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Britney and Mama Slap Each Other Up?

7/18/2007 9:44 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsThe tussle between Britney Spears and mama Lynne has gotten out of control -- and erupted into what Star is calling a "shocking slapfight."

The feuding Spears reportedly got into it last month, when Lynne "barged" into Brit's house, demanding to take her grandkids out for the day. Then, says the tab (via MSNBC), Lynne "began denigrating Britney's mothering skills and losing her temper at the same time," leading to the bitchfight.

Meanwhile, Page Six is reporting that Brit's trying to do everything -- including her own management and publicity -- on her own. She was supposedly at a bar on West 22nd Street in New York "signing contracts."

Usher Tries to 86 His Biggest Fan Site

Usher just loves his fans -- as long as they love him unconditionally. Gatecrasher reports that the R&B stalwart is trying to shut down because he doesn't like what the site's been saying about his fiancée and new manager, Tameka Foster. "He's had his lawyer send her papers," says an insider.

After recently canning his own mom, Jonetta Patton, as his manager, Usher has also lost longtime reps Simone Smalls and Chris Chambers. It's all going a bit off the rails for Ush, who's also going to miss an August deadline for delivery of his next album, says Gatecrasher.

Party Favors: Oprah Loses Pet Dog ... Ashlee and Pete: Not Engaged

Oprah Winfrey lost her 2-year-old Golden Retriever Gracie when she choked on a plastic ball that actually belonged to Oprah's other dog -- a 12-year-old cocker spaniel named Sophie, says Oprah in her magazine (via People). ... Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz are not getting engaged, reports Us, despite Internet rumors -- and again folks, Ashlee ain't preggers.


No Avatar


Usher sucks

2655 days ago


Britney? Appears to have completely lost all touch with the reality she's never known. Usher? Headed there too. Oprah? Never a fan, but I feel for anyone who's lost a pet. Ashlee and Fallout Freak? Who gives a rats ass?

2655 days ago


The slapfight was just a rumor

2655 days ago


Dog? I thought that was Oprah's ugly baby, invitro gone wrong. It looked just like her.

2655 days ago


sorry to hear about Oprah's pup

2655 days ago


When did this happen with Britney?? a month ago? why wasn't it news then? and when was she supposedly in New York? this story doesn't make sense, TMZ shouldn't post vague stories like this with nothing to prove it.

2655 days ago


I don't know if I believe the whole slapfest thing with Brit and her mom.

I am sorry about Oprah's dog. It's awful when a pet dies.

And Usher? He's in the process of pulling a Kelly Clarkson - derailing his career.

2655 days ago

Lenn K.    

It's not going end good for Britney, you can tell she has lost her sense of reality. No she will never be a pop star like before and no her life will take a total downturn. Oprah, check to see where Michael Vick was!!

2655 days ago


Ok Lynne should have been slapping some sence into Britneys head years ago. Thats the problem with the parents of these child stars, they have the control of them until they are 18, but during the time they should have been parenting them and preparing them for adulthood, they are letting them go to clubs, hang with people doing drugs and doing anything they want because they are a "star".

Britney is on a road of self destruction. She has no one to blame but herself She could have changed her situation and when she walked out on her marriage she had the opportunity to show her sons that she can be a strong mother they can be proud of, instead she is doing nothing that they can be proud of. When she finds herself broke and has lost everything encluding her boys hopefully she will wake up. Her voice is probably shot from all the cigs (it wasnt that good in the first place) and outside of her ability to dance she really doesnt have alot going for her. Her priority seems to be clubs, men and partying and I hope that someone will step in and take action to provide the boys with a stable and safe inviroment.

Lynne, dont make the same mstakes with your younger girl that you made with Britney, Be her MOTHER first. Hollywood isnt worth the cost of your family.

2655 days ago


Too bad it wasn't Oprah chewing on the ball.

2655 days ago


Britney is feeling isolated and betrayed by everyone, now handling everything on her own. That is a lonely feeling, as I understand this perfectly. It seems these days, no one cares about anyone but themselves. Everyone has been grabbing into Britneys pocketbook, including her own family. It's time Britney gets a good experience and someone nice can come into her life and genuinely help her out. I don't like her singing, dressing, and most of her behaviors, but there is a good woman beneathe all of that. Good luck Britney.

2655 days ago


Wow, I can't imagine slapping your mother. Something really crazy is going to happen to Britney soon. She seems so lost and out of control. Her appearance is always disheveled, exposing herself, and saying strange things. Britney is not a bad person. I hope she gets help for her son's sake.

2655 days ago


I guess so much for mother daughter relationships. Why can't Britney see that she needs some counseling and help from an outside professional? I feel sorry for her two young toddler sons. Usher being "a bit off the rails" is putting it mildly. It sounds like his fame has gone to his head.

2655 days ago


She was in rehab, so naturally she goes for deals in bars. Give me a break!

2655 days ago

Lenn K.    

Boy, did I butcher that up. What I was saying this is not going to end up good for Britney and her career is going totally out of control. There will be no come back.

2655 days ago
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