST persecuted/exploited population in the history of North America (that's right sports fans, a real live Native American here) I get tired of that argument. You break the law, you deal with the law. You get implicated in a horrible crime, people are going to judge you. If you think it's related to the amount of pigmentation found in his skin then you're applying your own twisted view to reality.

As to what the man is ACCUSED of doing? I think he'll get his day in Court, but for all of those folks out there thinking he can "beat" these charges? Don't bet on it.

He's been indicted by the Feds, they don't "miss" very much when they charge and take someone to trial. If you'll remember those idiots that assaulted R. King out in LA got off on local charges and the Feds NAILED them later on. If OJ had taken Nicole and Ron away from her home (and thus opened him up to kidnapping charges) and the Feds could have gotten a crack at him he'd be doing a double life sentence right now. Once the Feds land on your front door and actually INDICT you on something, you're pretty much done like dinner.

And here's a note for all the Vick "lovers" out there. This investigation moved like LIGHTNING. The Feds hadn't even been on the case a month when the indictment came down, so they must have him dead to rights. And the dreaded phrase "additional charges possible/likely" has been bandied about quite a bit as well.

If Mr. Vick is SMART he'll cut a deal right now (even if it means jail time) because if the Feds keep digging and start adding Drug or Weapons charges the 6 years he's facing right now will look like an invitation to Boy Scout Camp. People forget that the genesis of this investigation was drug related, if the Feds tie him to that (and where there are drugs there are weapons) and can make a "consipiracy" charge stick (or even worse if they transported drugs and weapons across the state lines) he's looking at 25 years MINIMUM without parole.

Since he'll be somewhere between 35 and 70 before he can even get out of prison (if the Feds can make their cases against him) depending on what the Feds turn up in the investigation, I think we've seen the last of Mr. Vick in the NFL. Like I said, the Feds don't charge people unless they are 100% sure they can get a conviction and after the "Duke" case no prosecutor on Earth would sign off on a Grand Jury presentation looking for an Indictment unless the case was iron clad against Vick.

He's done, we can all move on. The only "mystery" left is what else might he be guilty of and how much time in prison he and his posse are actually going to get.

2646 days ago


Give 'em the Chair !!!!!!!!!!!!! ZZZZZZT !!! ZZZZZZZT !!!!!!

Unless he was fighting poodles, then it would be OK ...................

2646 days ago


To All Vick Fans!!!

There is a "culture of criminality" in much of the black population of the NFL that they have created for themselves. If they like the the drugs, the guns, the violence and THE MONEY then they should embrace any punishment when ultimately BUSTED!

Your money won't save you Vick, you, short sited FOOL and big time LOSER! AHAHA AHAHA

Matthew 16:26 "For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?"

2646 days ago


His not reporting to camp is just the beginning of Vick's nightmare. Wait 'till the trial starts.... We'll all be watching.

2646 days ago


Don't be so quick....his rotten ass might just walk, his buddies might take the fall for him for enough dough. Everyone wants a lynching of this boy but it ain't gonna happen. The 4 of them are only the tip of the ice does it ain't over yet by a long shot.....speaking of shots...where is Lee Harvey Oswald or the Son of Sam when you need them....howmany others are still letting the dogs kill one another and then if they lose are murdered. The dogs are executed if they lose, hmmmmm not a bad idea if the football team loses either....its all so very very sad, what is going on out there. They pay the mentally ill to run a fooball millions of dollars and kids in the States can't speak English...where oh where is Mr. Bill Cosby....his silence is deafening....please Bill and Oprah speak out ..................say SOMETHING.........ANYTHING.......... TELL IT LIKE IT IS.

2646 days ago


gigabit .....i keep telling you its not racist for the law to prosecute a man whom they believe is guilty of a crime....i said that reading some of these posts with people saying vick needs to die and all of that other stuff sounds somewhat racist to me you think god will let you in heaven (thats only if you believe in god) with that kind of you honestly believe that everytime a black person does something wrong they have to get the maximum punishment?death for a pit bull when bush is killing actual people...if thats the case linsay lohan is on her second cocaine induced dui in the past two months and continues to disobey the law why are'nt you calling for her to be executed..... i think america is to overzealous when it comes to african americans and im half white so i care for both races the same... but mike vick owns several properties that he bought for his family and they have no proof that he has ever killed and animal all they have is a bunch of snitches trying to pin it on him by himself when he problay had little or no involvement......please stop hiding your racism.....and who cares if it is the feds the feds arent making the decision of guilt the jury and judge will do that and contrary to popular beilef the feds have been wrong in the past and spent the tax payers money trying to prsecute innocent people just because they are celebrties............if he was'nt black would you still want him dead? NO...... you guys act like dog fighting has not been going on for years and yes white people dog fight too ....... its not my place to judge anyone....let the man have his day in court....damn

2646 days ago


In this life you get what is coming to you sooner or later...Michael Vick has to sleep at night, if he has a conscience, the dogs he has killed will come to him in his dreams. He will be tortured beyond anyone's comprehension. Those are now his demons. His bravado is his weakness. "Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown".

The owners of the team are only worried about money not the slaughter of innocent dogs. Is anyone speaking for a full all out stoppage of this barbaric slaughter?

The silence from Oprah and Bill Cosby, two of the most respected members of the Black Community is definitely deafening. Does anyone really care? Will this just simply blow over in a couple of weeks and then get back to "slaughter as usual".?

2646 days ago



The thought of Vick being a "black" person and therefore he should pay never crossed my mind and I know most, if not all, people who are outraged feel the same way. He is a sick human being not because of his color but because of his actions.

2646 days ago


Hey djc...........don't let the race thing bother have the right idea....NOW what are you going to do about it? Complain on here is one way...but another way is to email the NFL and express your outrage that one of their 'players" is mentally ill and needs help. What will they do? Will NIKE continue to give Vick money to keep the slaughter going of these animals? Will you email NIKe and let them know...will you demonstrate in front of the NFL stadiums? You see it is one thing to complain and blame someone, quite another to put your thoughts and words into ACTION.....Will you buy NIKE products? Will you watch NFL football? Lots of things to think about isn't there....and oh yes....let everyone you know, know about all of this and it is going on as we speak....somewhere dogs are killing one another and if they lose or don't fight strong enough...they are executed....white's and blacks are doing take the color out of this thing....

2646 days ago


Karma - FYI - I have written to NIKE, the NFL, signed the petition at, forwarded the story to all of my friends and I have thrown away any Nike products that I owned. I think you are wrong to think that most of us are just complaining and not doing anything about it. I personally am writing on this blog because I am sickened by this whole story and want to express my own thoughts. I am relieved to know that there are so many of you who care about these defenseless dogs.

2646 days ago



I think I finally get it. You have never opened your heart to animals. To you, they are inanimate objects, so you can't imagine what the outrage is all about. The only thing that makes sense, relative to your experience, is racism. Consider for a moment, that there's something you just don't understand.

So,you need to know that animals are like children to us. Innocent, loyal, loving. To torture them is like torturing kids. I swear to you, A N Y O N E that hurts helpless animals is wicked to me. I don't only hate child molesters that don't look like me - I hate them all. Color is irrelevant. The heinous act screams so loudly - it's all I can see.
A predator's color doesn't change the fact that he's a predator.

I'll give you one thing - we shouldn't wish violence on Vick. It lowers us closer to Vick's level. It's hard not to vent our rage and wish for a little "eye for an eye" justice. These allegations are so horrific, it's hard not to wish for him to get a taste of his own medicine. I'll TRY to work on that - but for now my anger is too raw.

Als, you have made it clear that you are are part white - that really means nothing. You obviously feel persecuted by whites. I can imagine that you have, at some point in our life, been the target of legitimate racism. After all, there is a one drop rule in the white world. One drop and you're black. It's hard, but it's true. I'm sure you have felt the effects of that standard. You have obviously been hurt by real racism in your life and I do sincerely regret that for you. I've never walked in your shoes, so I can't see the world through your eyes. But, you must realize that you do not see the world through MY eyes either. In my heart and my mind, this is NOT about race. It is about violence and cruelty against innocent life. Don't you dare tell me that you know what's in my heart.

LeRoy Butler, a former NFL player's daughter, at seven years old gets it. When she heard about what Vick did to those dogs on sports radio, she couldn't stop crying. Through her tears she asked her African-American father how someone could be so cruel to a dog. He had to turn the radio off to calm his crying child. That little girl understands. She felt compassion for those dogs. I wish she could explain this to you.

"And a little child shall lead them"........

Teewalk, Maybe if you were capable of opening your your heart to a helpless animal. Earn and KEEP it's trust. Then you would understand why we are so emotional. Then you would get it. This is about humanity, not race.

Teewalk, I know what's in my heart. The motives of racism you project onto me, are a merely a reflection of what is in yours.

2646 days ago


I hope that the courts will find the truth in regards to what the hell happened on Vick's property. He claims that "it's just my property, I don't know what's going on there." BS. If you own the property, you damn well better know, cause you are liable,fool! Us mere mortals are responsible for our properties,so you should be too! In the meantime,St.Francis has taken those dogs into his arms and will look after them...unlike the so-called "humans." WHO WERE SUPPOSE TO CARE FOR THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!

2646 days ago
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